2019-06-30T06:05:00Z - ANZ Stadium
2019-06-30T06:05:00Z - ANZ Stadium

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Will Hopoate 3'
W. Hopoate 3'
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 19'
D. Watene-Zelezniak 19'
Sosaia Feki 33'
S. Feki 33'
Shaun Johnson 36'
S. Johnson 36'
Josh Dugan 47'
J. Dugan 47'
Nick Meaney 5'
N. Meaney 5'
Nick Meaney 21'
N. Meaney 21'
Nick Meaney 11'
N. Meaney 11'



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The Sharks have given up a six point half time lead in going down by 28-16 to the Wests Tigers in their round three clash at Bankwest Stadium


We've given away a penalty 12 metres out and the Tigers will look to extend the lead


And just like that, the Tigers are in again 😳

🦈 16
🐯 24



No good from the sideline for Benji. We've got 14 minutes to get this one back.

🦈 16
🐯 20


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16/6/19RoostersL 38 - 12
10/6/19DragonsL 12 - 36
1/6/19RaidersL 10 - 12
26/5/19StormL 6 - 28
18/5/19TitansW 16 - 22


13/6/19RaidersL 22 - 20
8/6/19EelsW 42 - 22
26/5/19DragonsW 9 - 22
19/5/19Sea EaglesL 14 - 24
9/5/19TitansW 18 - 26


  1. Very lacklustre sharks. Need to improve drastically. Bomber if your listening…. Xerri is NOT a winger, & maybe find a new goal kicker. If jimmy Maloney was still with us we win that game. But congrats to doggies bro, too good.

  2. Anything to say bare back blow job, you’ve had plenty to say lately. I mean losing to the dogs, that’s a pretty special moment I must say.

  3. How the hell are you suppose to tip winners in a tipping comp? fair dinkum the bookies are killing it, who would have thought Parra win, tigers win, bulldogs win, it’s so hard, league is so unpredictable, but good on ya Bulldogs , great win, just shows anything is possible in this competition, that’s why we have a great sport to follow.

  4. Almost defeated is a good thing now, is it RussWoodRot? In that case, of teams must put in almighty performances to almost defeat the opposition, on a nearly weekly basis!

  5. Check the ladder would normally suffice brain surgeon, however, in addition to that you could also contemplate whether you would seriously rather a run at the finals with the mergers roster compared to the sharks. We all know who has the upside there don’t we princess? The good sides (like Cronulla) have an off day every now and then and fans don’t call for changes or coach sackings. The less than ordinary sides (like the mergers) fail to front up for most of a season. Usually the back end..(and you’d be familiar with “back ends”) Sound familiar?

    This year’s “special moment” was at Win stadium on May 29th.

  6. Off day mate. Just didn’t clock on and that happens. Again, more tries than the opposition and just failed to nail a single goal. Give the kicking back to Townsend and all sweet

    Each season it comes down to that one pivotal game that should have been won that can influence your top 4 spot etc. It was the Manly game at home last season. Could be worse and things could be in a chaotic spiral like they are for the mob that borders Cronulla. Expect the Sharks to get it all back together against the Broncs at home next week.

  7. You and me both mate, Fair dinkum, if footy teams were race horses there’d be a stewards’ inquiry. I got 3/8 this week, just as well I’m not a punter.

  8. Ah yes I was at that game with my dad. It was our first time at Endeavour/Caltex/Ronson/Shark park/Toyota/Remondis/Southern Cross/Pointsbet stadadium & we were expecting to win until cherry evens kicked that field goal :(. Memories….

  9. Yeah, May 29th was a Wednesday genius. Good to see you’re keeping to your usual level of intellectual form. As far as rosters are concerned, without injuries and rubbish rulings by the league you’re not even in the same league as us. Not to mention the cushy draw you guys got. At the end of the day we may miss the finals this year, but your mob of druggies won’t get much further either – especially if yesterday was anything to go by. Worst performance by any team all year. Oh and you’ll always be Cronulla, that’s easily the worst insult anyone could send your way.

  10. I think Cronulla has a great list of players.
    Right now though, they sit on the same number of Wins as Penrith,
    If Penrith & the Storm weren’t given the rough end of the stick against Cronulla at Cronulla earlier this year. In penalties, decisions in general play in the second halves of those games.
    Then Cronulla would be sitting on 12 points right now . With 5 wins & 2 points from a bye.
    Maybe the result against the Dogs , wasn’t a case of going easy & just expecting to win. Maybe it just showed how the refs had helped plaster over some cracks there in other games? They just came to light again yesterday.
    I’m sure they have the talent to play far better. That doesn’t always mean that teams will back up the talent with great performances on the field.

  11. 26 May. Typo you clown. You should know about typos as surely every time you talk up that laughing stock merged venture you must realise its a mistake right? It must seriously be demoralising supporting a rabble that couldn’t even stand alone as a club after all that “proud” history. One lucky premiership in a year where the real contenders were rubbed out of the comp hardly makes for inspiring stuff. Before you point a finger at other club’s perhaps look at the dismal recent finals record of the mergers. You are certainly right about missing the finals this year and as such should probably shrink back into the darkness until something positive happens in the ‘gong.

  12. Try 16 premierships thalidomide, you count as well as you type. But being from the shire that’s not surprising. And at least we have some history, the most significant thing that’s happened in the history of your so called club usually begins with the word peptides.

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