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The NRL’s integrity unit is under fire for reportedly covering up a complaint made by a man whose wife had a consenting sexual encounter with a North Queensland player in an airport bathroom, per The Sydney Morning Herald.

The report claims that then Cowboys’ then football manager, Peter Parr, gave valium to the husband, who was also given a false medical certificate by North Queensland’s club doctor, Chris Ball, after the man learnt of the tryst.

The encounter took place in 2018, with the woman an employee of the club.

According to a letter sent by the husband’s lawyer, Parr gave the husband valium “to help him cope with the shock” after finding out about the encounter.

Parr denied that the valium belonged to him and that he received them after he “swung by the doc’s place”.

The husband, a long-haul truck driver, tested positive to benzodiazepine during a workplace drug test.

“[The husband] had experienced a family crisis and was stressed and unable to sleep,” Dr Ball wrote to the truck company.

Ball was questioned why no prescription was written, responding he “does not prescribe benzodiazepine medication” and that he “gave [the husband] a sample quantity of four diazepam [Valium] … tablets to help facilitate sleep.”

Parr stated that he was full of regret, but was situated in “a very stressful situation”.

The AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) are set to investigate Ball for the incident.

The incident ended the marriage between the Cowboys employee and the husband, with the truck driver sending a text to the player’s wife later in 2018.

“[Name removed], I know you wouldn’t like me texting you but I feel no one but you could understand how I am feeling. I only found out today [his wife] gets to keep her job at the Cowboys,” he wrote.

“I feel so gutted that nothing what her and [the player] have done after cheating on both of us over that Gold Coast weekend is fair. I have lost everything – my wife, family. I feel so worthless after what they have done but to know that they will still see each other at the club is so hurtful for me.

“I just can’t believe Parrie [Peter Parr] is covering [the truck driver’s wife’s] tracks and will still let her travel with the team. I feel like no one gives a f**k about how we might feel about it.

“I guess I should just realise I am nobody and not important to anybody especially to [his wife], the Cowboys and obviously [the player] who felt my wife was also his property. I won’t bother you ever again. I promise not to ring or text again. I am sorry.”

North Queensland released the following statement:

“The North Queensland Cowboys are aware of a series of allegations published by the Sydney Morning Herald today.

“The club is providing its full support to the parties involved as their wellbeing is of utmost importance.

“As the NRL is currently investigating the allegations, it is not appropriate for the club or its connected parties to make any further comment.”


  1. Poor morals by those involved & by the Cowboys overall.
    The club knows that that incident is unacceptable & is a terrible look for their club & the game overall. The employee should have been immediately sacked from the staff. The player as well.
    Yet they just chose to do the wrong thing in several ways, including a cover up of the incident.
    Another black eye for the game & a double one for the husband involved.
    Great job Cowboys & NRL.
    Yet they fine a club when some officials mingle with some of the crowd , at the end of a season.

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