XXXXX poses after winning the XXXXXX during the 2017 Dally M Awards at The Star on September 27, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

Melbourne Storm skipper Cameron Smith has won his second Dally M Medal – 11 years after his first.

Just days away from captaining the Storm in the 2017 NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final, Smith (33 points) won the prestigious Dally M Medal by a remarkable eight points – following his first win in 2006.

Checkout out the other winners from the night below!

2017 Dally M Award Winners

Top Try Scorer
Suliasi Vunivalu (Melbourne Storm – 23 tries)

Top Points Scorer
Nathan Cleary (Penrith Panthers – 228 points)

Holden Cup Player of the Year
Jake Clifford (North Queensland Cowboys)

Captain of the Year
Cameron Smith (Melbourne Storm)

Peter Moore Award for Rookie of the Year
Nick Cotric (Canberra Raiders)

Hit of the Year
Nathan Brown (Parramatta Eels)

Try of the Year
Kyle Feldt (North Queensland Cowboys)

Coach of the Year
Craig Bellamy (Melbourne Storm)

Peter Frilingos Headline Moment
Mitchell Pearce (Sydney Roosters)

Provan Summons People’s Choice Medal
Clinton Gutherson (Parramatta Eels)

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Female Player of the Year
Simaima Taufa (Jillaroos)

Fullback of the Year
Billy Slater (Melbourne Storm)

Winger of the Year
Jordan Rapana (Canberra Raiders)

Centre of the Year
Dylan Walker (Manly Sea Eagles)

Five-eighth of the Year
Gareth Widdop (St George Illawarra Dragons)

Halfback of the Year
Michael Morgan (North Queensland Cowboys)

Lock of the Year
Paul Gallen (Cronulla Sharks)

Second-rower of the Year
Matt Gillett (Brisbane Broncos)

Prop of the Year
Aaron Woods (Wests Tigers)

Hooker of the Year
Cameron Smith (Melbourne Storm)

Interchange Player of the Year
Reagan Campbell-Gillard (Penrith Panthers)

Dally M Player of the Year
Cameron Smith (Melbourne Storm)



  1. Wow! Aaron Woods! Over Vaughan and Taupau! Morgan over Cherry-Evans even though Morgan played 6 for the majority of the year, Gallen over Taumalolo?! Rapana over Vunivalu and Addo-carr! F##K me those selections are so dodgy wow! Dally Ms just lost all credibility for a number of positions haha.

    • Some strange picks no doubt but I wouldn’t say all credibility is lost over a few positional awards. Smith was still player and captain of the year amd Bellamy still coach. And with the season the Storm have put together those are spot on.

      Also, big congrats to King Gutho on the Proven Summons award. Obviously he is very much loved among Parra fans, but also by other fans on this site and accross the rugby league community.

      • I was really happy to see Gutho pick up an award. Had a great year ended short by an injury. Also I dont agree with Bellamy. He has 3 immortals, majority of the new Zealand forward pack at his disposal. Arthur should have won. Has a roster full of young guns, stars and journey men and got them to the top 4.

        • I get that and don’t necessarily disagree, but it is hard to go past the coach of a team that only lost 4 of 24 games all year in a competition as close as the NRL.

    • I agree mate, anyone who thinks that Micheal Morgan had a better season then Cherry Evans must be on something, not only did he lead the team as the captain but was the leader in try assists this year but I guess that counts for nothing. ‘Must say through was very happy for Walker, finally proving that he should have been selected for the blues

  2. Wow some players were robbed so hard particularly chez.

    Played his best game against the sharks all year, 2 try assists and 2 linebreak assists doesnt get any votes
    Wins us the game against the warriors, gets no votes
    Another man of the match performance vs roosters, 2 try assists, 1 try, 1 line break assist no votes!

    Morgan played less than 10 games at halfback all year!

    Im sorry but surely everyone can see the logic. But to top it all off Woods wins prop! Thatll do me.

    • Put $100 on Morgan in July to get 5/8 of the year @ 100/1. Zero Tackle can you explain to me how he won Halfback of the year? Morgan winning halfback of the year was not even an option with the betting agency!

    • dce is still being punished for his lying and cheating. people dont forget what this little pos did to the titans to get more money.

