Former star forward Sam Burgess appears to be leaning towards the Dolphins and Wayne Bennett as he decides on which assistant coaching job to take.

Burgess has been chased by both the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Dolphins, with the club he used to play for not shy around making their ambition to secure the former forward clear.

After moving from the English Super League, where he played for the Bradford Bulls between 2006 and 2009, Burgess played a total of 182 games for the Rabbitohs in two stints between 2010 and 2019.

Coach Jason Demetriou has previously stated the club won't rush Burgess into making a decision, but would love to have him on board.

Meanwhile, Bennett has paid Burgess a visit where the Englishman is currently coaching on the Coffs Coast.

Speaking on The Bye Round with James Graham however, Burgess seemed to suggest he was looking at being able to learn off Bennett, noted as one of the greatest coaches in the sport's history.

“It is appetising,” Burgess said.

“I have worked with Wayne for a long time with England and at Souths. You know how much of a great man he is.

“So as a young aspiring coach, it is appetising. Also what I like about it too is it is not another NRL club — I don’t have any history with that club, I don’t have any sort of bad blood or whatever.

“Also the chance to learn next to Wayne on a new franchise, when does that come around? It is not often a new franchise comes along and Wayne Bennett is the coach.

“In that respect I think it is a good opportunity for growth. There is a bit to get through yet before we get there.”

Burgess admitted his heart was with the Rabbitohs though, making it a tricky decision.

“I wouldn’t say it is there. Like I am interested in it for sure. I would be stupid not to be,” he said.

“My head, my heart is probably South Sydney because I gave so much to the club. I feel that deep draw to the place.

“Wayne wants me there, I would like to work with him.”

It has been reported that whichever name eventually comes on board as Bennett's main assistant coach will be prepared to take over as head coach at the end of Bennett's three-year deal.