CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - JULY 14: Raiders coach Ricky Stuart talks to his bench players during the round 18 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the North Queensland Cowboys at GIO Stadium on July 14, 2018 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Canberra coach Ricky Stuart has taken another dig at the NRL, this time suggesting the Raiders are being treated differently to other clubs around the league.

With Friday’s controversial incident still on his mind, Stuart jumped on ABC Radio on Saturday, and spoke about the potential bias against his club.

“If I said there was a bias against the Raiders, they would be onto me a lot quicker than they are at the moment,” Stuart told ABC Radio.

“They would be onto me and fine me.

“Yet there was another coach in the game who said there was a bias against his club and nothing was done. We get treated differently here.

“I’ve been to a number of other clubs, this club gets treated differently to other clubs I have been involved in and other clubs I know have got a higher profile and who they need in their competition.”

Even before Friday’s controversial decision, the Raiders were at odds with the NRL over the suspension of Jack Wighton, who had his club-imposed ban of six weeks extended to 10 matches by the league’s integrity unit.

Canberra weren’t pleased with the decision given they had to make their own ruling first, and weren’t sure why they needed to if the NRL have the potential to overrule a club suspension.

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Stuart then unloaded on the NRL following Friday’s loss to Cronulla, although believe he won’t be handed a breach notice for his comments.


  1. I can understand why Ricky’s frustrated, angry etc about Friday nights game. For that try to be awarded after the touchy had raised his flag and called forward pass, when clearly the players had reacted to it was appalling. That was extremely poor referrring, from the on field ref (definately) and maybe from the touchy too (depending on whether it was a forward pass or not), but bottomline the way it played out just looked rediculas, and embarrassing for a professional sport.

    I can also understand Ricky making some comments in the presser out of sheer frustration, given the presser’s done straight after the game, but carrying it beyond that very poor decision, and beyond Friday nights presser, into there’s a bias against the Raiders etc. just becomes childish.

    Drink a cup of cement Ricky, and harden the f… up.

  2. It’s hard to disagree with him.
    Personally I have Fox connected to watch NRL, I find it difficult to watch more than 2 games a week now because of howling errors from referee or extremely slow boring play. I used to find it hard to watch Melbourne games because of umbrella defence and wrestle, but have upgraded to being unable to be entertained at all by any game.
    Ricky and the Raiders do seem to be affected by more poor decisions, but it is possibly due to the fact they give up after a hard call. There was still more than enough time to win that game, unlike the howler made in the Tigers/Broncos game that handed the win to Brisbane.

  3. With regards to the Wighton situation, that has exposed an obvious flaw, but that’s a simple 1 to fix.

    The NRL should notify the club of a min. acceptable penalty, and the club impose that or a more severe one. Simple.

    That doesn’t take the decision away from the club, other than providing a floor, so the club could still release the player, because the club has a very strong ethical culture and/or because it’s convenient, or impose a harsher punishment if they chose to.

    You can’t take the decision out of the club’s hands completely, as was suggested, because there will definitely be cases where clubs will want to impose harsher penalties.

  4. Raiders treated differently to other clubs he’s coached. The other Clubs were Roosters, Cronulla & Parramatta.
    Come on Ricky. Really ? Treated differently to Parramatta? Don’t buy it.
    Then there’s The Roosters & Cronulla…👍

  5. “I’ve been to a number of other clubs, this club gets treated differently to other clubs I have been involved in and other clubs I know have got a higher profile and who they need in their competition.”

    The above comment made by Ricky could not be said any clearer!
    Yes yes yes, I know everyone on here will say I am bias with what I am about to say because I am a Raider but I speak on behalf of the Raiders, Panthers, Cowboys, Warriors and the lesser profile teams in the NRL that, yes, there is favouritism being shown time and time again by the NRL towards certain clubs!

    I have said it time and time again, the changes need to be brought in the hierarchy! there is too much nepotism and lack of knowledge by people in positions of power!

    Bring the broom into the NRL and sweep in changes!

    It is well overdue period!

    No wonder why fans are turning away! It is clear as day why!

    Not to mention the knee jerk changes constantly being made to the games which further exposes grey areas in the game itself!

    Utter pathetic! Get your head out of the sand NRL!

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