SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 24: Josh Dugan of the Sharks looks on during the NRL trial match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Wests Tigers at Campbelltown Sports Stadium on February 24, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Several Cronulla players, including Josh Dugan, have been told to explore the market as the club looks to accommodate for Jesse Ramien, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Sharks have offered Ramien a $2 million four-year deal, but must first shed players to create the necessary salary cap space.

The club will reportedly ramp up its bid for Ramien once it officially bows out of the finals race.

Matt Prior has been linked to Parramatta, while Dugan is a player the club have identified that they would be willing to part with.

Ramien was released from the Knights after June 30 under Nathan Brown’s watch, however, the club has shown interest in re-signing him on bigger money.

The 22-year old’s preference was always to return to his former club Cronulla.

Newcastle-bound Jayden Brailey said Ramien would be welcomed back to the Sharks with open arms.

“He played his best football here, he was happy here at Cronulla, and if he came back he’d click into gear and have a good season,” Brailey said. “I’d love him to come back up to the Knights. It didn’t work out for him personally, and I wish him all the best wherever he is.”


  1. “Several Cronulla players, including Josh Dugan, have been told to explore the market”

    What timing, I do hope that Several Cronulla players, including Josh Dugan aren’t playing against the Tigers this weekend. Their motivation might be a bit suspect in this must win game. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  2. If Dugan gets sneezed on he’s out injured for 3 – 6 weeks, such a liability. A good move from the Sharks IMO…

  3. As right as the decision to release Dugan sounds. What are the options for fullback next year? Are they going to use more of Kennedy , if Moylan is injured? Is there someone else that’s a good fullback coming through at the Sharks? Or are they going to buy another fullback?
    Moylan can be regularly injured as well. He isn’t the most scintillating of fullbacks to watch any way.

  4. Saints showed he wasn’t the best centre around. Now it looks like Cronulla may show him the door. Canberra showed him the roof. A patchy player at best, Who’ll put their hand up!!!

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