2019-07-26T09:55:00Z - ANZ Stadium
2019-07-26T09:55:00Z - ANZ Stadium

Match Summary



Dane Gagai 30'
D. Gagai 30'
Cody Walker 42'
C. Walker 42'
Dane Gagai 55'
D. Gagai 55'
Campbell Graham 79'
C. Graham 79'
Jason Saab 65'
J. Saab 65'
Jason Saab 73'
J. Saab 73'
Adam Reynolds 80'
A. Reynolds 80'
Gareth Widdop 66'
G. Widdop 66'
Gareth Widdop 75'
G. Widdop 75'
Adam Reynolds 19'
A. Reynolds 19'
Gareth Widdop 3'
G. Widdop 3'
Gareth Widdop 78'
G. Widdop 78'

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South Sydney

20/7/19CowboysW 18 - 30
13/7/19Sea EaglesW 21 - 20
27/6/19Wests TigersL 14 - 9
15/6/19PanthersL 18 - 19
7/6/19KnightsL 12 - 20

St George Illawarra

19/7/19PanthersL 40 - 18
14/7/19RaidersL 14 - 36
4/7/19StormL 14 - 16
28/6/19CowboysW 22 - 14
16/6/19Sea EaglesL 34 - 14


  1. Nicely placed on the ladder.
    Top 4 getting closer.
    Saints will knock over a few with full side back only de Belin missing.

  2. The commentary team made no mention of any forward passes. Forward passes must be in the eyes of the beholder.

  3. Frankfurter, who in the commentators called it a forward pass.
    It’s what you wanted to believe as usual.
    Trade in your 12 inch black and white for something clearer.

  4. In the end the best team won, not one commentator or player even hinted that was a forward pass.

    Saints fielded their best team this year and Souths still missing a few, but seriously Souths should have won easily, Reynolds 0 from 3 did not help

  5. “Congratulations Jason Saab coming through the Souths juniors.
    Bright future.”

    Hahahaha wrong again Stephanie, why do you just make $hit up?, you crackhead.

  6. Jason saab dad wore his souths jumper to stmerge when his son got signed up by stmerge…he will end up at souths because his family are all bunnies members and his dad is a burrow member…

  7. Well shadow you lunatic you need to realise that Saab is part of the development squad so he wasn’t available before June 30. He is also contracted for a 4 more years so don’t get too excited just yet 👍🏻

  8. Back2back19 you obviously choked on your bagel after the last great try to Souths.
    Explains why you took so long to get on here for your usual gibberish comments.
    Regarding saab, not convinced on him yet but time will tell.

  9. Great win with 4 big guns still missing from Souths.
    Always the better side against a full strength dragons and building nicely.
    Tom looked fresh and made great inroads with his power running.
    With Sam and Liam coming back into the forward pack Wayne has a nice problem to deal with.
    Dynamic Johnston will add to the new speed of our backs and will chime in nicely with Roberts.

  10. I look at others in contention, the roosters will struggle against strong forward packs.
    Playing Bulldogs twice in 5 rounds and beating an unlucky Newcastle who bombed 4 sitters in the 1st half revealed their weakness.
    Friend is busted, Keary is now fragile, Crighton ruined in 6 months at the roosters after souths developed him into a great player.
    Crighton , Morris , Radley, Mitchell and Toupou all origin discards and Ryan Hall a big failure after discarding Ferguson for him.
    Watch this space.

  11. “Back2back19 you obviously choked on your bagel after the last great try to Souths.
    Explains why you took so long to get on here”

    I have better things to do Friday nights, not everyone sits alone by themselves like you Stephanie. It’s good to know you get your information from commentators instead of following the lower grades like a proper football fan tho.

  12. So many Winging Merger fans on this site.
    4 trys to 2 is decisive with 3 missed goals that kept the Mergers in the game.

    Get over it, the pass was good as the ball came out of his hand in a backward motion.
    You IDIOTS should really look up the Laws of Physics!

    There were at least 5 Merger Knock-ons and 2 Forward passes that were let go but you all fail to mention that.

