SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 25: Tim Mannah of the Eels poses during the 2016 NRL Season Launch at Sydney Botanical Gardens on February 25, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Parramatta Eels prop Tim Mannah will extend his NRL career with the Club after signing a three-year contract extension which will see him remain at Parramatta until the end of the 2019 season.

In announcing Mannah’s re-signing, Head Coach Brad Arthur said the Eels had retained a Club stalwart who had come through the ranks as a junior and established himself as a formidable forward.

“Tim’s contribution to the team and to the Club over the last eight years can never be undervalued,” Head Coach Brad Arthur said.

“His level of experience and commitment to Parramatta will continue to help, guide, and develop the next generation of players in our Club.”

A State of Origin representative for NSW and a leader both on and off the field, Mannah has accumulated 180 first grade games for the Eels having started his career with the Club in 2009.

Mannah has played his entire NRL career with Parramatta and has won several awards for his achievements including the Ken Thornett Medal as the NRL Player’s Player in 2015.

Parramatta Eels 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Dane Aukafolau (2018), Kirisome Auva'a (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2018), Nathan Brown (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2021), Troy Dargan (2019), Nathan Davis (Gold Coast Titans, 2018), Jamal Fogarty (2017), Josh Hoffman (Gold Coast Titans, 2019), George Jennings (Penrith Panthers, 2020), Greg Leleisiuao (2019), Suaia Matagi (Penrith Panthers, 2019), Willis Meehan (2017), Mitchell Moses (Wests Tigers, 2019), Marata Niukore (New Zealand Warriors, 2020), Frank Pritchard (Hull FC, 2017), Jeff Robson (Mid Season: New Zealand Warriors, 2017), Will Smith (Penrith Panthers, 2020), Siosaia Vave (Manly Sea Eagles, 2018)
2017 Losses
Mitch Cornish (Sydney Roosters), Kieran Foran (New Zealand Warriors), Tyrell Fuimaono (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Michael Gordon (Sydney Roosters), Luke Kelly (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Ryan Morgan (St Helens RLFC), Kieren Moss (Hull Kingston Rovers), Junior Paulo (Canberra Raiders), Nathan Peats (Gold Coast Titans), Vai Toutai (released), Anthony Watmough (retired), Danny Wicks (retired)
Daniel Alvaro (2019), Isaac De Gois (2017), Kenny Edwards (2019), Bureta Faraimo (2019), Bevan French (2019), Clinton Gutherson (2022), James Hasson (2017), Cameron King (2019), Manu Ma'u (2019), Tim Mannah (2019), Jack Morris (2018), Cody Nelson (2017), Corey Norman (2021), Rory O'Brien (2017), Kaysa Pritchard (2019), Jeff Robson (2017), Scott Schulte (2017), Brad Takairangi (2019), Kelepi Tanginoa (2021), Honeti Tuha (2017), Alex Twal (2020), Matthew Woods (2017)
Off Contract 2019
Daniel Alvaro, Andrew Davey, Bevan French, Josh Hoffman, Michael Jennings, Greg Leleisiuao, Manu Ma'u, Tim Mannah, Matt McIlwrick, Tepai Moeroa, Mitchell Moses, Kaysa Pritchard, Ray Stone, Brad Takairangi, Peni Terepo, Stefano Utoikamanu
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  1. Parramatta for Premiers & minor premiers!!! Heard it here first

    1. Bevan French
    2. Semi Radradra
    3. Michael Jennings
    4. Kirisome Auva’a
    5. Josh Hoffman
    6. Corey Norman
    7. Clint Gutherson
    8. Sausai Matagi
    9. Isaac De Gois
    10. Tim Mannah
    11. Manu Ma’u
    12. Beau Scott
    13. Frank Pritchard
    14. Kenny Edwards
    15. Tepai Moeroa
    16. Nathan Brown
    17. Sosaia Vave

    No one compares to our depth either!

    1. Will Smith
    2. Scott Shulte
    3. Vai Toutai
    4. John Folau
    5. Bureta Fariamo
    6. Jamal Forgatry
    7. Jeff Robson
    8. Peni Terepo
    9. Kaysa Pritchard
    10. Rory O’Brien
    11. James Hasson
    12. Brad Takairangi
    13. Cody Nelson
    14. Cameron King
    15. Matt Woods
    16. Daniel Alvaro
    17. Alex Twal

    And we still got Kelepi Tanginoa, George Jennings, Marata Niukore. RIP anyone who tries to arch up to the Blue & Gold next year. Especially that excuse of a club Manly

    • Let’s hope so. What it been like 30yrs, wooden spoons, cap cheating and still no apples.

