SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 19: Cody Walker of the Rabbitohs is tackled during the NRL round six match between the Bulldogs and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium on April 19, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Broncos are interested in luring Rabbitohs star Cody Walker, according to a report by the Courier Mail.

It is understood that Brisbane are one of seven clubs interested in the playmaker, who is contracted until the end of 2020.

Walker’s manager Matt Rose said he has had preliminary conversations with a number of rival teams, but nothing had yet advanced.

“To get so many inquiries shows the level Cody has reached as a player and his growing stature in the game,” Rose told the Courier Mail. 

“I’ve had a stack of clubs call me to express their interest in Cody and gauge what his intentions are.

“The clubs are asking if Cody plans to be at Souths long-term and their desire to have talks.

“There’s nothing I can do right now so we will wait until November to have formal talks.

“The challenge for Cody is to maintain his form. He is determined to have a huge year for Souths and he wants to win a premiership – that is his focus right now.

“Cody is contracted to Souths for another 18 months so they have time on their side to try to keep Cody.

“By November, we will know his market value and we’ll see what happens.”

Walker nearly joined the Broncos three years ago on a three-year deal that would’ve seen him team up with current coach Wayne Bennett but backflipped at the last minute.

“I was pretty close to going to the Broncos actually,” Walker told The Sunday Mail.

“I remember going over to (former coach) Michael Maguire’s house to say, ‘Sorry mate, I’m taking up an offer from Brisbane’.

“But the next day Souths came back with a revised offer. They offered me an extra year and that gave me some security.

“I was a bit nervous meeting Wayne. He is such a powerful figure in our game, so it was quite daunting to sit down in front of him. But once we settled in, I found him to be a funny guy and he was easier to talk to than I thought.

“The first day he came to Souths, he had a joke with me. He said you wouldn’t bloody come to Brisbane, so I had to sign with Souths to coach you.

“I’m just enjoying playing football at the moment. I’m signed here until 2020 and I’m leaving the rest to my manager. Right now, I’m happy at Souths.”

Rose added that he believes Walker is still improving as a player.

“Cody turns 30 next year but he is the type of guy who can play another five years into his mid-30s like Cooper Cronk and Cam Smith,” Rose said.

“Cody is still getting better as a player.

“Souths haven’t spoken to me at this stage (about a new deal) but they have a lot going on with Greg Inglis’ retirement and knowing exactly how much salary-cap space they have.”


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