SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 02: Greg Inglis of the Rabbitohs looks on after fulltime during the round 21 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Penrith Panthers at ANZ Stadium on August 2, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have announced a three-year contract extension for captain Greg Inglis until at least the end of the 2020 season tonight.

Inglis is regarded as one of the game’s superstars, is the current captain of the Rabbitohs as well as the Indigenous All Stars and Australian Prime Minister’s XIII sides.

Inglis is a veteran of 241 NRL games to date including 124 for the Rabbitohs, 35 Tests for Australia, 30 State of Origin matches for Queensland and four All Stars games for the Indigenous All Stars.

Inglis is a former Golden Boot winner as the best player on the planet, a multiple Dally M award winner, a Clive Churchill Medallist, a multiple winner of the George Piggins Medal, however most importantly, a respected leader amongst the Indigenous community in Australia.

Rabbitohs Head Coach Michael Maguire says that Inglis’ long term commitment to the Rabbitohs is a tribute to the man he has become and his standing within the game.

“Greg is not only a phenomenal footballer, as his playing record shows, but he is also becoming one of the great leaders in our game and in society,” Maguire said.

“I have known and worked with Greg for a long time and to watch him grow into the leader and the man he has, both on and off the field, is a credit to his dedication to his football, as well as the community and his family.

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“He’s a young dad who, along with his wife Sally, is bringing up a beautiful little family with an addition coming in the next couple of weeks, and they are also part of the broader Rabbitohs family.

“It’s great news for the team, the Club and the whole South Sydney community to know that Greg will be part of us at least until the end of 2020.”

Inglis said his decision to extend his time with the Rabbitohs was based on the Club, the team and his family.

“This is a wonderful Club to be part of, a great team to play with, and I’m really happy to know what my family’s future holds for the next four years,” Inglis said.


  1. Great news! He is a a priority signing for Souths and a great leader for the club. Happy to see him at Souths for years to come. The second Bunny to escape the Broncos net even though they did manage to capture Roberts!

  2. Where is that idiot Journo from the Brisbane SHONCOS Courier Mail who has told us 30 times over the last 2 years that GI is going to defect North to the Rednecks!?

    WHERE ARE YOU? Where are those IDIOT SHONCOS fans NOW?!

    Oh by the way you got it so WRONG in the off-season saying you will win the Comp!
    The Shoncos ARE Definitely the 2016 Pre-Season Premiers!

  3. 3 more seasons lol he will be lucky to have 1 more season left in him … worst mistake they could make signing a crippled inglis …great signing you guinea pigs brainless management.. i predict between 11th and 13th next season ..believe that

    • Harold, Harold, Harold

      The Sharks fans may have all turned their porch lights off last Sunday but unfortunately “your porch light” has been off for years! Poor Harold. Hahahahaha

      • I have never commented before. Seriously, be mature. People are entitled to their own opinions and all i see is you making snarky remarks. Stop.

        • titansforthewin

          “People are entitled to their own opinions”

          Yet you are censoring me? Read through the history on ZT first. If you did you would find believethis makes plenty of “snarky remarks” and gets responses that makes the above look tame by comparison.

          Also, believethis has never once voiced a complaint, or responded to indicate that they have any problem with the comments directed back to them as a result of their obviously intentional inflammatory remarks. There is a lot of banter and a fair bit of name calling that goes on here from time to time (some things might even make you blush), I will be watching to see if you pick others up as well.

        • He sucked you in sstid.
          Yeah, he has never commented before .. under that username.
          Manly trolls mate. Sharks supporters one day, broncos or eels the next.

        • phatty

          Cheers mate. I suspected as much but just in case it was someone new I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Not sure about them being from Manly, rather felt more like a “female Dragons supporter in hiding” to me.

          It seems the only time I have ever been “called out” (with the exception of the Justice League “Bon Voyage Party” protest) is from “someone who has never posted before”. Like I said I will be watching to see if they have similar issues with others here in the future… I suspect they won’t though.

        • Titansforthewin: apparently u are me.

          And, apparently, the last person I agreed with here was me too.

          I’m obviously losing control of my multiple personality disorder.

        • No im not. You SSTID seem to start arguements with many of the people on here. Accusing me of making a another account, is wrong. I think you need to go do something better with your life, than to comment on forums and trying to call people out.

        • danielle

          “I wonder just how much you actually know about Rugby League in the first place?”

          From the “Shannon Boyd hopes Paul Vaughan sticks with Canberra Raiders” story:

          Relevant RL questions asked: 10
          Relevant RL questions answered: 0

          1. Vaughan should stay or go (Raiders or Dragons)?
          2. If he stays (Raiders), what role do you see him having at the Raiders?
          3. If he goes to the Dragons what role will he have there?
          4. Is he worth $650K per season in your opinion?
          5. Who should play hooker at the Dragons (your team) and why?
          6. Who should play in the halves at the Dragons (your team) and why?
          7. What is YOUR opinion about TPA’s and the current NRL salary cap arrangement?
          8. Are you in favour of expansion or the status quo?
          9. If in order to accommodate expansion a number of Sydney teams need to merge, relocate or fold do you have any thoughts in relation to this?
          10. What is your opinion about the Inglis resigning? (added this one)

        • titansforthewin

          Happy to compare my track record against yours or danielle’s anytime.

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        • titansforthewin

          Fine let’s move on but try to lighten up a bit. I am not an ogre and most here are not as well. If the people who are the targets of a joke choose not to take offence then I hardly think it is up to anyone else to play police man.

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          As for consistency and danielle, you will notice that she made no mention of you misspelling “arguements” (when it suited her purpose).

