SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 09: Tom Trbojevic of the Sea Eagles hands off Nathan Cleary of the Panthers during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the Penrith Panthers at Allianz Stadium on September 9, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

With new coach Brad Fittler taking charge for New South Wales in the 2018 State of Origin series, the Blues are likely to add a number of new faces to their team.

These are the 10 players most likely to make their debut in this series.


Josh Addo-Carr

PERTH, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 10: Josh Addo-Carr of the Storm runs the ball during the round one NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Melbourne Storm at Perth Stadium on March 10, 2018 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Will Russell/Getty Images)

While not the biggest winger available for the Blues, Josh Addo-Carr is an excellent finisher and also possesses great speed and aerial ability.

Addo-Carr would not let Blues fans down if he were to represent New South Wales in the 2018 series.



  1. Before everyone gets carried away here, just remember this is just one guys opinion on the matter, and he is entitled to it. Most of the guys he has mentioned, including Cook, are a genuine chance of playing Origin this year or next. Sure I would have Keary before Green, or maybe Api before Cook, and Aitken before Roberts, but its all subjective and just about building discussion and debate.

  2. Jarrod Croker consistently get’s over looked and I can’t understand why. Yeah not the best start the year at the moment, but even when he’s in flying form he still doesn’t get a look in….he could be the best centre statistically speaking over the next 6 weeks and they still won’t pick him. I just think he deserves that one shot, he’s done enough in the past IMO.

    • How is James Roberts in the mix? a few pretty tries does not make you an Origin player; he is hardly noticed in most games

    • Hes in the same era as Matt Balin and Jake friend, wrong era and wrong selectors. When Smith was injured balin got a Guernsey. With Croker it’s “oh well try walker, nah that didn’t work well try Dugan, damn that failed let’s try Jennings again, hmm how about we go with old faithfully in one or both if them morrises. Bugger that failed. Who else is a centre ?
      Croker pipes up – ME ME ME.
      NSWRL – whats that you say? Try hayne again? I like it, it’s a winner for sure.

  3. can you play for a country outside of australia , and still play origin ? , api been with fiji since 2013 , to play origin now , to give up country ? , or is it only australia and new zealand ? never quite fully understood how it all works for origin contention ..

    • Yeah you can, just not any other top tier nation. (NZ and England) Milford and McGuire played Samoa last year mid test and then went on to play Origin. So Api can play for blues and still play for Fiji afterwards, given he is not chosen for Australia.

      • Api won’t be chosen for Aust, and won’t be selected for origin either, good solid player just a tad short of class for these matches

        • Oh I wasn’t saying he was going to get selected for Australia, I was just using it as an example

  4. Can’t disagree with a number of them, Tom T, Cleary, RCG, de Belin, Green (on current form) but struggle to see what is seen in Roberts, all flash no heart.
    Couple of other names to throw in the mix would be McLean, Brown and Peachey.

    • Agreed.. NSW has always had an issue of picking players based on highlight reels.. Roberts might score a spectacular try here and there but goes missing in most games.. Origin is about the one percenters

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  5. No Api Koroisau? The form hooker of the comp and front runner for the blues 9 jersey? Its a two horse race Koroisau or Mcinnes. If NSW want to win they will pick Koroisau, if they want to play safe they will pick Mcinnes. NSW need a hooker who can destroy the ruck just like Smith, Mcinnes cant do that, Koroisau is and can.

  6. No Api Koroisau? The form hooker of the comp and front runner for the blues 9 jersey? Its a two horse race Koroisau or Mcinnes. If NSW want to win they will pick Koroisau, if they want to play safe they will pick Mcinnes. NSW need a hooker who can destroy the ruck just like Smith, Mcinnes cant do that, Koroisau is and can.

    • Give up about Koroisau for heavens sake, cook is far better. If you don’t believe me go back and watch your team (which is currently 2-3 and inconsistent as hell) get tuned up by the bunnies. Cook was all over Koroisau that day.

      • How come Koroisau has dominated Cook for 3 years straight? Koroisau is a better player, Cook isnt even being considered by Fitler or others as everyone knows is a two horse race between Api and Cam m. Cook isnt in the origin class, you need more than speed to be a good player.

        • Like all manly supporters, you are clearly delusional. Koroisau hasn’t dominated anything, if he had then maybe he’d have played origin by now.

