2019-08-11T06:05:00Z - Central Coast Stadium
2019-08-11T06:05:00Z - Central Coast Stadium

Match Summary



Campbell Graham 25'
C. Graham 25'
Campbell Graham 44'
C. Graham 44'
Campbell Graham 72'
C. Graham 72'
Jesse Bromwich 5'
J. Bromwich 5'
Justin Olam 11'
J. Olam 11'
Cameron Munster 60'
C. Munster 60'
Brodie Croft 75'
B. Croft 75'
Adam Reynolds 46'
A. Reynolds 46'
Cameron Smith 6'
C. Smith 6'
Cameron Smith 62'
C. Smith 62'
Cameron Smith 77'
C. Smith 77'
Adam Reynolds 31'
A. Reynolds 31'
Cameron Smith 9'
C. Smith 9'
Cameron Smith 66'
C. Smith 66'



Team Stats



All Runs


All Run Metres


Line Breaks




Kick Metres






Missed Tackles


Penalties Conceded




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Previous 5 Games

South Sydney

3/8/19SharksL 39 - 24
26/7/19DragonsW 20 - 16
20/7/19CowboysW 18 - 30
13/7/19Sea EaglesW 21 - 20
27/6/19Wests TigersL 14 - 9


2/8/19BroncosW 4 - 40
27/7/19Sea EaglesL 10 - 11
21/7/19TitansW 18 - 38
13/7/19SharksW 40 - 16
4/7/19DragonsW 14 - 16


  1. Storm would have put 30 on the roosters today.
    Back2smack you said souths would be around 7th by now stupid man.

  2. valiant effort by Souths today but Melbourne too strong. Vunivalu couldn’t defend if his live depended on it

  3. After watching today, I don’t think we can win the comp (SOUTHS).

    Big effort but lacking something, Walker was outstanding but Bennetts selections are strange, why he persists with Turner in the centres is anyone’s guess, Gagai should have been centre with Allen on the wing, just an example, then leaves Sutton and Tom Burgess on the bench first 20 minutes, dumb, anyway no doubt we will hear from the usual cretins on this site, well only one i reckon who has heaps of aliases , to much of a coward to stay with his original name hey ,.

  4. TwattyOne, you are deluded. Murray & Cook were turnstiles. Reynolds is gone, as a half he offers nothing.. Kiss the four good bye..

  5. If Melbourne Storm play the Roosters in the Grand Final, which team will get the 50/50 calls? As both those teams seem to get them all year. The Refs are scared of Cameron Smith (their future boss)

  6. Another lopsided penalty count keeping souths in the game. These refs are a joke. Similar situation a month ago when refs got souths home against manly. Penalty count then was 8-2 to souths.

  7. Last time I looked Souths were equal third on points on the League Ladder. 15 other teams would love to be where Souths are.

  8. Confirmation yesterday, barring injuries, Souths and Storm confirmed as the likely GF teams this year.
    The other game panned out as the 2 lightweights despite Raiders wrath of the refs as witnessed.
    Ashley Klein will be on 9 straight wins next time behind the whistle with the roosters.

  9. Funny how the usual suspects on here were all over it when Souths were 12 nil down and at 12-12 disappeared again until storm in front.
    Bit like their fan base, when the swans are going well the roosters fans deteriorate, when swans struggling and roosters fumbling around the top 4, they all appear again.
    When the going is good, pop up everywhere, when the chips are down, nowhere to be seen.
    Thats what you call a fickle supporter base at its best.
    BTW, what happened to Souths being at 7th or 8th by now as you predicted.?

  10. TwattyOne “confirmation yesterday” huh? Have you been travelling around in the Tardis?
    This ONE in your handle Twitty… Does it refer to ONE that Souffs won since they were foolishly readmitted to the NRL?
    The only ONE they’ve won since we’ve had colour TV in Australia?

  11. As I pointed out Roosters and Raiders game was a low standard fizzer.. Both teams had 11 incomplete sets. the Roosters registered 13 errors and 48 missed tackles. They scored three tries off kicks which is not what you would consider quality scoring.
    If you regard these stats as worthy of premiership contention, then hand around for a few weeks and be enlightened on what its all about.
    Based on yesterdays games the astute would be pointing to a Souths v Storm GF.

  12. ONE twat, three hundred thousand.??
    Put your counting aids away.. shoes back on and your teeth in, you can’t count.
    That B grade actor, the New Zealander that owns Souffs.. that was his biggest performance. Addressing the toothless.

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