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Jack Blyth

While my allegiance falls with South Sydney, my love and knowledge of the game is my calling.
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Blythy’s Round 3 Rev Up

FOOTY RETURNS TONIGHT❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ We preview all the upcoming games in the Round 3 Rev Up 👇👇

Josh Reynolds an absolute must for Belmore rebuild

The Bulldogs must bring back Reynolds and put him in the No. 9 jersey, writes Jack Blyth.

The 15 best NRL fullbacks of the century

We’ve ranked the best fullbacks since 2000 👇

Re-drafting the NRL: The Fourth Round

Here is the fourth round of our super re-draft of the NRL 👇

Top five stories for the NRL’s own ‘Last Dance’

Here is five NRL docos we would love to see 👇 Which ones would you watch❓

Blythy’s Lockout Lowdown: Bryson Goodwin

We spoke to the Rabbitohs veteran about his Super League stint, what's keeping him busy, who he wouldn't want to bet stuck with and more👇

If NRL clubs were NBA franchises

We've compared EVERY NRL club to an NBA team 🏀👇

Must read

Trouble at Cronulla with the salary cap squeeze potentially forcing key exit

Kurt Capewell could be the unlucky man forced out of Shark Park.

From cellar dwellers to top four prospects

Manly fans finally have hope again. So how far can this team go?
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