  7. Okay so I’ve made changes to my team from the previous article.

    1. Tedesco
    2. Mansour
    3. Bird (Aitken hasn’t shown enough form over the past years, 5 matches into the year shouldn’t grant him an immediate start. Maybe next year if he shows the form he is in now, like teammates Vaughan and De Belin have. I would give it to Bird despite the form he is in now, I do believe he will come to life in the coming weeks)
    4. Walker (I believe he’ll find form over the coming weeks, him and bird or even Mitchell will be our Centre pairing for years to come imo)
    5. Trobjevic (Have to fit him in somewhere, he can play a roaming role from the wing if chosen here, I believe Freddy would give him permission, can’t put Tedesco on the wing cause we don’t know how he’ll go)
    6. Green (Form half of the competition, if Cleary is fit by origin time then Maloney at 6, but for now I’ll choose Green)
    7. Maloney
    8. Vaughan
    9. Koroisau (His form and combination with the likes of Green and the Trobjevic brothers gets him a start)
    10. Klemmer (Althought not in the best form, he’ll lead the way with another metre eater in Vaughan)
    11. Cordner (C)
    12. Frizell
    13. Trobjevic

    14. Graham (Can play a utility role if needed)
    15. Campbell-Gillard (Can bend the QLD defence with the way he carries the ball)
    16. De Belin (Can play anywhere in the pack)
    17. Jackson (He’ll work his behind off when he gets on, won’t let anyone down)

    18. Keary
    19. James
    20. Mitchell

    • Jack Bird had a pretty poor Origin series last year I reckon we stop persisting with players who aren’t ready to fire up

      • Bird did nothing last year (though that could be said of plenty of blues players, Dugan, Woods, Ferguson to name a few)and has had two rubbish games under his belt this year and nothing else.

        • I honestly don’t see what the hype on Bird is. He is ill disciplined, and offers very little spark in attack. With quality service from the likes of Maloney and Green/Keary, we want outside backs who have speed and skill who are able to put points on.

  8. Gotta disagree , they have to pick on form to win , nsw is not qld , our best team to play is the players that are playing best now , every year we pick players on form from the years before and thats how we get hayne dugan pearce peats and so on in the team , aitken green de belin and so on have to be considered

    • Wouldn’t say we picked players on form from the years before, we’ve just stayed loyal to the wrong players. We’ve just got to pick the right team, that doesn’t always mean the most talented or most in form player, just the right team. Not saying my team is the “right team” but it is in my opinion. Last year was probably the most talented team in years, but it wasn’t the right team. Now form doesn’t always guarantee success in Origin and form doesn’t always mean you’re Origin player, just look at players like Merrit, Mannah, Buhrer etc.

  9. Also i wouldnt go with keary no matter what form hes in just cause he never even wanted to play for the blues he wanted to play for qld so why pick him

  10. Why cordner? He’s in the same bag as Gidley was. A charity spot because he was captain. Your captain is your first pick and should be on the field 80mins. I remember when Gidley was #14 and captain and look whay happened. He got smoked when he came on because NSW wanted a name brand for fullback in Hayne. Pick a captain that will lead a team of randoms. Cordner should not be in side. Hes not an attacker with flair and hes not an aggressive defender. Hes a club player who Robinson tells what to do. You need a fill in captain till you get an 80min #9 or a sensational FB is possibly the right direction.

    • Cordner is probably the best second rower today, runs the best lines and is a reliable defender. Forget the flair, you don’t need that as an back row.

    • Could not agree more greenmachine about Cordner, you have hit the nail on the head with this one, trouble is Fittler will select him no matter what, and other Easts players as well.

  11. One major problem is Qld pick the best players in their respective positions and NSW pick the best available players and play them anywhere.
    NSW always pick the five best fullbacks and play them at fullback, centre and wing.
    We only need one fullback.
    Tedesco is the Best fullback for NSW and should retain that position.
    Tom T is a quality fullback but not as good as Tedesco. He shouldn’t be on the wing just to have him in the side.
    We need specialist wingers and specialist centres not five fullbacks.
    Mansour and Ado-Carr should be the wingers with Croker and Aitken or Bird in the centres.
    Maloney is in career best form and should be one of the starting halves.
    Mckinnes and Cook are the form hookers in the comp and should be ahead of Peats and Koroisau.
    The forwards pick themselves.

    • Kev haha😂😂 Inglis, Boyd are fullbacks who had been playing wing and centre, both have been excellent for QLD. NSWs problem wasnt picking players out of position it was picking players in unfamiliar positions, if we picked Tom on the wing that would be justified as he has played 2 seasons on the wing and performed. But he still should get picked ahead of Tedesco at fullback, Tom is a better player in this stage of his career and he is 3 years younger! Tom hands down is NSWs best fullback. And i really dont see how Koroisau is behind everyone as he is not only the best hooker nsw have but also stats and his performances back it up!

      • Holmsey, i agree Tom T. should be in for Tedesco , Cook is the form hooker i believe, is more dangerous than Api scooting from dummy half, plus he can tackle.

        • Whilst I agree that Cook’s form is probably slightly ahead of Api, I think Api brings more to the team then Cook. Other than that, I agree that Turbo is ahead of Teddy, and I don’t think you can play them both.

          holmesy, Inlglis was a centre before a fullback and played centre when he was first picked there if I remember correctly, and Boyd was also a winger. Both those guys were very good in those positions too. NSW play Hayne/Dugan in the centres, who have never proven to be top notch centres at NRL level, let alone SOO. That is the difference.

  12. RCG and Tommy Turbo are a must. It’s about time Blues pick players who will turn up and play for each other, and the 80 minutes all three games

    • Thats the big one, NSW have to pick players who are in the side for the side, not for themselves or the money.