    Penso, Reyno actually kicked 2 from 5, NOT 0 from 3 mate.

    The rabbitohs only have 9 Home games this season as
    1 was in Brisbane
    1 on the Sunshine Coast
    1 at the Central Coast.

    Merger fans, just have a look at the Ladder!

  13. Back2Crack19 I never claimed Cooky as a Souths junior but i do recall your prediction on Souths finishing around 13th this year and recently stating Manly would beat them by 30 on top of Souths heading for 5 losses in a row.
    Go easy on those bagels.

  14. Don’t bother 3hats, common sense and logic is void of a few in here.
    Your points are an example of fact but disregarded by those who close their eyes to it.

  15. EdwoodwoodWOODY7 make up your mind.
    1st you predicted Souths would miss the top 8 and now you’re pretending you hope Souths play the roosters in the GF?
    On a level playing field it will be Souths v Storm or Souths v Raiders.
    Roosters don’t have the forwards to match these teams at full strength as you will see when roosters v raiders soon and the v Souths R25 where they will get smashed like R1.

  16. Including majority opposition fans at rooster home games doesn’t make them rooster fans as mentioned by the commentators every game that there appears to be more opposition fans at the game.
    The scg is also located at moore park which is easy to get to so thousands of league fans regardless of who they support can go and watch a game.
    Enough of the gibberish rubbish on rooster numbers at home games because you and your rooster buddies want to believe it.
    Everyone else knows your constant seeking of acknowledgement on this is garbage and will never come so accept the facts and deal with it stupid.

  17. Frank, my comment on when South Sydney are good the league is good stands true, you know it and most of the league knows it.

    The crowd figures, first game of the year Easts v Souths at the SCG what was it 30,000 odd thousand with the commentators saying 75% of crowd were Souths, Easts live on further by the Anzac game against Saints, then they take away games to help prop up their crowd figures, this happens all the time with Easts, the fact you cannot deny is that Easts have no paid membership, close to the worst in the league, but yet, the fact they continue to be successful, people don’t jump on the band wagon with that, but, Easts, NO, people respect the brand, Easts crowd figures are like Anthony Mundine, they go to see them get beaton and eventually they will fail to the point where the league will need to relocate them, both for their survival and the NRL survival.

  18. You are absolutely 100% correct penso on every point you make.
    Please repeat the exact wording in every topic Edwoodenspoon1 and Frankstein where he brings up the home crowd numbers gibberish.
    The sooner the nrl relocates the no grass roots juniors and dismal membership roosters, credibility to the game will be restored.

  19. The attempt to downplay no juniors and poor numbers in membership as irrelevant to the credibility of a club is total garbage.
    They are the 2 most important factors in the existence of all nrl clubs.
    The roosters just dont belong in the eastern suburbs of Sydney whilst a powerhouse in South Sydney overshadows this mob.

  20. Wrong again. The majority crowd were Souths fans.
    Stop telling porky bagels and get back to appreciating the great win by souths last night.
    Dont give a rat’s ass about your crowd myths in this topic.
    Souths great win against the odds is what we are here about so please disappear you imbecolic moron.

  21. Brissydragon is a deadset loser 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  22. Edwoodwood1 so what your are pointing out as a fact is that since 2007 Bennett trained teams have played 8 more times in semis than rooster coached teams.
    Another attempt by you to manipulate statistics to favor your argument just like your constant reference to home crowd figures choosing to omit the fact that the majority of fans at rooster home games are opposition supporters as mentioned by the commentators just about every time.
    More importantly, tell us what your research has uncovered as to why the roosters no longer have a grass roots juniors competition and why they are struggling with memberships, the 2 most important factors in a strong case for relocation.
    Why have the roosters changed their name for the 4th time to the current title of Sydney Roosters?
    I read a media article the current name change was to cater for the rooster’s widening fan base.
    What widening fan base? LOL
    Sydney Roosters has also failed so as a staunch rooster man have your researching skills revealed another name change in the pipeworks?

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