      I think your the only team to get a spoon while cheating the cap?… who’s the excuse of a club. Ah ha ha ha ha.

    • Nice line up ! Big fan of French and I see recently he has been chosen to be mentored by the games greats.
      I think you guys just might just tear Manly a new one in the first round SCN.

    • Personally I think you should play Norman halfback and put Smith at 6, Gutherson is a good player but he isn’t a halfback…

      • why would you replace a proven NRL player who played 24 games, was an on field leader, who improved exponentially with each and every game with Will Smith?
        Rose coloured glasses me thinks.
        Will Smith is a good player but wont demand a spot in the NRL team just yet..

        • But he has a point, Gutherson isn’t a halfback, I would prefer to see Gutherson at fullback and French on the wing but Gutherson at five eighth works just as well (as shown last season)

        • trollz – that part of the statement is correct, but he can and will be a good 5/8.
          He showed towards the back end of last year when he had all the responsibility for creating and done a damn fine job, will be even better with normy there beside him to take the pressure off

        • Will Smith has played plenty of first grade games as well, and I don’t really see how you can say I’m bias considering he isn’t a Penrith Player anymore, and I wouldn’t drop Gutherson completely I’d just move him to centre.

        • and who would you drop then? 
          None of Hoffman, Jennings, Taka, French or Semi would be dropped to accommodate
          Of course you have a biased view, Will Smith was a panthers player so of course you will see what you want to see, i’m not dissing him but you wouldn’t move or drop any of the above to accommodate him a
          Just like at Panthers, when Moylan, DWZ, Whare, Peachey came back from injury, who was pushed out to accommodate them. Smith has got a lot of potential from the 11 games he played last year but he wont be accommodated in front of any of the ones I mention above.

    • Idiot, don’t get ahead of yourself! Also get it in your thick a$$ head takaramgi will not play reserve grade and Pritchard will not start in front of Moeroa and same with matagi, brown will start in front of him. Complete fool you are!

        • Eels2k16, be nice / play fair mate.

          I’ll agree Taka’s will be in the starting line up. Will be, deserves to be etc.

          As for the forwards, I’m sure BA will preference our existing players, and I’m happy about that, but we didn’t buy “reserve grade” forwards either. BA is building an extremely strong forward pack, and who starts where will come down to a combination of pre season form / work ethic, and (I suspect to a much lesser degree) history with Parra.

          In all honesty, I still can’t decide on our forwards for next year.

    • @ScorinCoreyNorman, Brad Takairangi should be partnering Radradra if you want to bring Semi back to his best because Jennings won’t pass him the ball. Auva’a won’t walk into first grade but will have to prove himself in NSW Cup first before he gets a shot. After his off field dramas he will also need to prove he can maintain his discipline on and off the field. Also Brad Arthur has proven that he is loyal to his current incumbent players and won’t make changes without good reason. Look for Taka in the centres and Auva’a in reserve grade is my tip.

      • He’s back – and in fine form 🙂
        Where’s Danielle?
        As usual a fair unbiased opinion of what is likely to happen – I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but seriously dunno why scoring keeps on pushing that view.

        • Keep Voldemorts out of it billy booiyeee. There is fence here on ZT now and I am on one side and the Voldemorts are on the other. If they keep to their side and stay out of my business I will stay out of theirs. I’m tired of the status quo where they want to provoke and start lighting fires then hide behind their sex for protection. Bringing my daughter, my family and my parenting into an argument and then still have the cheek to claim the moral high ground! Meanwhile the other one says she wishes I was dead “have a long sleep, a permanent one!” and has said of someone else here they are “the perfect argument for euthanasia” and I am the bad guy? THEY chase an argument and never let go or make sniping comments out of nowhere and then claim THEY are being harassed! IF that were true wouldn’t it be so much easier just to ignore a person rather than continually baiting them?

          Anyway, I’m sick of it. There are those here on ZT I want to talk to and those here I don’t. Let’s just move on and they can keep to their side of the fence in future.

