Sea EaglesMAN WIN BY 4
GIO Stadium
CROWD: 20,265

Match Summary


Sea Eagles

Jarrod Croker 19'
J. Croker 19'
Jarrod Croker 71'
J. Croker 71'
Reuben Garrick 50'
R. Garrick 50'
Jake Trbojevic 67'
J. Trbojevic 67'
Jarrod Croker 20'
J. Croker 20'
Reuben Garrick 51'
R. Garrick 51'
Reuben Garrick 69'
R. Garrick 69'
Jarrod Croker 34'
J. Croker 34'
Jarrod Croker 44'
J. Croker 44'
Reuben Garrick 38'
R. Garrick 38'
Reuben Garrick 40'
R. Garrick 40'
Reuben Garrick 52'
R. Garrick 52'

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Sea Eagles

All Runs
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
All Run Metres
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
Line Breaks
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
Kick Metres
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
Forty Twenty Kicks
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
Tackles Made
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
Missed Tackles
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL
2023 AVG.
2023 TOTAL

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Previous 5 Games


17/8/19StormW 18 - 22
11/8/19RoostersL 18 - 22
2/8/19WarriorsW 12 - 46
28/7/19PanthersW 18 - 30
20/7/19Wests TigersW 20 - 12

Sea Eagles

15/8/19Wests TigersW 32 - 12
9/8/19WarriorsL 24 - 16
3/8/19KnightsW 30 - 6
27/7/19StormW 10 - 11
21/7/19EelsW 36 - 24


  1. Very good win, and the refereeing was just bad in general, don’t think it favoured either in particular.
    Great win down there and also 55 mins with only 2 reserves.
    Garuntees a home semi one way or the other.
    Would rather come 4th and play Melbourne then 3rd and play roosters though that’s for sure.
    Atm roosters are looking the good really

  2. 100% Frank. Those refs were diabolical. Esp. Klien the Klown. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤥🤡🤡🤥🤥🤥

  3. Hate both teams but man the Raiders got robbed in that one.
    Crocker should have been awarded that try. I have seen much worse given including the dogs two tries against Parra.
    Gosewinski (not sure on the spelling) was at least 5 metres off side when he took that intercept for their first try. It definitely was a 8 point try due to the knees in the back but it shouldn’t have got that far due to how far offside he was.
    Manly were well looked after in that game.

  4. Great result for Souths today.
    Hoping to play overrated rossters in 1st semi and a week off.
    Souths v Storm GF after today’s great result.

  5. At the moment it is roosters ahead of the pack then closely followed by Melbourne/manly/raiders
    Then a fair way back to sharks and possibly rabbits.

  6. .Canberra are Green….Grubs are Green….and Leilua the greatest green grub of all. Great player but such dirt. He’s up there with McGuire at Cowboys. Dirty filth….nutters.

  7. If the roosters play like they did against dragons, then any team in top 8 can beat them on the day. You can not afford to relax in this comp

  8. Good win by Manly. Odd, because for the majority of the game Canberra seemed like they would get over the line – possibly due to some terrible refereeing and a few players being off for Manly. Good outcome for the Roosters, as it basically locks them in for a home final at the SCG

  9. Roosters should be clear favourites after this weekend.

    Roosters v storm grand final rematch. Souths to be eliminated 1st week of the finals.

  10. Yep B2B19, totally agree… Chooks are a better side this year than that of last… Cover right across the park.
    Boyd, Latts & Jake missing from the weekend… We have plenty of ‘spares’ in the cupboard.

  11. “Chooks are a better side this year” says chookstirfried with Blake Ferguson gone and replaced by 2 pensioners Hall and Morris and then you have the big flop Angus Crighton who Souths developed into an origin player. Within 6 months at the roosters Mr Potato Head Robinson turned him into a flop.
    Looking at the draw, will be hoping Souths v back door, overrated Roosters 1st semi which will give Souths the week off and then roosters having to play the storm in the 3rd week if they get that far.
    After last weekend based on performances most good judges predict a Souths (with 5 to return as well) v Storm GF.

  12. Back2Smack19 make up your mind, you have gone from Souths missing the 8 a couple of months ago to finishing 7th or 8th, to finishing 5th to now knocked out 1st week of semis.
    If your biggest nightmare unfolds and your overrated, cotton wooled, drag queen roosters have to play Souths week 1 of semis, you know exactly whats installed.
    As usual the SCG will be majority Souths fans 3-1 like every other Souths v Roosters game going back as long as anyone can remember.

  13. Chookstirfried with with another classic “Kline tried hard to get get the Raiders home, but fell short.”
    Well he didn’t fall short for the roosters with some very controversial mistakes with their win against the raiders did he?
    Hilarious given the roosters will be going for 9 STRAIGHT WINS with Klein as ref next time.
    In the LAST 10 LOSSES for the roosters Ashley Klein has not been the present as ref.
    Amazing statistics and coincidence which one wonders how long this can continue for.

  14. Ohhh TwinkyONE you the Village Idiot looking for that elusive Village., hence
    NO clubhouse, just a gutter to sit somewhere in your heartland littered cigarette butts and empties.
    NO home ground to call your own, nor a prospect of one.
    Souffs, an analogue team living in a digital world that had all it’s success when we all had black and white TVs and a wireless in our family homes.
    Get with the times….

