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Dedicated Dragons and Queensland supporter.

QUIZ: Clive Churchill Medal Winners

The Clive Churchill Medal is awarded to the player judged to be man-of-the-match in the Grand Final. Can you remember who was named the best player in these Grand Finals?

QUIZ: What country were they born in?

No one has got 100% of these questions correct. Can you be the first?

QUIZ: What year did they retire?

Some careers span decades and a number of clubs. Can you remember what year these players retired from NRL or Super League level competition?

QUIZ: Which club did they first coach at?

All the greatest coaches in the NRL needed a breakthrough into first grade. Do you know which NRL club was the first one these coaches took charge of?

QUIZ: Grand Final History

How well do you know your Grand Final history?

QUIZ: Which club haven’t they played for?

The average NRL fan gets about 50% on this quiz. Are you better than average?

QUIZ: Grand Final Runner-Ups

We've gone back through the archives to test you out on the runner-ups from seasons gone by!

QUIZ: What was their previous club?

Can you tell us which club these NRL stars used to play for?

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