Earlier in the week I suggested that talks of Clint Gutherson requesting a million dollars a season were a fair way off the mark.

Some asked how much I believed he was worth. My official answer remains "not a million".

This did however get me thinking. Currently we have eight players on, or about, the seven-figure mark. Truthfully, we'll never know exactly what a player is earning.

I'd argue that probably four of those eight are actually worth that distinction. James Tedesco, Tom Trbojevic, Daly Cherry-Evans and Cameron Munster.

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It also got me thinking as to who was worth, or would soon be worth, that magical million mark?

Here are the top five players I believe are in for million dollars a season or more in their next contract.

You never really know what will happen. Injuries, form and rule changes all come into it, but if these players were off contract now, they're likely to be signing for a million a year.

Let us know in the comments whether these players are worth the money. Did we forget anyone?

4. Payne Haas

Haas looks to be the next cab off the rank in terms of the million a season. The Broncos are supposedly about to table a ten-year, ten-million dollar contract.

That money is eye-watering and the length of the contract is ridiculous, especially given the fact neither Buddy Franklin in the AFL nor Jason Taumalolo have justified similar, but he's arguably worth the risk.

Haas is a one-man band in Brisbane. He's arguably the best prop in the game despite being just 21 years of age.

The Broncos can be forgiven for doing everything that is required to re-sign their megastar prop. He's capable of huge minutes and is far more than just the bash 'em up middles.

A five-year deal worth a million a season on average looks spot on and well worth the risk. I think Hass is guaranteed to join the million a season club very soon.

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