      • Titans how is it Karma? We had the best halfback this year, while you were stuck with a over weight, overrated halfback who will soon join the broncos.

        And eels there were no lies told by DCE, he played by the rules, no cheating either. That is reserved for your club, now go choke on your spoons.

        • Holmsey. “We had the best halfback this year”. Stating it as fact doesn’t make it one, and other than (possibly) other Manly fans, the majority of opinion, which is what it is, would disagree, and not just to nominate their team’s HB, but because most fans can be impartial.

          As for DCE, I’d agree with “no lies”, but he went back on his word, and actual written contract, so you’d have to admit that’s poor form. You can argue it was within the rules, and the dollars involved justified it etc. but you can’t possibly argue, surely, that’s not poor form, unless of course your argument is, that’s was very poor form.

          P.S – you told “eels” off for something parraman wrote.

        • DCE finished the year as the NRLs best halfback, but the majority of the public in rugby league believe he was the best this year. No halfback came close to what he produced this year. Tell me who was a better 7 than him this year? As for the contract he did sign a contract and go back on it, nothing wrong with that its in the rules and wasnt official at the time. Inglis has done it, Tedesco has done it, Proctor, Mansour there is a number of individuals who have used that former period to sign a different contract.

        • “but the majority of the public in rugby league believe he was the best this year”. That’s your opinion, not necessary reality, and not mine.
          O.K, on what basis Holmsey? If you chose stats, average per game, and based on “fantasy” points (includes a bucket load of different stats, and doesn’t just “Cherry” pick them, pun intended), then Johnson, Pearce and Cleary. I don’t subscribe to a “stats only” basis, but they’re the stats. Personally, and purely as a 7 only who played all (the overwhelming majority of the) year, I’d go Cleary, but that’s just my opinion. I’d also argue choosing Morgan over DCE in the “team of the year”, as per other comments I’ve made on this article, was the right call.

          Are you using the “they did too, so there” argument? That doesn’t make it right, and it being “legal” doesn’t necessarily make an immoral / unethical act right. He left the Titans, who acted in good faith, in the poo by reneging on his contract, end of story.

        • Haha oh how you are so wrong. Cherry Evans was selected in a number of team of the year sides., nrl360 (player of the year), DT, Gorden Tallis (who hates cherry) ect… i could go on but we would be here all day. He was the best halfback of the years its blatantly obvious. People on ZT might not think it but the rugby league community does. And if it was stats he would be on top in that department as well with his 40/20s, try assists, line break assists ect. He is also a leader, doesnt go missing in the big games, steps up and wins the clutch moments e.g. vs raiders and vs warriors. He ralied this side when it was down. Unlike Pearce and Johnson he doesnt shy away from the big moments, he owns them. Your on a weird planet mate if you think cherry wasnt the number 1 7.

          As for leaving the Titans contract what is wrong with using a rule that was there for a reason? Blame the Nrl, not him. He changed his mind, had a better offer for his family. He staying at manly the whole time, nut they withdrew and offer, he didnt know if there was going to be another one so took the titans offer. Manly changed their management and came back with an offer he took less money to stay at manly for a longer time period.

        • The difference is holmesy that you are giving your opinuon but staring it as fact. Almighty is simply saying he disagrees with it. It is all a matter of opinion and you constantly staying that DCE was the best 7 does not make it fact. Morgan is my best 7 and that is my opinion, it may differ from yours but it doesn’t make me wrong.

        • You wont see Daly in the 7 for Australia eelsalmighty, which is a shame because he deserves it, just have to wait till next year when he replaces Cronk. As for Eels47 why do you always go on about wrong or rights? Im saying eels is wrong and he is saying im wrong thats it, its a debate about who we think is the best 7. As for me stating it as a fact, the fact really is im not the only one who thinks cherry is the best 7, there is a hell of alot of people who say cherry was the best 7 for the regular season. People whos opinion is a lot more stronger than mine or yours.

          Bottom line is dce is a 7 in a 7, morgan is a 6 in a 7. Less than 10 games does not make you a 7.

          DCE as guided Manly as a captain and halfback to a return to the 8. Morgan did nothing to get the cowboys into the 8, they are only there due to a dragons loss. He has had a great finals series but the team of the year halfback spot shouldnt go to a Five-Eight who didnt earn his side a top 8 berth.

