2019-09-14T09:50:00Z - Lottoland
2019-09-14T09:50:00Z - Lottoland

Match Summary

Sea Eagles


Apisai Koroisau 8'
A. Koroisau 8'
Moses Suli 11'
M. Suli 11'
Brad Parker 18'
B. Parker 18'
Addin Fonua-Blake 51'
A. Fonua-Blake 51'
Brendan Elliot 71'
B. Elliot 71'
Bronson Xerri 24'
B. Xerri 24'
Aaron Gray 44'
A. Gray 44'
Josh Morris 78'
J. Morris 78'
Reuben Garrick 9'
R. Garrick 9'
Reuben Garrick 12'
R. Garrick 12'
Reuben Garrick 19'
R. Garrick 19'
Reuben Garrick 53'
R. Garrick 53'
Shaun Johnson 46'
S. Johnson 46'
Shaun Johnson 78'
S. Johnson 78'

Team Stats

Sea Eagles


All Runs


All Run Metres


Line Breaks




Kick Metres






Missed Tackles


Penalties Conceded




Player Stats

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Team Lists


Previous 5 Games


6/9/19EelsL 32 - 16
31/8/19StormL 6 - 36
25/8/19RaidersW 14 - 18
15/8/19Wests TigersW 32 - 12
9/8/19WarriorsL 24 - 16


8/9/19Wests TigersW 8 - 25
1/9/19RaidersL 14 - 15
24/8/19WarriorsW 42 - 16
18/8/19DragonsW 18 - 12
9/8/19PanthersL 26 - 20


  1. Whoo Hoooo. Even tho trex didn’t play tonite, due to manlys Almighty effort, he has longer than a one week contract….😝

  2. Footy needs the villains and I’m sure even the most antigal fans will be quietly sad to see Gal hang up the boots.

  3. Me too Kev. As a Saints supporter living in the Shire, I love it. It’s the first time in my life I’ve cheered on Manly.
    But seriously, I wonder how what Gal’s legacy will be. In terms of stats he’s up there. In terms of influencing games I’m far less than sure – I might well be wrong but to me there doesn’t seem to be much correlation between his stats, good as they are, and his team winning.

  4. The only time I’d barrack for the sharks is against the r00rters or storm, otherwise cheered Manly on all night. However let’s be fair, only 6 teams deserved to be in the semis this year, the rest were garbage including sharks and broncos. Great night, Raiders winning and one of the biggest grubs in NRL history going out a loser.

  5. WillyWonka77 you tipped 1 so far , rosters.
    Week 3 bashathon heading your way and who knows?
    Your tipping record suggests not you.

  6. Twentyone in the post
    Finals Week 1 Team Lists
    I tipped 3out of 3 so far.

    September 11, 2019 at 9:06 pm

    Sydney, Canberra, Manly, Parramatta

  7. Disappointed with the Melbourne Canberra game. Melbourne were very flat and possibly didn’t deserve to win but gee this game was ruined by the officials. Lots and lots of time wasting from Canberra especially with the clock ticking down but that last call on Vunivalu’s catch was a shocker. There are times in matches these days when I think the capt should just throw in the towel and walk off. The refs never used to be so bad.

    Came home and saw the Cronulla Manly result. Cheered me up no end. To see the big buffoon go out the loser he so richly deserves to be remembered as made up for a lot. Thank you Manly !

  8. Screaming, touché.
    Im impressed, seriously. Great work.
    But back to the topic at hand, and I wasn’t impressed, not with the outcome, not one little bit, but congrats to you anyway.

  9. Des must surely be coach of the year after that backs against the wall effort. Gal is a legend no matter what you jealous buffoons say. Even I stayed back and cheered him on as he did his lap around the oval. Well done Gal.

  10. Absolutely 78…
    A good player over many years , is good no matter who they played for.
    Just wonder Cronulla supporters , if you think this was a successful season & how you see the coach this season? I think the Sharks tackling has been way worse than the last few years for a start. Is it the loss of experienced players before 2019, that’s made a difference? Or being the 5th most penalised team?
    ( On a side note. I’d love to see each club be the most penalised team for two years straight & see how well they go ),

  11. Great career Gal, he obviously wised up and got out of loserville Parramatta and joined Cronulla to lead them to their first and only Premiership.

    Nineteen years and Parra won a few spoons while Gal was playing many years of semi final footy for the Sharks.

    If he stayed at Parra with their poor finals attendance like Souths. Gal would not of made the rep sides which therefore he would not have performed his heroics for NSW and Australia.

    Congratulations on a brilliant career. Every team needs a tough guy. Gal was one of the best.

    Good on you ManWar78 for being a true League supporter by staying and cheering on Gal at Brooky oval for Gal’s lap of honour. Clowns like Daftyduck and Kev are just dog droppings.

  12. EastOfDivide

    Hard season to draw a line on. Lots of adversity with a new coach and background noise (as there always seems to be around Cronulla these days.) If you judge playing finals footy as partially successful i guess it was but to go out after a performance like that against a team like that it certainly takes the gloss off any “success”. The only real success is either winning the comp or producing a massive turnaround from the previous season. Cronulla have been pretty consistent in making finals in the past few seasons.
    It’s been a frustrating year in terms of injury to star players and not being able to get the best side on deck but on the flip side it’s given guys like Xerri and Nikora a leg up into what will be great careers. For mine Shaun Johnson has been disappointing and again we go back to that pivotal stat of the 4 “should have won” games and the failure to convert tries. Absolutely crucial and came back to haunt them as we pointed out at the time.

    In reality should have been a top 4 finish but destiny is in your own hands when you don’t execute skills that you spend many hours practicing.

    Tough way for Gal to end a great career and no matter what the moronic detractors think or are stupid enough to say, the guy was a great warrior and every club would love to have a guy of his toughness that churns out his numbers and loyalty every week.

  13. It was great atmosphere at the game last night, i stayed back and cheered Manly, not Gal or cronulla like that other cretin ManWart

  14. “Footy needs the villains and I’m sure even the most antigal fans will be quietly sad to see Gal hang up the boots”

    Many Fans with long memories will probably remember all the outrageous stuff (too long to list and you would need pages to list properly) and for that reason will be celebrating this Manly win and the back of one of someone with absolutely zero integrity as a player and as a man. Personally, I feel that Cronulla has finally cleansed itself a little and can now look forward to a bright future. I certainly will not cast any tears (just hope that his tenure on Ch9 is a brief one).

  15. @WartMan – we all know how ‘passionate’ you are about manly with your LMS efforts 😂😂
    your type is the first to turn against manly when the chips are down and your big mouth is getting you in big trouble and is an embarrassment to mwse.
    @21 – you were wrong on just about everything you claimed against the Roosters in the lead up to fridays game, your Aubusson slur, the jibes about Radley and Keary etc
    why should we believe you now ?

  16. Well said manwar78. Your team was too good on the night mate, & at least you have common decency & respect to acknowledge a champion (Gal). goodluck to dessy & seaeagles for nxt wk.

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