2019-08-03T09:35:00Z - PointsBet Stadium
2019-08-03T09:35:00Z - PointsBet Stadium

Match Summary



Ronaldo Mulitalo 13'
R. Mulitalo 13'
Josh Dugan 21'
J. Dugan 21'
Bronson Xerri 33'
B. Xerri 33'
Josh Morris 38'
J. Morris 38'
Bronson Xerri 62'
B. Xerri 62'
Briton Nikora 72'
B. Nikora 72'
Dane Gagai 25'
D. Gagai 25'
Cameron Murray 27'
C. Murray 27'
Cody Walker 64'
C. Walker 64'
Campbell Graham 75'
C. Graham 75'
Shaun Johnson 15'
S. Johnson 15'
Shaun Johnson 23'
S. Johnson 23'
Shaun Johnson 34'
S. Johnson 34'
Shaun Johnson 63'
S. Johnson 63'
Shaun Johnson 74'
S. Johnson 74'
Adam Reynolds 26'
A. Reynolds 26'
Adam Reynolds 29'
A. Reynolds 29'
Adam Reynolds 65'
A. Reynolds 65'
Adam Reynolds 76'
A. Reynolds 76'
Shaun Johnson 4'
S. Johnson 4'
Shaun Johnson 54'
S. Johnson 54'
Chad Townsend 80'
C. Townsend 80'

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Line Breaks




Kick Metres






Missed Tackles


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Previous 5 Games


25/7/19CowboysW 16 - 14
19/7/19WarriorsL 19 - 18
13/7/19StormL 40 - 16
7/7/19BroncosL 22 - 24
30/6/19BulldogsL 14 - 12

South Sydney

26/7/19DragonsW 20 - 16
20/7/19CowboysW 18 - 30
13/7/19Sea EaglesW 21 - 20
27/6/19Wests TigersL 14 - 9
15/6/19PanthersL 18 - 19


  1. Your obviously not a very astute judge.
    Being saying all week was on the cards.
    Watch what happens next week onwards.
    At least I not blaming the weather or the ground like you every loss.
    Beaten by better side tonight full stop.

  2. Full strength sharks at home a good win against any team tonight.
    Csn safely say would have beaten the roosters by 40.

  3. As I said EdwoodSpencer unlike you who always finds excuses like the weather the refs , the ground, the moon, was on the cards tonight and panned out as I predicted most likely.
    Dont go hiding after next week like always after a loss.

  4. Stop arguing lady’s.
    Easy fix, Wayne just needs to buy Darius from us and make him captain.
    Put Corey Allen back to fullback.
    Sorry Souths fans, your not the first club he has stuffed up.

  5. Let’s see the comments next week after Souths v storm and raiders v roosters.
    Playwithmyballs you are a little behind with player contracts.
    No sense as usual.

  6. FrankSpecial you are saying that about Murray because you are still cut up and jealous Radley was an origin reject whereas Murray was a star.
    You have an obsession on Murray because of his superior talent over the hapless Radley.
    Very obvious to all on here.

  7. Sorry love, I’m not into playing with your little balls.(I don’t go that way)
    How bout u get a life, between this site and minecraft, how do you find anytime to do your ballet.
    Post back but I’m not touching them.

  8. Frank and woody, couldn’t agree more guys.
    Souths are gone this year and as long as grandpa is the coach years after aswell to rebuild.
    Storm play to win every week but
    we all seen what happened in last years gf when the roosters turned up and this year will probably end up the same way.
    Canberra,manly and maybe sharks and that’s it. Blind Freddy can see that.simple.
    Go back to your minecraft or ballet 20-1 and forget about the bunnies.

  9. EdwoodSpencer and Playwithmyballs (your nic not mine,) they are actually playing at gosford next week the ground you blamed for hiding from the cowboys a few weeks ago.
    Next week will confirm Souths likely to play Raiders or storm in gf pending injuries.
    Look forward to your usual excuses as usual.

  10. Andrew Johns might be an immortal on the field but his off field footy tipping prowess is absolutely hopeless. I always go opposite to Johns and nearly always win on the TAB thanks to his tips.

  11. EdwoodSpencer why would there be many rooster fans on the central coast if there are hardly any in the eastern suburbs especially not even enough to form 1 grass roots junior club?

  12. Sharks fans have waited 20 weeks to get all the aces on deck and it pays off in this one. What a difference Graham makes. All class and that left edge now looks potent. They may still regret that little flat spot where they were getting it over the stripe but just couldn’t covert one to save themselves but can now go on a run at just the right time to storm into the finals with momentum. If the big guns stay healthy its dark horse status for sure. A lot of errors from Souths even if plenty of them were forced. Just couldn’t build enough pressure on a side that was on from the start. Cronulla forwards just looked to have more energy.

  13. Baaaaaaaa haha where’s the blue dwarf aie? Hiding under Nero’s bed, lalalala Soufs are sooooft next week storm will destroy these imposters, 13pts and 1 more win and Manly pushes em into 5th
    Hahahahaha the games have just begun

  14. Its taken another 4 games for the envious to jump on board and pump their hollow chests after a loss despite against the odds.
    Hang around chumps, your right, the fun is just beginning.

  15. EdwoodSpencerballsack instead of posting something and then responding to yourself 4 times under another name why dont you just say it all in one go?
    Having the the same ISP address for 5 names is ridiculous and amusing.

  16. Good win Sharkies. Graham all class on the edge. They need to tighten up their defence though. If they can keep that team healthy, they will rattle some cages in the finals.

  17. Notice how every time Souths lose a game you have 6 -7 war and peace posts having their say and all from the same ISP address.
    They come on cue every time straight after each other if you notice.
    Bottom line, that’s envy for The Great Souths at the highest order.
    Thsnks mate.
    Very flattering even from a nobody.

  18. No doubt the roosters would have beaten the sharks last night given their great form against the cowboys and Broncos recently. LOL

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