CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 25: Knights coach Nathan Brown watches on during the round 25 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Newcastle Knights at GIO Stadium on August 25, 2017 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

They say that there are only two types of coaches in the NRL: those that have been sacked, and those that are waiting to be sacked. The following men are in danger of joining the former.


5. Brad Arthur

After a dismal 2018 campaign in which Parramatta claimed another wooden spoon, there is no coach under more pressure in the game than Brad Arthur. Let us not forget that in 2017, Parramatta went within a whisker of a grand final qualifier, but in 2018 with an arguably better squad than the previous season, it all fell apart.

As an outsider, it’s impossible to say what caused them to go from genuine title contenders to also-rans. Whether that be down to the Jarryd Hayne effect, complacency, or something else unbeknown to those outside the Eels’ inner sanctum. Either way, it doesn’t reflect well on Arthur as a coach.

Now, Arthur is no longer a rookie coach, as he is going into his sixth season at the helm of the Eels. In this time, they have made the finals on only one occasion.

This humble writer isn’t suggesting that Arthur is a bad coach. Quite the contrary actually, let’s not forget the basket case they were prior to Arthur taking over. Completely unable to attract any talent or even be competitive in the majority of games.

However, the NRL is a results driven business. And for Arthur, one finals appearance in five seasons simply isn’t good enough. He also isn’t aided by the fact that he’ll be going into his most important season to date with a rookie halves partner for the already under-siege Mitch Moses.

All these factors combine to put the man affectionately known as BA in the coaching hot seat.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 08: Eels coach, Brad Arthurlooks on during the round five NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Penrith Panthers at ANZ Stadium on April 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)


  1. How on earth does Ricky Stuart ever get to coach an NRL side. His record is absolutely abysmal. Not only at Canberra where he is in his 6th (can you believe that) year but at his previous clubs he has left under a very black cloud. I expressed my sympathy to Raiders fans on his appointment but this is now descending into self flagellation. Does Ricky own a piece of the Raiders or something because I can see no reason why this guy is still employed.

  2. I think Nathan Brown is skating on thin ice. I don’t get the hype around the Knights and if thier woeful defense doesn’t improve then it’s a new coach for them in 2020.

  3. Souths will be just fine and i think they’re on the cusp of a dynasty over the next decade. Panthers and Cowboys also. Roosters will fade after winning the comp again this season.

  4. Maybe a bit like Bennett where people think of his acheivments in the past then have a look at who is avalaible to replace him then decide to keep him because of his past record.
    Roosters 2002 1 premiership, 1 Minor Premiership, 1 World Club Challenge Title and 3 grand final appearance’s
    Cronulla 2008 preliminary finalist only to get beat one game short of the grand final by an over the salary cap Melbourne
    Canberra 2016 preliminary final only to fall one game short of the grand final getting defeated by Melbourne by 2 points
    Rucky you just might be right. Pressure is on Ricky💪🐔👍

  5. If McGregor’s not on this list it’s incomplete, he is in more trouble than Brown IMO with that roster and forward pack, top 4 or he’s a failure. Brown has at least had to rebuild from nothing and were unlucky to lose 3-4 games last year they had in the bag and could of actually played top 4. Arthur had a disaster for sure, but he didn’t forget how to coach. Cleary has never achieved anything so should be under the pump. Green has at least achieved success, the club is trying to find life after Thurston. Injuries cruelled them and Thurston never got his mojo back last year. Green should have to prove anything, if he keeps the playmakers for the season they’ll do well. As for Stuart he should just give it away, if he can’t get it done in the first year or two it’s always downhill.

  6. Hey daffy. I’m hearing you, Mary is bloody untouchable with not only the board but the media too. Never under the pump that bloke!!

    He is off contract at the end of 19 so if we do the usual and get off to a flyer then he may get another 2-3 yr contract but if we struggle then ta ta Tatiana.

    I think our squad is good enough like last year to be around the 4 ish so that might just save his bacon 😩😩😩😩

  7. +1. McGregor next to go. Under the pump from all angles and is even being death-ridden by their own very fickle fans. Another underachievement this year and it’s curtains for old Mary.

  8. I think Barrett is under a lot of pressure not to spill Doritos on his couch while watching daytime tv.

  9. If we don’t have second half of season fade out we should be in top 4 barring severe injury toll, especially if Norman and Hunt fire. Mary has to rotate and rest players more and build the team, no peaking in first 12 weeks and then fading. I’m really worried about wing with no clear choice for McDonald’s spot, although I’ve heard good things about that new Fijian guy.

  10. “He will be there for 5 seasons and win 2 premierships before retiring.
    Souths vs Panthers in 2020 gf”


  11. Bellamy, Bennett and Robinson are the only ‘safe’ coaches in 2019 – although I would put Cleary in that bracket as well. The first three on reputation, Cleary on his potential and surely Gus won’t sack another one. I can’t see the Bulldogs or Tigers having a great year. I think Dean Pay will be the first to go – replaced by Jim Dymock.

  12. Haha, says the thalidomide whose team will be lucky to make the 8 and will be relocated to Perth soon. Worry about your own druggie club bare back.

  13. I would expect Wayne Bennett and Des Hasler are under most pressure. One is past his best and the other is expected to bring the return the glory of his initial stint.
    Unfortunately Souths will play boring no frills overweight footy, killing any skill their halves can contribute. Manly though, may be a dark horse.

  14. BA would be under the most pressure.
    If he’s winning percentage is under 50% by round 10 he will get booted half way thru the year.
    He’s winning percentage has to be 75% or better come round 10.

  15. I’m a Raiders fan and I was furious when they extended his contract, The 2016 great season was because we had so many players inform at the same time not because of his coaching. He has made the Finals just once (2016) in 10 seasons. I bet the Raiders make the top 8 this year and say finish 4/5 and then the Club will extend his contract AND then in 2020 we finish 15th,

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