The Broncos' gut and rebuild is officially on following news that a host of big name stars have been told to look elsewhere.

Matt Lodge is reportedly on his way to the Warriors, possibly as soon as Round 15, while the likes of Corey Oates, Anthony Milford and Jamayne Isaako look at long odds to be in Brisbane next season.

The biggest name to be linked away from the club though is undoubtedly Tongan superstar Tevita Pangai Jr.

The Broncos confirmed reports that the troubled, yet brilliant, TPJ has been told he's free to explore his options for 2022 and beyond.

Other reports also indicate that Pangai Junior may even be allowed to leave right away should an offer be forthcoming. His three-game suspension is sure to complicate those chances.

It completes a massive fall from grace for the player once regarded as the best young forward in the game. At one point he was even the target of an international tug-of-war for his representative services.

So the question is, if not Brisbane, where does TPJ go?

In terms of his footballing ability I have no doubt eight or nine clubs would be in for his services right away, however his off-field issues will undoubtedly cut the field.

Below are the five realistic options who could be home to the next chapter of TPJ's career.


I'm not sure TPJ fits the Craig Fitzgibbon mould, however if Fitz wants to make an immediate impact, then this signing certainly achieves that.

The Sharks have a huge chunk of their salary cap available after saying goodbye to $2.5 million worth of talent.

Every off-contract player will be asking their agent to put the feelers out to the decision makers in the shire.

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Unfortunately Sharks captain and second-row star Wade Graham will sit out the next month due to repeated concussions.

If Graham's game-time is limited, or worse, then the Sharks have a spot to go with the cap space to lure Pangai south.

Again though, given the decisions make thus far by the incoming Fitzgibbon, I don't know if signing a player hardly known for his good discipline is top of the club's priority list.