RabbitohsSOU WIN BY 8
ANZ Stadium
CROWD: 32,127

Match Summary


Sea Eagles

Alex Johnston 9'
A. Johnston 9'
Cody Walker 14'
C. Walker 14'
Cameron Murray 39'
C. Murray 39'
John Sutton 67'
J. Sutton 67'
Cameron Murray 70'
C. Murray 70'
Brad Parker 17'
B. Parker 17'
Corey Waddell 23'
C. Waddell 23'
Daly Cherry-Evans 35'
D. Cherry-Evans 35'
Moses Suli 45'
M. Suli 45'
Jack Gosiewski 56'
J. Gosiewski 56'
Adam Reynolds 15'
A. Reynolds 15'
Adam Reynolds 40'
A. Reynolds 40'
Adam Reynolds 68'
A. Reynolds 68'
Adam Reynolds 72'
A. Reynolds 72'
Reuben Garrick 24'
R. Garrick 24'
Reuben Garrick 36'
R. Garrick 36'
Reuben Garrick 57'
R. Garrick 57'
Adam Reynolds 20'
A. Reynolds 20'
Adam Reynolds 54'
A. Reynolds 54'
Adam Reynolds 79'
A. Reynolds 79'

Team Stats


Sea Eagles

All Runs
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
All Run Metres
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Line Breaks
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Kick Metres
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Forty Twenty Kicks
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Tackles Made
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Missed Tackles
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
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2024 AVG.
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Previous 5 Games


13/9/19RoostersL 30 - 6
5/9/19RoostersW 16 - 10
30/8/19WarriorsW 10 - 31
23/8/19BroncosW 20 - 22
17/8/19BulldogsL 6 - 14

Sea Eagles

14/9/19SharksW 28 - 16
6/9/19EelsL 32 - 16
31/8/19StormL 6 - 36
25/8/19RaidersW 14 - 18
15/8/19Wests TigersW 32 - 12


  1. Bennett should be proud. Last season his team Brisbane Donkeys let in 48 points. This season so far his smelly Rabbits South of Sydney have broken a record of 48 points and let in 50😂🤣

  2. Much gone against souths tonight but manly the better side..
    Tofua learnt from 2014 when Teo smashed him.
    Uphill for Souths 15 to go.

  3. Disgraceful refereeing Soufths piggybacked into the preliminary final. Lets hope Souths win against my Raiders so Sydney Roosters can get the biggest grand final winning margin in the history of Rugby League against a Bennett defensivly shy Smelly Rabbit outfit.

  4. Luke Ricketson missed a grand final in 2004 for less than what Walker the G.R.U.B. did by punching with an open hand to a Manly p

  5. Luke Ricketson missed a grand final in 2004 for less than what Walker the G.R.U.B. did by punching with an open hand to a Manly player.

    Should be suspended for his dirty play.

  6. In a close game manly were the better team, whilst I don’t think there were any bad howler referee decisions, (except Jake sin bin) every call went rabbits way it was really embarrassing. Those refs will not be gf refs as they should be ashamed of themselves. I’m not saying they cost manly as manly could of put the game away earlier but their refs done manly no favours at all.

  7. Finally the N1TW1T DaftyDuck 🦆🦆🦆 said something correct. Quick get the LP out of the cabinet, of Hot Chocolate…. “I Beleive In Miracles”

  8. A controversial and sad way to end a great season. Des and the boys should hold their heads high.
    The sky’s the limit next year.

  9. Got to laugh at the N1T W1T Twentyone showing everybody on here the Glory Glory Souths Give It Up We Gonna Lose Spirit lets ….not go to the game spirit otherwise we might waste our cask cash.

    “Much gone against souths tonight but manly the better side..”

  10. Just one more relevant point before this Canberra Raider tucks into beddy byes in my wonderful home town of down town Albury.

    Bennett’s Rabbits have leaked 56 points in two final games this season plus 48 with The Donks last year, which equals 104 points in three semi games.

    Did that old bloke Wood Rooster or what ever his name was, state at the begining of the season that Bennett has lost his defensive playbook.

    Premierships cant be won by leaking that amount of points.

  11. Read it and weep in tomorrow’s newspapers. Souths won. Sure Manly were the better side, sure the referees were bad, sure Walker ”punched” with an open hand (how you do that I’m not too sure, more of a slap if his hand was open), and sure everyone bar Manly cheated, but Souths still won. As I said, read it and weep.

  12. I doubt anybody is giving Souths much chance of getting through the Raiders because quite frankly, Souths are showing the frailties that have fully taken over the Broncos.

    You have to give it up for Manly. They’re the only team who are really truly punching above their weight. That’s impressive. I never liked manly in the height of their arrogant days, but I like this Manly. This is a humble Manly that I can respect.

    That call and the one with the Vuni touchline mistake – it highlights to me that the couches need a coaches challenge for finals games. We can blame the referees but they have to make a snap decision and fact is, Jake didn’t collide with the player, he put his hands out and tried to move the player outside, so he could steal a bit more space for himself. NEVER a sin bin, but the refs don’t have the opportunity to look at replays and the bunker can’t intervene. I think upon coaches challenge, surely that could be downgraded to a light penalty – despite it having no real effect on play.

    Same with that touchline decision. Just correct the decision and move on. We don’t need to have this nonsense of it being final. Just fix the huge mistakes.