        • It isn’t about right and wrong mate from my end mate. My point is that you constantly make definitive statements DCE is the best half, Walker is best centre, Jake is best 13 etc. They are just yiur opinion and very rarely entertain the idea that someone else might be right. You can’t even see that what DCE did to Gold Coast was wrong, not against the rules, but still wrong.

          You say that a lot of people with stronger opinions agree that DCE is the best half, I’ll counter that a lot if people with stronger opinions think Morgan is, including the current Queensland and Australian coaches.

          I’ll leave it at that if you are happy to mate. Reply of course if you like but no more from me on the topic. Back to footy.

        • Nah its time to move on, let me leave you with this DCE did nothing wrong, he was not the first either to use that rule, it wasnt wrong, every player would change their mind if they were offered what chez was. He never wanted to leave manly. Dont believe all you see in the media, they made him out to be a bad person when really he is an absolute top bloke, ask all around him in his career. As for me saying all our players are best in their position, Walker would be up there as best centre, cherry as best halfback, and the Turbos close to best in their position. I stand by those opinions. As for Morgan he is a Five-Eight not halfback, and if you think mal and kevi pick this sides you are way off. Smith picks those sides. Even mal said cherry should have been origin 7 this year.

  3. It’s a matter of opinion, but I agree with most of them except 3. Gallen ahead of Taumololo? No way!
    I’d have Morgan ahead of DCE. The problem with Morgan is his versatility and what position you consider him in – he can play anywhere in the backline and in the back row whereas DCE is purely a half. DCE has had a great year, just as well after last year. But Morgan has been tremendous after Thurston was ruled out. Would NQ make the GF without him – I doubt it, that’s how good he’s been.
    I agree about Vaughan and to a lesser extent Tapau – both better than Woods.

    • Yeah the thing is with Morgan though finals arent a part of the voting process and he also played majority of the season at 6.

      • I agree with 38er, which summed up my thoughts to an absolute tee.

        Put some context around the Morgan decision, and it becomes a lot clearer. The only question, surely, is whether Morgan should be eligible for HB and 5/8, or just 5/8? Given he played the back end of season at HB, let’s, for arguments sake at least, agree he should be eligible for HB.

        Morgan came second in the overall count, in front of Widdop (3rd) and Keary (4th), so awarding him HB, instead of 5/8, of the year enabled Widdop (overall 3rd) to get a positional honour, and yes, ahead of DCE. Unless you want to get seriously pedantic, and claim DCE should get HB of the year because he played there all year, and not because he was the best player, then the NRL made the right call, IMO.

        • Nah Just though chez was a bit hard done by, they could have just as easily given morgan 6 and Cherry 7. But to the point Morgan is a five-eight playing halfback, cherry is a 7 playing 7. Just a bit weird if you ask me, but Morgan deserves some recognition for what he has done with the cows. Still cant get over though how DCE can win motm vs sharks and roosters and not receive any dally m points?!

        • And in fairness I have to agree with you on the Sharks game, and DCE not getting any points, and he got unlucky in a few other games throughout the year, in that he did well in some weeks where others did really well, and because of that missed getting any points.

        • The whole halfback/five-eighth thing is not the same as it used to be either. With most teams playing left and right, they generally both play a very similar role, just on their side of the field. The only difference generally being that one of them is more of an organiser, and the other a runner. It is not that often that you actually see them link in a traditional halfback/five-eighth way anymore, and when they do it still isn’t necessarily how it used to be. Quite often at the Eels, when Moses and Norman do link, it is actually Norman providing the pass to Moses, which is opposite to the traditional way.

          While I agree that DCE was probably robbed of some points through the year, the fact that Morgan and Widdop are the two halves in the team is justified in my opinion, given where they finished on the final ladder. That logic can also support the selection of Gallen over JT13. What it doesnt explain, and we see something like it every year, is how Woods was selected over Vaughan?

  4. Put $100 on Morgan in July to get 5/8 of the year @ 100/1. Zero Tackle can you explain to me how he won Halfback of the year? Morgan winning halfback of the year was not even an option with the betting agency!

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