Cronulla trio Mawene Hiroti, Teig Wilton and Josh Dugan have all been handed bans by the NRL Judiciary following their Golden Point victory over St George Illawarra.

Dragons forward Josh Kerr is also facing suspension for a shoulder charge offence from Friday's match and is facing 1-2 weeks on the sidelines.

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Hiroti and Wilton are facing a 1-2 week ban after being charged for careless high tackles on Saints duo Cody Ramsey and Paul Vaughan respectively.

Thanks to a seven-year spell of good behaviour, Dugan is facing just the one week on the sidelines via an early guilty plea.

Vaughan, who was sin-binned during the match, has escaped any suspension after being fined for a high tackle.

In Friday's other clash between the New Zealand Warriors and Wests Tigers, Warriors forward Eliesa Katoa was the only player charged and was hit with a fine for a lifting tackle.


  1. Where is the consistency with these charges? Dugan’s hit on Billy Burns was deliberate as can be seen in the replay of the incident, which resulted in Burns being taken from the field with a bloodied nose. Dugan telegraphed what he intended to do, and Hiroto struck Cody Ramsey on the lower side of his face, which finished his evening. These 2 incidents are worth 3-4 weeks suspension IMO. I’m sick and tired of seeing the Dragons get the rough end of the pineapple. They seem to be playing without any luck again this season!

  2. I am getting pretty disenchanted with the whole change… watching titans game today and Wallace is clearly a Thespian who likes milking activities…

  3. No offence intended.
    Griffin’s whole defensive game plan for the year. Biggest team of players you can find. Run up as quickly as possible in defence. As offside as they can get away with . McGuire , Simms brothers to lead the way with putting crap into the tackles. The others to follow. All to intimidate the opposition. Welcome to 1973!
    The new rules about hitting high have taken them aback, as have the penalties for all foul play in general.
    I understand your frustration when it comes to on field & suspension penalties. Some are hard to fathom?
    Still, the penalties handed out to St.George players have been well deserved.
    Find a new game plan !

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