2019-08-31T07:30:00Z - Lottoland
2019-08-31T07:30:00Z - Lottoland

Match Summary

Sea Eagles


Taniela Paseka 36'
T. Paseka 36'
Josh Addo-Carr 6'
J. Addo-Carr 6'
Justin Olam 18'
J. Olam 18'
Nelson Asofa-Solomona 29'
N. Asofa-Solomona 29'
Justin Olam 53'
J. Olam 53'
Ryan Papenhuyzen 71'
R. Papenhuyzen 71'
Justin Olam 78'
J. Olam 78'
Reuben Garrick 37'
R. Garrick 37'
Cameron Smith 7'
C. Smith 7'
Cameron Smith 20'
C. Smith 20'
Cameron Smith 30'
C. Smith 30'
Cameron Smith 73'
C. Smith 73'
Cameron Smith 79'
C. Smith 79'
Cameron Smith 60'
C. Smith 60'

Team Stats

Sea Eagles


All Runs


All Run Metres


Line Breaks




Kick Metres






Missed Tackles


Penalties Conceded




Player Stats

Goal Kicker

Cameron Smith6
Reuben Garrick1

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Previous 5 Games


25/8/19RaidersW 14 - 18
15/8/19Wests TigersW 32 - 12
9/8/19WarriorsL 24 - 16
3/8/19KnightsW 30 - 6
27/7/19StormW 10 - 11


25/8/19TitansW 24 - 8
17/8/19RaidersL 18 - 22
11/8/19RabbitohsW 16 - 26
2/8/19BroncosW 4 - 40
27/7/19Sea EaglesL 10 - 11


  1. With or without turbo manly were never in it.
    Too much power up front for storm and I see only Souths or Raiders matching them.
    Roosters backs their strength but their forwards will struggle against that 3.
    Forwards win games.

  2. Hey Dafty Duck you’re the one eating Sh!t you muck hole. Just have a look at where your stain are on the ladder you knobhead. Right down the ar$e end of it. 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣💩💩💩💩💩 pffft you amateur….go crawl back under your rock.

  3. After this game it shows there are only 2 teams in the running to win the grand final and they are roosters and storm, the rest are just to far behind them.

  4. “I see only Souths or Raiders matching them.
    Roosters backs their strength but their forwards will struggle against that 3.”

    Just like we struggled against the raider a few weeks ago? Think before you dribble out garbage Stephanie

  5. There are some dumb comments from some genious keyboarders on here.
    Manly got beat and outlplayed, certainly wasn’t the weather for manly to play the way they do and it suited storm, take your main player out of any game against these top teams and they’re gone.
    Not excuses it’s just how it is. Then the comment about packs. Storm/manly/roosters have clearly the best picks around.
    Rabbits and raiders just can’t match it with them on a dry sunny day with all things equal.
    Either way manly will be back and all that done was make it 1-1 with storm.
    How many can say they’ve beaten storm at Melbourne this year, (yes raiders you can)

  6. Manly might be 1-1 with the storm but they managed to thrash use by 30, no team that gets 30 put on them this close to finals will ever be any threat come finals time.

  7. Not so sure about that Bob.
    Raiders were only beaten by an intercept & a dumb ass putting in knees last week. The Raiders held their own in the forwards & their backs looked superior when they moved the ball around.
    Lots for the Raiders to learn from that game.

  8. Lol@seabeagles are only making up the numbers souths will win the 2019 grand final fact…glory glory to the pride of rugby league whom has won the most premierships 21…

  9. So today manly have been named as the sydney team most likely to be culled by 2023.
    Any team that gets flogged by the Titans has no place in the NRL or the finals.
    Lets not forget about their 1st grader who stole 20$ from the harbord pub tip jar at the beginning of this season or the ‘manly’deeds of dylan walker 😂

  10. Canberra can prob hold there own but won’t dominate any packs in my opinion.
    Rabbits are nowhere near with forward pack.
    Woodduck manly were never going too far in finals will hopefully win first week but that will be it, they are an improving side for next few years to come. Getting beat by 30 means nothing. Defended way too much and once the game was done there wasn’t much to play for as we come 5/6 no matter which are both home semis

  11. don’t put your dribble on anything I wrote on here again until you have an IQ above 25.
    You and your crap are the reason people can’t post and have normal conversations anymore on here

  12. And shadow you must enjoy your weekends with whatever your on thinking Souths are even in the ball park of conversations of who will win 2019

  13. Back2Smack19
    “Just like we struggled against the raider a few weeks ago? Think before you dribble out garbage Stephanie”
    How easily you discard the refereeing debacle that cost the raiders that day if you recall all the media supporting that.
    Let me remind you it was Ashley Klein who reffed the roosters to their 8th consecutive win with him officiating.
    Obviously his reffing just seemed to suit the roosters style.
    More to the point Back2smack19, your coach Mr Potato Head has an opportunity to next week to dispel any concerns about Souths forwards but I suspect will keep running and hope wont have to meet Souths week 1.
    My tip is Storm will knock out the roosters week 3 after roosters and souths get the week off.
    Souths will more than likely finish 4 despite another of your novice predictions you made 6 weeks ago like above that they would finish 7th or 8th.
    Like bobfulton said, its the crap that comes out of your mouth that prevents people having normal conversations on here.
    I’m guessing its the reason I suspect 2 of your other 5 aliases have been finally kicked out of ZT and not long before your stain meets with the same fate.

  14. The Storm are looking very sleek and dangerous. Justin Olam on the left has provided additional spark and he works very well with Odo-Carr and Kenny Bromwich. Hughes on the Right side has strengthen defence there. Papenhuyzen very dangerous. as full back.

  15. I feel for you manly supporters. Your team was humming along very nicely and looking like a Smokey for the semis as there’s usually 1 underdog who throws the “experts” out.

    Unfortunately the last few weeks the manly injury curse has started again at the very worst time!! At least your team is there and more than likely will win week 1 of the finals. See what happens after that

  16. Remember when you claimed an eels junior as a south Sydney stain junior? Hahahahaha

    You will have nothing to say except cry about the refs after Thursday night

  17. Billy Smith is souths junior not a cash converters roosters junior like no Rep Radley tried to porky up.
    Where is you husband EDSybil?
    Was it time to join woodchhhk after watching souths make the 4?
    Good riddance.

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