Cronulla Sutherland Supporter's Club (CSSC) President Nate Eikenhout was watching an ABC special on the efforts of the Torres Strait Eight when he noticed one of those being featured was wearing an old school Sharks shirt.

The Torres Strait Eight are, as the name suggests, eight members of the Torres Strait community looking to protect their island homes.

They have launched the "Our Island Our Home" campaign, to help raise awareness to impacts of Climate Change to help protect Zenadth Kes (the Torres Strait Islands and surrounding seas).

Nate managed to track down the man he soon discovered to be a mad Rugby League, and more specifically, Sharks fan Kabay Tamu.

Kabay Tamu proudly modelling his CSSC shirt. (Photo: Supplied)

After contacting Kabay, Nate soon found himself discussing the team, tactics, a possible finals charge and everything Cronulla Sharks.

Kabay has deep roots in rugby league in the local area. He helps with the operations of Surumau Gladiators Football Club, from Warrber Island.

Despite being known mainly for their Volleyball exploits, they have been the best in the Torres Strait going on decades now, the area is fast becoming a rugby league hotspot.

Kabay mentioned that "men in the area learned to play Rugby League and started to field teams in that area".

Current NRL stars with Torres Strait Island heritage include David Fifita, Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow, Alex Johnston and Dane Gagai.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population make up for 3.5 per cent of the Australian population, but contribute 12 per cent of NRL players and 24 per cent of the most recent Australian Kangaroos side.

Rugby League Outlaws Season Review

The Gladiators invested in ensuring local youngsters could attend Rugby League carnivals.

Over the past few years the club has transformed from regularly missing out on the finals to winning the Torres Strait's most prestigious carinal, The Zenadth Kes Cup Grand Final in 2019.

Due to Covid restrictions, the Gladiators remain the defending Champions.

The team will soon travel to Thursday Island to defend their Zenadth Kes Cup in both the Men's and Women's competitions. They will do so with volunteers wearing the Cronulla Sharks colours.

Much like the CSSC, the Gladiators are community run and largely reply on sponsorship agreements, and most importantly volunteers who love and support the greatest game of all.

Nate and Kabay struck up a friendship that lead to several 2020 versions of the supporters' clubs shirts being donated and sent to the Torres Strait.

Kabay, ever the gentleman, ensured that the shirts were distributed amongst local volunteers who have ensured the Gladiators continue to play their part in the rugby league crazed region.

He mentioned that every person he presented a shirt to had a "huge smile on their face" and claimed th.ey were now "Sharks fans for life".

Eikenhout commented: "Kabay leapt off the screen when I saw him sitting in a Shark's shirt. I contacted Kabay and discovered League to be a growing in the region."

"With Climate Change being such a large international issue, as an individual there is only so much you can do. I wanted to help Kabay out." he added.

When asked as to why he took the time to extend such a gesture the CSSC President said "the region relies on volunteers, much like the Sharks Supporters club. The committee agreed we'd love to send 20 CSSC shirts as a show of support for "Our Island Out Home."

"We wanted to support the local League players. You never know when you'll see one of the locals running out for the Cronulla Sharks in the future. If not, at very least we can help put smiles on these amazing peoples' faces," he said.

In August of 2020, the CSSC ventured into "enemy territory" to deliver 70 shirts to areas affected by bush fires.

Lachlan Miller signing says a lot of incoming Fitzgibbon
Whilst Sharks fans were combing through a threadbare list of off-contract centres to add to the club's depth in 2021, incoming coach Craig Fitzgibbon was looking out of the box.

For those who haven't yet heard, the Sharks are supposedly close to signing former Rugby 7s star Lachlan Miller on a two-year deal.

The speedster's signing tells us a lot about the coach Fitzgibbon will be.

Miller reportedly had a big money deal rugby deal on the table overseas but looks to have pledged his future to the Shire club.

That an international star is willing to switch codes, albeit with a history of League in his junior years, continues to show the regard the Sharks coach is held in.

Both marquee signings made by the club for 2021, Nicho Hynes and Dale Finucane, went out of their way to praise the former Rooster premiership winner, saying he was key in their choice to sign for the club.

Miller's signing looks, at very least, an entertaining one.

His footwork, speed and experience will add depth to the Sharks outside back stocks, which were looking a little thin.

If he can make the switch there is no reason he shouldn't be pushing the likes of Conor Tracey by the mid-season mark.