Brisbane legend turned board member Darren Lockyer has said he is committed to helping return his club to the glory days.

The Broncos endured their worst ever season in 2020 which culminated in the club's first ever wooden-spoon.

The club came under incredible amounts of scrutiny from all angles last year, where former players even looked to take aim at the club, and Lockyer wasn't immune to criticism himself.

The 43 year-old is arguably the Bronco's greatest ever player having served the club for 17 years on-field, but he has apparently faced some issues with former teammates over key decisions in the demise of the club.

One of those decisions was the selection of Anthony Seibold as coach ahead of Kevin Walters, who has now taken over after Seibold was let go just two years into a five-year deal.

Fellow Broncos and Queensland legend Gordon Tallis was particularly critical of Lockyer and the club's appointment of Seibold.

Lockyer missed an old boys gathering last year due to prior commitments and believes his relationship with former teammates hasn't suffered at all and stated that he is fully invested in returning the Bronco's to the top of the NRL ladder.

Speaking to the Courier Mail, Lockyer said he is in for the long haul.

“I am committed,” he said.

“I’ve always been about what’s best for the team. That’s always been the motto at the club. I am there as part of an overall team, I’m there to play my part.

“I do enjoy it. Last year was a difficult year for everyone at the club.

“It was really disappointing to watch it happen and where we ended up, finishing last, is totally foreign to the club. It was a unique experience you don’t want to go through again.

“From a board perspective we want to do what we can and provide the support for the executive team, coaching staff and players.

“We want to put as many support mechanisms as we can around them so they’re set up for success.”

The club's path back to the top of the ladder looks long winded due to their already full salary cap.

The Broncos have been unable to lure any major recruits to help fast-track the process, whilst also losing some important talent with Darius Boyd (retirement), David Fifita (Gold Coast), Jack Bird (Dragons) and Joe Ofahengaue (Tigers) all departing the club.

The Broncos have managed to secure John Asiata from North Queensland as well as veteran winger David Mead from Catalans and Dale Copley from the Titans.

Lockyer defended the Bronco's recruitment strategy amid plenty of criticism.

“There is a young group there that needs to be led in a training environment,” he said.

“Those experienced guys that have come back, character and attitude is what the club was built on and that’s been important with the older guys coming back.

“The Broncos don’t have a lot of cap-space so we’re not in the market for (marquee players).”


  1. Only hate Melbourne more than the Broncos. But, NRL don’t like having any QLD side down the ladder. Hurts the bottom line.

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