SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 01: Michael Jennings of the Blues and Josh Mansour of the Blues sing the national anthem before game one of the State Of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on June 1, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Michael Jennings will face off against former teammate Josh Mansour this weekend when the Parramatta Eels play arch-rivals the Penrith Panthers.

But if it was Jennings call, they might be teammates again in the future. Mansour is off contract at the end of the season and the Eels are in the market.

With Parramatta about to start the 2018 season without their barnstorming winger Semi Radradra, it’s been no secret that head coach Brad Arthur is keen to utilise some of his cap space to fill the massive void that Radradra left when he went to French rugby.

Mansour is reportedly high on the Eels wishlist and Jennings would love to be teammates again.

“He’s a close mate of mine. I was on his line for his wedding. If that’s ever a possibility to get Josh here, he’s still got a year there but there’s a bit of chatter he’s going to come here,” Jennings told

“He hasn’t really told me that’s the case. He’s keeping it all to himself. If he’s going to make a decision and we have the opportunity to take Mansour, it would be great.

“It would add more experience and more class to our team.

“It’s a good rumour going around.”


  1. I know it’s off topic but, roosters favourite to win comp?? Lol…
    Better got to woolies uncie nick and get some more brown bags, cause plan A didn’t work ha ha ha.
    Full strength except for the 2nd most overrated player in the comp Keary missing ( Tedesco obviously most overrated) against tigers who are missing there best back and best half… oh that’s gold

    • “Oh that’s gold”, agreed, like Manly going down to the Knights.
      Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

      • Manly going down means nothing, we’re not supposed to win the comp and we played a team that no one woulda beat first game with what’s happened in the off season, was very proud of the manly team actually…
        If we had the recruitment roosters did and spent the cash they did, well I’d be upset, but since we 1 mil under the cap until the crap gets cleared, I’ll take what happened last night

        • Yep. Thats what happens when you cheat.
          There were 3 teams you said Manly will beat.
          Newy, Parra and Titans.

        • Ha ha manly aren’t expected to win too many games, and if you have ever been to a game of footy you would know knights were always going to be hard to beat Friday didn’t matter who played them…
          Roosters have already shown they are maybe a 7-9 th team, eels will no doubt show they are even behind them…

        • Because your half a team goes to golden point with the knights, no team could have beat them? haha

          Everything you say from now on will be taken as a joke.

        • Red90
          Do you even know what your on about???
          Cause I don’t… your just jibbering nonesense, get off ya laptop and get to a game of footy you loose looser…
          I went out today when eels were up 14-0 suppose they put 50 on mother’s today????

        • Red90
          Do you even know what your on about???
          Cause I don’t… your just jibbering nonesense, get off ya laptop and get to a game of footy you loose looser…
          I went out today when eels were up 14-0 suppose they put 50 on panther’s today????

        • Go and look at your comments on ” manly lure sacked teenager Moses suli” you said it a few times there, so explain that? You idiot haha

          Are you suggesting manly is as good as Penrith?

        • Dude you need a girlfriend or a hobby or a job???
          Who has the time to go back and look at stories from weeks ago, get out in the real world and get some sunshine on ya, can’t be good locked away on a computer all day every day…
          Now I’m going to cry myself to sleep cause a pimply face wiener called me an idiot

        • Hahaha your a funny one it was 4 days. I told you that you were one of those people.

          Now your throwing insults to take attention away from your dumbass. Enjoy the bottom 4

        • 4 days ago??
          Joking right that article was atleast a week ago, if your going to be a stay at home computer nerd atleast be smart will ya..
          I’ll now enjoy the bottom 4 and my dumbass… ( that’s a great call princess)
          So if ya wanna talk footy here with me feel free, but don’t just try and be a big mouth when my original comment had nothing to do with you a lot anything your associated with, anyways sure it’s a school night so you best be off to bed, nighty night

        • “When my original comment had nothing to do with you a lot anything your associated with”

          Look at that haha

        • You need help,
          All you’ve picked at is a few typos from writing off a phone…
          And yeah I was having a jab at a couple who I often trade jabs at as some fun, not picking at a few typos because that’s all you know.
          I’m leaving his now because you are way too sad of an individual to continue this conversation with, but please take yourself out the basement and to a footy game his weekend, talk to actual people and try and get yourself a life, really you need too…
          Also your insults are just showing your age and immaturity, so maybe work on that..
          Maybe we can catch up for a lemonade as I just saw manly v dragons is in Wollongong on my birthday weekend

        • You started with the insults first haha now your having a cry?

          What do you mean all iv picked is your typos? What about your pathetic excuse for manly losing?

    • Look at your first comment trying to start an argument.

      Then you say things like no team would of beat knights round 1 hahaha but manly take them to golden point. Like I said above everything you say, will be taken as a joke.

      Manly will ” loose” alot more this year.

      • One more things, I noticed you never bought up again, nerdy little you went back through my conversations and told me suli comment was 4 days ago, no it was on the 3rd March. Today is 11th March,
        So my calculations that is 8 days, you agree???
        See you try and do math without a calculator and his is what happens

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