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          Sstid didn’t start anything you are the one who called him out… here’s an idea if you don’t like the commenting on this site then why don’t you make this your the last time you comment

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          Thanks mate. IF titansforthewin is genuine then perhaps they should do a little research and compare our contributions (danielle’s and mine) on ZT first. If titansforthewin wants some suggested links I would be happy to provide them,

        • Lol @ titansforthewin this guy is hardly snarky, everything I’ve seen from him is an opinion that’s open for debate but never malicious.

          Pretty sure you just started something mate.

  4. Four more years? Seems like a long time with those knees. Hopefully he doesn’t become the next Watmaugh.

  5. There are champion players of our game and G Inglis is one of them. a wonderful signing by South Sydney.

  6. That’s great news, Souths are a much better team with him playing, don’t worry, he’ll be right for those extra years, thank god he didn’t go to the Bronco’s, no use lowering your standards, Souths had a gap year this year but will take a power of stopping next year, all we need to do now is tie up Reynolds and we will be complete.

      • I don’t want to be negative, because I like you guys, and I hope he has a long prosperous career, for him and the sport, I hope I’m wrong etc, but I have to agree with a lot of comments here, in that it looks like his body is starting to say no.

        If he ends up spending serious time injured, and on his salary (and I don’t know what it is, but he wouldn’t be cheap), well it will hurt.

        • eelsalmighty

          Fair point mate but I am glad of him signing on long term just the same. He is a great captain for the club on field and off, inspires his players, brings in the fans and (at least since joining Souths) has been a great role model away from the game.

          I am happy Souths have rewarded his loyalty and ongoing efforts by extending his contract. Yes there are risks but (despite the concerns) I think few here would not want to see Inglis join their team if it were possible.

        • I agree, his resigning is more than just his on field performance, and if he remains fit that is is a huge signing in its self.

          Parra did it, by bringing in guys like Scott, Watmough, Gordon etc, and having guys, like Inglis, from within the club is 100 fold better, but my point is it has that on field risk.

          For the record, one of my favourite players is now Gordon. He came into a new side this year, and what a cluster this year has been for Parra, he signed with the Roosters around mid season, and gave 110% for Parra all season. There is huge value in guys like this, like Inglis etc. but my original point was I’d be worried about Inglis holding up on field.

        • By signing Inglis, Souths will be able to convince Reynolds and others to re-sign and even attract some other top-line players.

          Souths only need one more decent centre to partner Grey and things will be looking good for 2017. Glory Glory

        • chalky

          Souths have signed two great young talents from Holden Cup for next year (Braidon Burns (Panthers) & Tyrell Fuimaono (Eels), both play centre. Fuimaono lead the Holden Cup in running metres this year and covers centre and second row.

          Did you see the U20 GF? Braidon Burns looks good chalky. He might not be quite ready yet but soon.

          Gray had a good year this year but I prefer Hymel Hunt who had a disrupted season due to injury. I’m looking forward to seeing Hunt get more games under his belt next season. Hopefully these 4 guys can give us good depth at centre but the 2 new recruits are only 20 and may still need time to develop.

  7. Those knees won’t last.

    He shouldn’t be playing anyway for hitting his missus ..disgrace.

  8. His best is well behind him, I think the NRL should start a washed up comp for all the long in the tooth players that don’t know when time is up.

    Supercars have it, we could call it NRL Masters 🙂

    • Agreed in part, but he is about to turn 30 and the contract is for 4 more seasons (3 year extension to the 1 he had left). That aside his injuries (and I’m not a doctor) seem to be more “wear and tear” than due directly to an incident. By that, anyone can have an accident, but when you get flair ups / reoccurrences / new strains etc (without a specific injury) well you may well have long term damage.

  9. He was always staying at the Rabbitohs I think. I couldn’t see him leaving even though the prospects of being at the Broncos and living there with family etc looked likely with all the rumors going on. The big question is, will his knees be able to handle it for another 3 years? He doesn’t look too likely to get back to his peak fitness because the knees have been dodgy for a few years now but I could be wrong. Good news for Souths fans anyway.

    • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver

      “He was always staying at the Rabbitohs I think.”


      “will his knees be able to handle it for another 3 years?”

      That’s the 1.2 million dollar question isn’t it (and I just pulled that figure out of the air). I would still rather have him play for Souths than not.

      There are other benefits too, as chalky said:

      “By signing Inglis, Souths will be able to convince Reynolds and others to re-sign and even attract some other top-line players.”

  10. his best years are behind him…….souths finished 2016 strongly….looked like top 4 material over the last 5 rounds……should make the top 8 in 2017..from there anyone can win it….i used to think outside the top 4 was almost impossible then the bulldogs did it agst the swanettes this year from 7th….so it’s all about momentum and staying injury free in the semis

    • maki

      “i used to think outside the top 4 was almost impossible”

      Interesting point though that the premiers have been the team that finished 3rd for the last 3 years.

  11. I think the length of the contract and the fact his past two seasons have been injury affected is a worry but people want to play with guys like him so that in itself is a coup.
    Hopefully the price was right!

    Seen as though my fathers half of the family are all mad rabbitohs supporters I’ll be hoping this works out for them!

  12. NRL sends a message: Bash your missus captain Australia. Write letters on your wrist for a mate in jail banned from CC and rep.

  13. Great signing bunnies, now we have to move him to centre to actually get 3 years out of him (due to his knees issue)… K.LOCKE would enable that to happen.

    Anyone heard anything on Z. Musgrove (have we re-signed him and what about Cookie… gone very quiet on this) ??

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