SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 09: Tyrone Peachey of the Panthers celebrates scoring a try during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the Penrith Panthers at Allianz Stadium on September 9, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Tyrone Peachey has delivered a shocking (or not so shocking) announcement that he has instructed his agent to escape the deal he signed to play for the Titans for the next three years.

In essence, Peachey has made it very clear he has no intention of honouring the big-money and highly trumpeted deal he penned earlier this season and is instead looking to stay closer to his western Sydney home.

The Titans could be forgiven for being absolutely furious after the Panthers-turn-Origin utility made no secret of his desire.

Fans of the Gold Coast club will be having flash backs to Daly Cherry-Evans’ even more public back-flip after he signed an earth shattering, multi-year deal with the club only to change his mind and re-sign with Manly.

Although this isn’t in the same category, due to the club literally not having planned the next decade around his signing, this will still set the Titans back and have made a real mockery of the system.

The fact that Peachey thinks he can just walk away from a signed commitment is shocking. The Titans, having recruited based on Peachey’s signing, may have missed out on suitable players.

They may have let players go due to salary-cap restraints put on them due to the Peachey deal.

Who knows? You’d have to think the Titans were planning to name a side for round one containing the name Tyrone Peachey.

The Titans should be well within their rights to insist Peachey suit up for the team’s first pre-season training session in November/December. After all, he signed a contract, and a big-money one at that.

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The club must now be feeling a little hard done by. Yes DCE back-flipped but he did so using a very public clause. Peachey has just decided he’d rather play elsewhere.

For the record I don’t blame him. Circumstances change. If his best footy is going to be played, and his best life lived, close to his family, then he has every right to make the decision he has.

That said he probably should have made this decision a while ago, allowing the Titans to make recruitment decisions with their spare 5/600k.

It would a public relations nightmare if the Titans were to absolutely block off any chance of Peach moving on, but I’d 100% back them in standing their ground, at least early on.

If Peachey was to agree a deal with the Tigers, I as the Titans, would certainly be sticking my hand out for a player to replace. The Titans have to make decisions for their club and fans here and shouldn’t be made to suffer as a result of Peachey’s back-flip.

Again I want to ensure that no one thinks I’m placing blame here on the player.

I don’t know his personal situation. I have no interest or reason to guess or infer beyond the suggestion that he does want to stay closer to family … and who can blame him?

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That said, he has signed a long-term, big money deal and has set the Titans back at least 12 months if he doesn’t turn up to training. That may sound like an over exaggeration but this is an Origin representative player that would have been in the Titans run on 13 for round one.

He’s a back-rower, half, centre or even fullback. That’s a lot of potential positioning at Garth Brennan’s disposal.

As I’m typing this, comments have hit social media suggesting that the Titans will insist that Peachey honour the signed deal.

I’m not unhappy to hear this, as in this modern day, contracts simply don’t mean enough. For a player to sign a huge deal then to decide, very late on, that his interests lay elsewhere, it sets a bad precedent.

Clubs have just as much right as players to plan ahead and if Peachey does decide to walk away from this deal, it leaves the Titans in a lose/lose position.

Either they play hard ball and come across as too tough on a player, or they let him walk away and leave themselves open to be taken advantage of in the future.

No matter what the outcome, I certainly don’t think players should be able to simply walk away from deals, just as I don’t think clubs should be able to simply cut players on a whim either.

This may be a longer and drawn out process than I originally suspected.


  1. There is only one answer to that question. Phil Gould knows how to say it also. NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!! There is a 10 day cooling off period when signing a contract, players have ample time to way up their future way before putting pen to paper. Why did he purchase a house in Western Sydney after he had already signed on at the Gold Coast????????❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ Is he a MAN of his word or a MOUSE❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓.

  2. Firstly, based on the info at hand, my opinion of Peachy has dropped dramatically.
    “He wants to be closer to family”. Did he only just learn the CG isn’t in Sydney, or did someone move it further away? HE signed the deal.