  13. Waynethepain long summation but for one, you fail to mention jake grabbing Gagai’s jumper which is a sin bin offence.
    Secondly the Roberts trip.
    Replay shows Roberts touching the ball as he is going down which post game reviews confirmed a penalty try should have been awarded.
    So mate, how about a little balance unlike the low intellects littlewilly77 and back2smack19

  14. I feel like by balanced, you mean you want me to agree with you and that’s all the there is to it. I can wear your opinion on both those calls because they’re not controversial – but no, I still don’t agree about 10 minutes for Trbojevic. I didn’t see the other hand grabbing the shirt, but I wasn’t watching the fox call, I just watched it on kayo. Like I said, it’s a penalty but I wouldn’t have binned him. It didn’t affect play at all and he wasn’t trying to pull the player back, he was trying to get around him. He had no eyes for the player at all. Not to mention the fact Gagai clearly goes down immediately, playacting.

    The trip, I had forgotten about. Don’t have an opinion on that one. At least Manly got 2 points (if I remember correctly) and lost a player for 10 minutes for that foul play.

    Regardless, I never said that Manly should have won – I said I thought those decisions were questionable and cooler heads might have prevailed with a challenge system. It’s the same as how I don’t say the Storm were robbed. What were they robbed of? The chance for one more set. That isn’t robbed in my books.

  15. That effort by Jake was a penalty at worst. BUT NEVER EVER a sin bin offence. Otherwise we may as well sin bin everyone every tackle in every game just like these dopes are awarding penalty tries like they are on a boxing day sale. Sutton and his triplet brothers should be run out of town and never to be seen again.

  16. One more thing before I snuggle back up into bedybyes this morning for this Canberra Raider down town fan in Albury.

    Walker the G.R.U.B. who punched with an open hand but dummies like Chalky doesn’t know how, will be cited.

    Punching with an open hand is exactly like throwing a punch but instead of connecting with a clenched fist, the impact which is just as brutal is connecting with the hard part if the palm, a move used in Karate.

    The match review committee need to stamp out Walker who previously tried the exact same move on Cronk but not to the face only to his chest in round 1.

    So fast forward … we are in the semis and because the NRL have not acted on his aggressive misbehavior, Walker is now attacking players faces with this Karate like palm punch move.

    Walker is a hothead who needs to change his ways. Suspension is required here or all our children will be copying these unsporting techniques on their local footy field’s.

  17. i cant see a battered souths team beating a fresh canberra raiders side next week , eeven 2 night melbourne storm will end parras run bye bye parra

  18. So WillyWoodChucks has written a full novel about last nights game , in separate chapters.
    I thought Manly were the better team . The trip was a sin binning though. It looked like they would also get the ball from that kick & score. The Trbojevic one? You can’t grab someone trying to get around them to get to do a tackle.
    Manly’s forwards overall looked better & Suli had a field day.
    Still, both teams defence wasn’t great. South’s just got the right decisions at the right time for them.
    What could have been without injuries Manly…

  19. If you complain about the ref, you are not a true manly fan.
    Dylan Walker and Jake lost that game for us not the refs.
    We overachieved in 2019 due to Trent Barretts roster.

  20. Well MaWhore78 at least I didn’t put sh!t on your team, unlike your pathetic rants. Souffs defense was terrible and Raiders will carve them up if they play like that again. Manly looked better for a fair chunk of the game. Turbo would have had a field day. Gees how many tackles did Gagai miss last night. Fonua Blake brushed him about 6 times. Maybe that hammy isn’t right

    As for WoodKn0b, I, like everyone else are still waiting to hear anything that’s not even remotely retarded come from your gob so I’m still way ahead of you’re dribble.

  21. ManWar78 September 21, 2019 at 3:29 am
    “That effort by Jake was a penalty at worst. BUT NEVER EVER a sin bin offence.”
    Rubbish, consciously grabbed Gagai’s jersey and stopped his momentum in support.
    What about the Roberts no penalty try where the replay shows he touched the ball on the way down from the trip?
    How bout copping a week for hair pulling?
    Give us a break.

  22. LittleWilly77
    “Walker is a hothead who needs to change his ways. Suspension is required here or all our children will be copying these unsporting techniques on their local footy field’s.”
    I hear the roosters are releasing a dvd titled;
    Jared WhyMe Hargreaves Footy Lessons for Junior Footballers.
    Part1. The art of ripping off an opposition player’s head and knowing beforehand the judiciary will view it as totally accidental.

  23. Lets recap a little of the past 4 weeks;
    Combined posts of LittleWilly77, Frankfurter, Back2Smack19, Chookfeed, EDwoodrot;
    Embedded prophecies in ZT;
    Souths wont win another game in 2019 (4 weeks ago)
    Souths wont make the top 4.
    Souths will finish 6th or 7th
    Roosters will kick Souths out of the top 4 in R25
    Manly will end Souths season
    Hargreaves stiff arm to Knight’s head was fair play
    Hargreaves has no case to answer for tripping
    Sam Burges should get 4 weeks for hair pulling
    Cordner didn’t charge the throat of Adam Reyolds with a raised elbow
    Tetevano did not take out a player without the ball illegally

  24. Had the 50/50s gone that way, the pell/snot vermin would have been crushed…
    The refs will even that up next time. Season over then..

  25. Interesting game, Manly far the superior team last night but some costly errors with that dubious Manly sin bin accounting for Souths Rabbitohs 12 points near the end, and victory.

    Not often the better team loses. Although this season how many times did The Sharkies score more tries than the opposition and lost through missed goals. Five piont tries might help.

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