Former NRL and NFL athlete Jarryd Hayne has settled a civil case against him for an alleged rape in San Jose during his time playing in the NFL in 2015, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Hayne allegedly sexually assaulted the woman while still a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

The woman, known only as JV, sued Hayne for damages from sexual battery after authorities did not have the sufficient evidence to charge Hayne with a criminal offence.

The case was set to appear in court in January, however documents filed to the San Jose Division of the US District Court Northern District of California appear to show the case had been resolved and "voluntarily dismissed" with a settlement agreed upon.

The claimant's attorney, John Clune, said "the parties reached a mutually agreeable settlement" however the terms of this remain private.

Court documents had previously shown that Hayne was alleged to have met JV at a bar in San Jose, California during a 49ers game against the Cinncinati Bengals in the afternoon.

It was then alleged that Hayne and JV had travelled back to Hayne's apartment where the former Parramatta Eels player allegedly raped her.

The papers said the woman had no memory of how she entered Hayne's home and only remembered the figure of Hayne approaching her before the alleged rape.

Hayne said at the time the case was made public, that he "unequivocally and vehemently denies the allegations."

The lawsuit also claimed damages as a result of gender violence, emotional distress and negligence.

On Thursday, JV's lawyer Micha Star Liberty confirmed the settlement with Hayne.

Ms Liberty also later said in a tweet that ""It was an honor to represent JV in this matter. May her fortitude and strength be an inspiration to all survivors."

Hayne is currently living in Perth undergoing a training program at a Christian missionary.




  1. Now that that’s all done does that make him able to be out back into the NRL?
    Even at 31 he could still get paid a good amount of money to play either at fullback or at centre. For me he’s still a really good centre.

  2. The main event is slated for May. This was a tidying exercise to try and prevent any adverse comment when he fronts up to the Australian criminal proceedings. Wonder how much this cost him ?

    I will bet that he won’t have much savings left and no career even if he does get off.

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