    • Yes. RCG must be one of the first picked. He will play bench if Fittler wants, he will start if he wants, he would play on the wing if he was told to. He is the tough, uncompromising TEAM player that NSW have been lacking up front. Players like him, Tom, Jake, they are the future of NSW and need to be picked now to start building on that. Cleary will be part of that too when fit.

    • that’s right Holmsey remember everybody writing a few of the debutants last year, most notably Glasby but they got in and gave it everything.. which is why I am hoping Freddy and co start looking at the right style of player for Origin, not just those who make the headlines for the fancy stuff.. we Need workhorses like Dale Finucane for example, who we know we can expect from

      • Remember when qld picked Dallas Johnston, ash Harrison and myles and so on at second row . Because they were no names that played for pride. Nothing flash. Just tackle tackle and the odd hit up. took 50 tackles away from someone who needed there energy for attack. Nsw picks roaming second rowers who are giving 50% in attack and 50% in defence. Its one or the other. You dont see gillet or myles making breaks or glasby or Wallace so why pick a balanced team. Pick defenders and muscle for starter side and explosive for bench. And another thing pick a 14 you are going to use. Anyone remeber craig wing at 14. Came on at right time and carved up the tired opposition. Whats happened since? Bird. Walker. Sutton. Buher. G Bird etc.. What’s the g.o.

  13. Sorry penso but I’ve gotta disagree mate, I know I’m a Manly fan but I’m also a NSW fan and Api is easily the best Hooker in NSW. His attack and defence are a class above the other options including Cook who I think is a little one dimensional as his main asset is speed but he doesnt have the attributes needed to go up another level. Koroisau is as good as any halfback with ball in hand and his defence is as strong as a lock. Api has to be picked if NSW want to control the ruck and the middle, plus he will have his combos with Jake and Tom and together they would destroy the middle for QLD.

    • You are a bit delusional about Api. As good as any half back? Haha

      Get over it he is not getting picked go and watch south vs manly.

      • Im delusional? Well you’ve just stated that most nrl professionals, journos and fans are delusional as most are saying Koroisau is the front runner to play 9 for the blues. Koroisau is the best NSW have in the hooker role, its pretty obvious.

        • Completely delusional. Like I said, go back and watch your team get bent over by the bunnies and Cook teach Koroisau how to actually play hooker.

        • Haha I will be the one laughing come origin, it wont be Cook getting picked it will be either Koroisau or Mcinnes. Cook isnt on either players level, plus its a silly comparison to make in that Bunnies game as Cook had 16 other players with him while Api had only he and Jake.

          You continually go back to that game but for all forward dominance Cook had he still couldn’t captialise.

          Cook v Manly
          2 Tackle breaks
          43 tackles
          3 Missed tackles
          2 Errors
          1 Kick 42 M

          Koroisau v Souths
          2 Tackle breaks
          37 Tackles
          3 Missed tackles
          0  Errors
          1 Kick 51 M

          Thats a pretty strong contrast also considering did as much as Cook and made less errors in 49 mins😂😂

          Lets look at what happens when Koroisaus forwards dominate v Parra

          1 Try
          1 Try Assist
          1 Line Break Assist
          1 Line Break
          6 Tackle Breaks
          Those are his attacking stats for that game, Cook could even acheive any of these stats with all the ball and dominance. Keep in mind Cook also has 0 try assists or linebreak assists this season. And dont say Api cant defend as his tackle efficiency is 86.4, Cooks is 87.1 but Koroisau hits harder as everyone knows. I rest my case happy to see the next comment but my evidence is pretty damning.

        • Yes you are delusional you constantly say the Api and dce should be picked. Here is a stat for you manly have only beaten Canberra and eels both bottom feeders as soon as they get real compition your team ceumbles.

          I will have the last laugh celebrating 4 in a row.

        • Manlys form has nothing to do with Koroisau or any other players, those 2 have been shining lights along with the turbos in our season so far. I dont see why those 2 cant get selected based on team form because they have done as much as they could to win, those loses arent down to those 4. This is about origin not manly. Don’t try to keep bring my team into it to bring me down, I havent even mentioned your club so why dont you have an actual debate about origin instead of giving me a spray.

        • Api is definitely in the mix and is playing pretty good.

          I was just meaning if the dragons keep playing like they are why wouldn’t mcenis get picked? Most of our forwards will get picked and he plays with them weekly.

        • Thats a fair point, I think it will come down to if Tom gets picked Api will too, due to how deadly that combo is. Mciness will get the nod if Dragons are heavily represented.

  14. 1 Trbojeviv
    2 Mansour
    3 Aitken
    4 Dugan
    5 Ferguson
    6 Keary
    7 Maloney
    8 Cambell-Gillard
    9 Koroisau
    10 Vaughan
    12 Graham
    13 Trbojevic

    14 Cook
    15 De Belin
    16 Klemmer
    17 James

  15. Hey Zero tackle, seeing your answering people, how about a response from you when i asked a while ago if you would allow sstid to come back, he adds a lot to this site, hopefully you will relent, please let me know one way or the other, CHEERS

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