NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 14: Nathan Ross of the Knights looks dejected after losing to the Roosters during the round seven NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Sydney Roosters at McDonald Jones Stadium on April 14, 2017 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

Nathan Ross set to be dropped after contract comments

Newcastle Knights winger Nathan Ross has been dropped to reserve grade this weekend after making comments to the media that he is not happy with his current contract.

Ross is reportedly on $150,000 per year, a figure which is less than some reserve graders. Speaking candidly to the Newcastle Herald yesterday, Ross confirmed he was looking to upgrade his current deal with the Knights.

“I’m not asking for a million dollars like all these other guys,” Ross said. “I’m not even asking for half of that. I don’t operate like that. I just want what is fair, and to set my family up.”

But it looks like it’s had the opposite effect with Knights coach Nathan Brown admitting he is disappointed with the way Ross has handled the situation so far.

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Brown was coy when asked whether Ross will play this week but it’s believed Ross has already been told by club officials that he will be playing NSW Cup this week.

“At the moment, (Nathan) Rossy is out there training with the rest of the squad, we’ll make a decision later in the week,” Brown explained.

“With the squad training as we always do, blokes play in all different positions in both teams.

“I would suggest Rossy didn’t handle it in the correct manner but we’ll move forward and we’ll get over it.”



  1. WTF Knights. Don’t drop Ross, he’s one of your best players. And it’s not like he’s just playing well now, he’s been good for years. Give him the raise.

  2. Looks like Brown is adamant about running a tight ship up at Newie. Not sure if what he said warrants being dropped, however I at least respect the fact that Brown is drawing a line in the sand.

    • its all seems to be a bit like the Cody Wallker scenario where they signed a contract for xx $’s and were happy to even be offered a contract, now that they are in the top grade they are demanding more.
      If they were so sure of their ability, do what a lot of others have done in the past, sign a 1 year contract and play so well that the club will offer you a longer contract on more $$$’s and at $$$’s you think you are worth.
      Brown is obviously doing the opposite to what the WT have done in the past – he’s saying I am the boss and not you, if you don’t like how I am running the show, then off ya go.

  3. If he doesn’t get a raise in his contract, what’s from stopping him from moving to another club who’ll pay him .. (aka Mitchell “the slimy Eel” Moses) Bye bye the Ross Dog .. !! Tigers can and would pay you more mate, time to get on “the bus”.

  4. He does IN ALL HONESTY deserves a contract upgrade I wont say that about many players but Ross needs one, if the knights wont do that, maybe another team will. he is so underrated and is the knights most decent player, the guy has two kids and a family to support now, he should be earning more since MULLEN was released and needs to be seen like that. A constant performer, if the knights get rid of him I hope the tigers, parra or the roosters pick him up. give up some more $$$

    • also as well. Ross deserves a lot better to be belittled by the knights themselves, that could’ve been handled so differently. but if he is earning less then someone in reserve grade, he deserves at least 400k a season for him and his family to settle down. Ross is a professional, the knights in this matter need a serious look at themselves. I don’t care if the “salary cap is unformed” for next few seasons, just let him have an upgrade. to many players are lost to union because of this.

      • Yes Ross deserves an upgraded contract, but going to the media to complain about how you are unhappy with your negotiations is not professional. Name 1 successful club that would allow that to happen unpunished?

        • May he had exhausted all of the avenues open to him and going to the media was his last resort we will never know. He deserves an upgrade on his current contract he deserves it, if the Knights are not willing to do that for him then I hope another club steps up. Surely another 100k could be found for him. They wont keep him in reserves he is too good it is not like they have an abundance of players playing well at the moment. Other clubs have upgrade players contracts mid contract so why can’t the Knights, considering the money they are throwing. As the saying goes “you don’t know what you have until you lose it” comes to mind.

  5. Isn’t this his breakout year? how about playing consistently well for a whole season or two before demanding more cash.

    • How about some of the other well paid players do the same or even perform as well as Ross has who is on a reported $150k. Fair crack of the whip mate they could at least upgrade him another 100k that would be the right thing to do and that would still be paying him a lot less than what he is worth. Canberra did it for 2 of their players surely Newie could do the same and create a bit of good will. There are not a lot of players willing to go to Newie for anything less than a fortune and with some of the stars moving on you would think it important to build a supportive culture to retain and attract players to the club.

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