Dan Nicholls

Dan is a fan of all things rugby league but as a long-suffering Sharks tragic has no problems in reminding you of the events of October 2nd, 2016.

TEN huge hypothetical NRL transfers for the 2020 off-season

Here are 10 huge moves we would love to see to shake up the 2021 season! 👇

It’s time to stop messing with the finals system

A potential Finals Wildcard weekend has been floated again. Just like the last time it came up, we expect it to be dismissed immediately as it simply doesn't hold up.

Power Rankings: Week 19

With one game to go, we have minor premiers and the top eight is set. Where does your team land on our Power Rankings? 🧐

20 Thoughts from Round 19

In this week's 20 thoughts we look at one of the most hyperbolic statements of all time, a strange decision and declare the end of a huge waste of money.

Off Contract: The best player in each position still up for grabs

There are some genuine names here. Who would you sign? 🧐

Why the Sharks had NO right to make the top eight in 2020

The Sharks did what was thought to be very, very difficult; making the finals. They did this despite having no right to do so.

Power Rankings: Week 18

With two weeks left in the regular season we deliver our Round 18 rankings. Where did your team land?

20 Thoughts from Round 18

In this week's 20 Thoughts we discuss the title hopes of the Eels, ask what the Bulldogs were thinking, deliver our highlight of the round and much more.

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