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Highest Paid Players

A list of the highest paid players in the NRL. Contract values are based on reported figures and as such, cannot be viewed as being 100% accurate.

Only players with reported contract values are listed. If you have information on the contract values for other players, let us know.

Please click on the figure to view the source for the contract value.

Daly Cherry-Evans (Sea Eagles)$1.3M$1.3M$1.3M$1.3M 
David Fifita (Titans) $1.3M   
Kieran Foran (Bulldogs)$1.2M    
Ben Hunt (Dragons)$1.2M$1.2M$1.2M  
David Fifita (Titans)  $1.1M$1.1M 
Kalyn Ponga (Knights) $1.1M$1.1M$1.1M$1.1M
Tom Trbojevic (Sea Eagles) $1.1M$1.1M$1.1M$1.1M
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (Warriors)$1.1M$1.1M$1.1M  
Jack Bird (Broncos)$1M    
Nathan Cleary (Panthers)$1M$1M$1M$1M$1M
Angus Crichton (Roosters)$1M$1M   
Valentine Holmes (Cowboys) $1M$1M$1M$1M
Shaun Johnson (Sharks)$1M$1M   
Anthony Milford (Broncos)$1M$1M   
Michael Morgan (Cowboys)$1M$1M$1M$1M 
Mitchell Pearce (Knights)$1M$1M   
Jason Taumalolo (Cowboys)$1M$1M$1M$1M$1M
Ashley Taylor (Titans)$1M$1M   
James Tedesco (Roosters)$1M$1M   
Tom Trbojevic (Sea Eagles)$1M    
Moses Mbye (Tigers)$950K$950K$950K  
Jake Trbojevic (Sea Eagles) $950K$950K$950K$950K
Damien Cook (Rabbitohs)$900K$900K$900K$900K 
Matt Moylan (Sharks)$900K$900K   
Jake Trbojevic (Sea Eagles)$900K    
David Klemmer (Knights)$850K$850K$850K$850K 
Darius Boyd (Broncos)$800K    
Josh Dugan (Sharks)$800K$800K   
Valentine Holmes (Cowboys)$800K    
Mitchell Moses (Eels)$800K$800K$800K  
Cameron Smith (Storm)$800K    
Wade Graham (Sharks)$750K$750K$750K  
Josh Reynolds (Tigers)$750K$750K   
James Tamou (Panthers)$750K    
Jack Wighton (Raiders)$750K    
Dylan Brown (Eels) $700K$700K$700K 
Tino Fa'asuamaleaui (Titans) $700K$700K$700K 
Tyson Frizell (Knights) $700K$700K$700K 
Dane Gagai (Rabbitohs)$700K$700K   
Ryan James (Titans)$700K    
Matthew Lodge (Broncos)$700K$700K$700K  
Junior Paulo (Eels)$700K$700K$700K  
Nick Cotric (Bulldogs) $650K$650K$650K 
Dylan Napa (Bulldogs)$650K$650K   
Cody Walker (Rabbitohs) $650K$650K  
Shannon Boyd (Titans)$600K$600K$600K  
Bryce Cartwright (Titans)$600K$600K   
Adam Doueihi (Tigers)$600K$600K$600K$600K 
Thomas Flegler (Broncos) $600K   
Josh Jackson (Bulldogs)$600K    
Tevita Pangai Junior (Broncos)$600K$600K$600K  
Tyrone Peachey (Titans)$600K$600K   
Nathan Peats (Titans)$600K    
Kalyn Ponga (Knights)$600K    
Jarrod Wallace (Titans)$600K$600K$600K  
John Bateman (Raiders)$580K    
Joseph Manu (Roosters)$550K$550K$550K  
Kevin Proctor (Titans)$550K    
Moses Suli (Sea Eagles) $550K$550K  
Chad Townsend (Sharks)$550K    
Blake Ferguson (Eels)$500K$500K   
Dale Finucane (Storm)$500K$500K   
Payne Haas (Broncos)$500K$500K$500K$500K$500K
Shaun Lane (Eels) $450K$450K$450K 
Tautau Moga (Knights)$330K    
Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (Raiders)$330K$330K$330K$330K 

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