    Secondly, a contract is binding on all parties involved, as per any conditions etc, and if it’s only binding on one party, it’s usually called an option. The game is in serious trouble if “contracts” start meaning “player options”.

    But what do you do, especially with medium / long term, big money contracts when the player wants out?
    If you hold the player to it, he could just go through the motions, until the last year (when they are playing for a contract again) or be disruptive, even “accidentally” cost you games.

    As much as I hate the idea of it, I think the Titans would be best served to accept he won’t play there, and make sure they get the best deal they can from (effectively trading) his “contract”.

    Under normal circumstances I’d like the idea of picking up Peachy, but not after this.

  3. Players that sign contracts and want to just backflip for any old reason should be made to pay the club a release fee from their own pockets. Say 50% of the contract value. That would stop this $hit. The club gets compensated and they dont hang onto an unhappy player. If a club changes their mind on a player they have to honour the contract by paying them out if the player cant find another club to pay the same amount. I recall SBW had to pay the Bulldogs around $700k before he could come back and play league again after he cut and ran on his deal.

  4. I think the NRL need to step in and enforce some kind of harsh penalty and set precedence. I was thinking if both sides could some how work things out then it’d be ok but then that leaves the door open for other players to do this in the future and that IMO is a real problem.

    The GC is a quick 40 minute flight from Sydney and boasts some of the best family lifestyle in Australia. If the NRL want to expand the game to places like Perth and shut down a couple of Sydney teams then they can’t be soft on players that complain about having to get paid a truckload of cash to play a professional sport in a cushy area like the Gold Coast.

  5. Personally as much as I want him to stay, he should honour is contract. Also things should be done about clubs who just rid of players for no good reasons. It works both ways.

  6. I’m a Panthers supporter and would have loved to keep him but it’s his own fault.
    I bet all they saw was how huge the contract value was vs other interest he was getting and that’s all they went on.

    I am in favour of him being blocked from playing elsewhere and I think titans should. I think clubs should start putting in backflip buyout clauses into contract offers these days….players then know what it would take to get released early. This could be done two ways.
    Player buyouts could be 50% of total contract price before it starts or within first half I’d deal then moved to 50% of remaining times value.
    New club wants him or existing to keep would be 150% of his new deals value in your salary cap as a club to pay to releasing team for replacement players. So in this case it would be (500×1.5)x3

    On flip side contracts could have clause for club to release players early too so it goes both ways.

    Perhaps league should just setup a standard they must have these clauses for min % amounts for any new contracts registered.

  7. He was on the radio yesterday saying that he would honour the contract.
    Question for the Gold Coast is if he really doesn’t want to be there, why would you want to force him to play there? You may just get another expensive ISP player , like Bryce Cartwright. You can make them come to the club, but you can’t make them try hard.
    He is another player for Penrith put down to the Griffin effect.

    • You can’t blame Bryce Cartwright on Griffin, Bryce had a lot, and I mean a lot, of outside problems to deal with. He had to get out of NSW for his safety, and that of his family.

  8. They’ll have to drop him, you cant have a player taking a lump of your salary Cap sitting on the bench, sowing the disharmony.
    Peachy cant seriously entertain the thought of sitting on the bench for 3yrs as a pro player, or playing reserve grade for 3years. what does he do after that?
    The Titans will have to let him go, but will have every right to get some type of compensation out of the situation.

  9. I like the idea of compensation or even a transfer fee of say 50% of the contract value if a player wishes to back flip on their contract.

    I am sure they now have in place a 2 week cooling off period for a player to change his mind.

    My understanding is that is why the Roosters waited a couple of weeks before announcing the Tedesco move amongst others.

    The Titans have every right to make his honour a binding contract as if he is allowed to break his deal this will look like there is something wrong with the club is players want to keep changing their minds after signing.
    I think this has more to do with the Griffin sacking then family issues, why did this only surface after Griffin was shown the door?

    Titans should make a statement here that their club and more importantly the game is bigger than any one player!!!

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