  2. Hey guys tell me if you agree with these Warriors ratings (70-75 not a first grader, 75-79 has potential to play first grade but isn’t ready yet, 80-82 are fringe first graders, 83-85 are solid players who do the job but aren’t the best, 85-87 are SOO quality or will be up there for selection for SOO, 87-89 are SOO mainstays, there the level that should be picked for rep footy for as long as they are healthy, 90+ are the best of the best and the real superstars of the game)

    Tuivasa-Sheck 91
    Fusitu’a 85
    Maumalo 83
    Kata 86
    Vatuvei 83
    Foran 88
    Johnson 92
    Lillyman 85
    Luke 90
    Matulino 83
    Thompson 84
    Hoffman 86
    Mannering 89

    Afoa 81
    Gubb 80
    Lolohea 84
    Vete 82

    • Is Johnson consistent enough to warrant a 92/100? Agreed he is worth that on a good day, but on the other days …

      • I’d have Johnson at 86, he’s too inconsistent to warrant and higher but too good on his day to be any lower.

        • i would have kata at 90 probably consistently one of our best player every week with a decent 4 nations to isaac luke should be around 85 the way he played and probably swap thompsons and hoffmans ratings

        • If Johnson is 92 Kata wouldn’t be 90. Trollz has it about right IMO. Kata still has defensive lapses and is not a 90 rating player. That rarefied air is reserved for players like Thurston, Inglis, Smith, Hayne, Johnson etc. Kata is a good player but still a work in progress so 86 seems fair.

          I would agree with you about Isaac Luke ATM on current form. At Souths he was always a 90 plus player. He is missing the cardinal and myrtle I think. 😉

  3. 1: B French
    2: S Radradra
    3: B Takairangi
    4: M Jennings
    5: J Hoffman
    6: C Gutherson ( gk )
    7: C Norman
    8: T Mannah
    9: I Degois
    10: N Brown
    11: M Mau
    12: T Moeroa
    13: B Scott (c)

    14: F Pritchard
    15: K Edwards
    16: S Vave
    17: K Pritchard

    18: S Matagi

    That will be parramatta round one side for 2017

  4. Good on you Tim Mannah! Proof that nice guys who play within the rules, are good sports, can treat a referee with respect and not make excuses for a loss and are loyal to their club can still come out on top! He is like a lovable character just like BIG Georgey Rose but without the extra padding and cheeky personality. Good on you Timmy!

    • The ultimate club man.
      Whilst he may not be everyone’s cuppa tea as a player, you known what you going to get – big heart, gives everything and very rarely ends up turtled so gets a quick play the ball. Good man timmy

      • Great leader of young men as well. He leads by example off the field as well as on it. He has never been involved in an off field scandal of any kind and I would bet he never will. He may not be pushing for rep honours but he never goes missing and always does his fair share and he puts in week in week out. There are players in the game that can lift a car with one hand but have half the commitment or consistency of this guy. Good to see the Eels showing him the loyalty he deserves.

        • SSTID_1970 your comments are spot on and appreciated by us parra fans .. I like that even though you are a souths fans you see the game for what it is in the big picture . Sure were loyal to our clubs above all else, but we also have a deep respect for the game. One club dose not maketh the NRL there is a bond and passion for the love of the game that makes us fans . Be it souths the dogs or raiders .cheers and all the best, have a happy and holy xmas and roll on 2017 . good luck to souths and all there fans . we stand united not as clubmen but as fans of the greatest game of all .. regards pete the piston

        • thepiston

          I have (or had) a journo acquaintance who is involved with the Eels Christian outreach programmes and as such is a good mate of Tim’s. I know a bit about the guy away from football (and his genuine faith). He IS a good guy and deserves every blessing that comes his way.

          Have a safe, happy and holy Christmas too Pete.

  5. Well said SSTID.

    BA, true to his word, has stuck by the players that have stuck by the club, and all these re – signings are great. Clearly the players (the overwhelming majority at least) are happy, and did us proud this year (fought hard week in week out), and under very trying circumstances.

    To the bigger picture, and more specifically 2019, the year of our back to back premierships (well at least I didn’t quote the Parra supporters slogan “yeah, but next year”) we could have a dilemma and/or management will be as busy as one armed brickies in Beirut (Tim does have a Lebanese background) with BA and the core team of players off contract.

    The list of contracts expiring in 2019 is getting up there, and includes:
    I really hope our new board doesn’t cheese BA off.

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