SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 28: Payne Haas in action during a New South Wales Blues State of Origin training session at NSWRL Centre of Excellence Field on May 28, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

An ugly brawl has erupted in the Hunter and Newcastle community competition, forcing the game to be abandoned after the relative of an NRL star king hit Ray Hadley's son-in-law on-field.

Larry Taufua, the uncle of Brisbane star Payne Haas, has received a whopping 12-week suspension from NSW Rugby League after running 30 metres in to blindside Hadley's son-in-law, Brad Clark.

Clark and Larry's brother, Mark, had gotten into an on-field scuffle in the match between the Dora Creek Swampies and the Woodberry Warriors, with Mark throwing the first punch before Larry screamed into the fold, landing a jab to the back of Clark's head, and abandoning the match.

Larry and Mark are not only the captain-coaches for Woodberry, but the brothers of Haas' mother, Uiatu, who was sentenced to jail time last month after assaulting and spitting on security guards at a Gold Coast casino.

Both brothers earned suspensions for their role in the melee, with Mark copping three weeks for throwing the initial punch, while Larry's grade four striking charge handing him a 16 week ban, reduced to 12 with an early guilty plea.

“NSWRL does not tolerate any form of violence,” NSWRL boss David Trodden told The Daily Telegraph.

“It has no place in our game and the charges and suspensions that arose from this incident reflect that stance.”

The Daily Telegraph received vision of the shocking incident, which can be viewed here.

Clark suffered concussion symptoms for a week after the incident including intense headaches, however brain scans cleared Hadley's son-in-law of any damage.

The incident was reported to police however Clark declined pressing charges over the punch.