Long before 'the Reece Walsh forward pass' controversy, there was 'THAT Queensland Cup dropout', an easy winner in the worst refereeing call in Australian rugby league.

While you could build a (fairly weak) argument on Saturday night that the touch judge and referee were simply at the wrong angle when Walsh passed the ball, there's no defending this one.

Now taking place a decade ago in 2013, Cody Walker was simply taking a run-of-the-mill line-drop-out, when an attempted bat-back from a rival player led to the shocker.

One of the South Logan Magpies' players took three steps over the sideline before making contact with the ball as he attempted to bat the ball back in, with the touchy just metres away, and failed to see the player touch the grass.

The Magpies regained possession illegally and earned a line-drop-out in the same set, a play that has to be seen to be believed, with then-commentator Matthew Thompson declaring it 'the worst decision in the history of sport.'

See below!