  15. Chookstirfried do you have any response to my factual post otherwise I suggest concentrating on how to stop the membership exodus your roosters are going through.

  16. chookstirfried you are still avoiding answering my questions.
    My apologies if you are feeling a little confronted and turmoiled but here’s another one for you.
    In response to your constant reference to Souths not having a leagues club, you may be aware that Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club’s ongoing existance is primarily derived from poker machine revenue.
    When Crowe and Holmes A Court took over the reigns of Souths they decided not to build a Souths Club as a statement against gambling and unlike the roosters, didn’t want Souths members funding its club through gambling addictions but instead through membership purchases and charities which is another reason Souths stand proud and in high regard in the community.
    How much do you contribute every week to your beloved roosters through your favorite machine tucked away in a little corner of that dump?
    Can’t even afford a lousy $80 basic membership as a result I’m guessing.

  17. I never said Souths would miss the 8, stop making things up you crack head. You talk a lot of garbage for someone who supports a team that was held tryless by a bottom 4 team.

  18. All you miserable Souths fans dribble on all year every year and you have only been alive to see your stain win 1 premiership, which they had to buy

  19. Can’t you people ever have a conversation.
    Roosters are clear favourites and Souths are limping into finals, that’s clear for all to see.
    Roosters loose nothing by replacing ferguson with Morris, and anyone who says Crichton is a flop we’ll just don’t know league or watch.
    He comes into a different team set up and took time to adjust and now he’s settled and given a fair crack each week apart from Tedesco he has been roasters best player the last atleast 4 weeks

  20. Miserable souths fans, TWENTYONE gives you some facts and has usual you dance around it with your warped logic, don’t forget Souths are building their centre of excellence at Heffron park, this will be a huge facility something Easts can only envy, and beside we do have a club , much bigger than Easts, it’s called Souths juniors, juniors being a foriegn word for you club.

    Easts supporters on this site are responsible for the regulars leaving, toxic comments have left most people not bothering anymore, i have been on this site for 10 years now and never seen so many people leave all due to Easts supporters so far up their own backsides that people just don’t give a rats anymore, thanks for killing this site moron’s.

    One bloke can’t help hinself 90% of the articles he turns it into a Souths hate thing, most people are over him and all Easts supporters o be honest.

  21. Shut up you bias delusional fool penso, all Stephanie dribbles out are untrue facts about crowd and members number, that she heard her stupid husband say.

    If you can’t see that roosters are favourites and rabbits are in a bad way going into final, you know nothing and should stop watching footy all together.

  22. Go look at the Toovey article your boyfriend Stephanie tries to make every article about the roosters

  23. WOW, ruffled a few feathers on here.
    That’s right penso, they are struggling with the facts and coming up with usual dribble gibberish responses irrelevant to a direct response because there isn’t one other than concede they are rattled with the truth.
    The souths hate comes from years of built up inferiority.

  24. Next they’ll be telling us Sam Venerials will replace Damien Cook as origin hooker and discard no rep Radley will captain Australia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. After much research I may stumbled across the reason as to the decline of Souffs attendance ..
    As some of you good people on this site you may be aware of my upcoming best seller “30,000 Members, 90,000 Teeth”.
    In this collectors piece, I’m investigating the demise of Souff Sydney District Wugby Weague Football Club 2002., the colours of Cardinal Pell Red and Myrtle Snot Green….. I do get into the detail of the connection to a B grade foreign actor etc, etc in the book, but I digress…back to the dropping crowds
    I bumped this strange scrawny chap, wearing a dirty red & green beanie pulled down to his plucked eyebrows, matching tattered footy jumper with the number fourteen, grey track pants covered in curious brown stains wearing a pair of black rubber thongs, of different vintage….. this guy was in the Scud Park car park checking out my car…
    So I approached in a friendly, careful manner and said…
    Cs “G’day mate, what’s happening?”
    SS …he looked like a rabbit in headlights ‘Hey, I’m lookin’ for a ride home’
    Cs “… you can’t take that, that’s mine pal”
    SS ‘sorry mate, anyway, this one is too hard, these wog cars a f#@*ing nightmare to pinch’
    Cs “what’s your name mate?”
    SS ‘are you a cop or sumpin?’
    Cs “nah, not at all”
    SS ‘me name’s Steven’
    Cs “how come you have ‘GORY GORY’ tattooed on your knuckles?”
    SS ‘ me mate couldn’t fit the Ls in …..are you sure you’re not a cop?,
    Cs “…no mate .. what’s happening with the eyebrows Steve?”
    SS ‘well …. I like to cross dress, that way I’ll have twice as many friends’
    Cs ‘is it working Steve?’
    SS “yeah sort of .. er but when I wear the kit, I prefer to be called Stephanie”
    Cs ‘ aww right, back to the car, how did you get here Steph?’
    SS “I nicked a car from Auburn station, but I’ve come out to find some bastards knocked it off”
    Cs ‘ do you do this for all the home games?’
    SS “no, no way, not for Dogs games ‘cause all their cars are born agains, rebirfed. They catch us It’s sh*t creek… nah it’s getting harder and harder to get to the burrow. Cars are too hard to pinch.”

    With that, I offered Steve a lift to the station, I dropped it off and went and had the car fumigated….
    …..This could be a reason Souffs numbers are down….

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