2019-07-07T06:05:00Z - PointsBet Stadium
2019-07-07T06:05:00Z - PointsBet Stadium

Match Summary



Josh Dugan 13'
J. Dugan 13'
Chad Townsend 17'
C. Townsend 17'
Josh Morris 44'
J. Morris 44'
Josh Morris 50'
J. Morris 50'
Josh Morris 54'
J. Morris 54'
Xavier Coates 7'
X. Coates 7'
Tevita Pangai Junior 30'
T. Pangai Junior 30'
Payne Haas 59'
P. Haas 59'
Jake Turpin 74'
J. Turpin 74'
Kyle Flanagan 56'
K. Flanagan 56'
Kotoni Staggs 8'
K. Staggs 8'
Kotoni Staggs 31'
K. Staggs 31'
Kotoni Staggs 61'
K. Staggs 61'
Kotoni Staggs 75'
K. Staggs 75'

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Previous 5 Games


30/6/19BulldogsL 14 - 12
13/6/19RaidersL 22 - 20
8/6/19EelsW 42 - 22
26/5/19DragonsW 9 - 22
19/5/19Sea EaglesL 14 - 24


29/6/19KnightsL 26 - 12
15/6/19EelsL 38 - 10
9/6/19TitansL 18 - 26
25/5/19WarriorsW 2 - 8
17/5/19RoostersW 15 - 10


  1. Geez, how bad is Johnson going at the sharks. I doubt he’ll be at the club next year unless he gets his act together big time.

  2. Flanno might get 4 weeks for that knee. NRL are under massive pressure to rub out the grub acts.

  3. Hahaha, what a bunch of losers. Getting done by the donkey’s reserve grade team on your own home ground. What do you have to say to that one bare back you flea.

  4. 3rd under par performance in a row = major problems at Sharks. Johnson looks slow overweight & lethargic, Moylan looks clueless & uninterested & dugan a walking crock. Starting to think these big names should shape up very soon or ship out. Not gonna get any better next week against the storm. If Sharks continue to play like 3rd graders Storm will put 50 on them no probs.

  5. Where has that little girl bbbj gone? All your dribbling on at the start of the season about the sharks finishing in the top 4, they will be lucky to make the 8.

    All sharks fans need to realise if it wasn’t for peptides and cap rorting they would still have 0 premierships.

  6. Not done yet clown. As for rorting the cap there are 3 types. Those that get caught, those that come clean and those yet to get caught. Nothing else. The sharks woes are a pretty easy fix. 3 consecutive losses on the back of 12 tries and only 3 conversions. Some clubs would kill for a 4 try per game average. Find a bloke with a kicking boot who only had to nail 50% and it was 3-0 not 0-3.

  7. Bit dumb of you to poke your stupid head up after a loss yourself don’t you think? Again look at the ladder, and when you come up with your pathetic excuses for the merged venture missing the 8 yet again contemplate that Cronulla are actually scoring points and a fix of nailing the odd conversion or two is a bit simpler than solving the deep issues causing concern at the ‘gong. What was it this week brain surgeon? All the players you had out? Oh hang on, weren’t Melbourne even worse off in that regard. Sure Cronulla aren’t yet playing to the level they should be with that roster but certainly have more upside than the mergers. Sharks fans aren’t calling for the coach’s head either. That’s getting pretty tired.

  8. I have faith in bomber, its just his most experienced players letting him down at moment. Your spot on about the goalkicking too bbbj. Flanno is probably the best, but of no use from the bench or now possible suspension for few wks. Maybe Johnson & townsend need some coaching tips from halligan I think.

  9. Sharks…bunch of Grade A Clowns. Watched the game. They could have played better blindfolded. The only game this round of 4 matches were it was a no brainer to pick the Sharks in tipping and yet they play pathetic in front of their home crowd like a bunch of cluless busteds. Best thing is they drop out of the eight where they should be…and give the most improved team in the comp Manly a great break away from the toothless gummies…. 1967 and one premiership. Not likely another too soon based on their sook performance today.

  10. Agree Brissy…Melbourne could have one by 20 based on team list. Dragons held up well considering and took it to the wire. Shame the Sharks thought they would kill it. Shows the arrogance in the joint. Most pathetic effort of the year by the Sharks of any NRL team.

  11. You got that right 47, two weeks running they’ve put in the worst performance by any team, and good old bare back reckons it’s just a goal kicking issue hahaha. I bet they’re glad they paid a mill for Johnson, almost as good as what they paid for Dugan and Moylan

  12. That’s the Sharks problem.
    To many wanabee super stars and not enough hard workers who want to roll up there sleeves and put in the hard yards.
    Weak effort to get rolled by the dogs and Broncos in consecutive weeks.

  13. Hey brissy drag queen. You should not be gloating about anything. Your stain have a mortgage on the bottom 4 positions. The same place you were gloating about early in the year that manly would be occupying. LOL..Karma… its a wonderful thing. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🐲🐲🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  14. Oooh look, Priscilla has got a friend in eagleeye.
    Pity it’s mychookmycar pretending to be a manly fan again. 🤡

  15. I am not mychook…don’t insult me. I was born in Manly Hospital…52 years of age, lived on the Northern Beaches all my life. Was 2 years below Phil Blake st St Paul’s Manly. (Was called Christian Bros. back then) Manly fan my entire life…live in Narrabeen now.

  16. @browneye47, yeah yeah and im a 15 year old skinny white private school kid with big mouth. My mouth is literally so big they want me to play the lead zombie in ‘i am legend 2’

  17. Whatever you think Naveen.. I don’t comment much on ZT. I walk past Dessies place on the beach every other day, a white weatherboard house right on Collaroy Beacfront next to Flight Deck apartments. Hes usually fishing there most Sundays.. He’s an absolute gentlemen that usually says hello. Always lived on the beaches, Allambie, Manly, Dee Why now at Narrabeen. Not far from Damien Hardmans Rip Curl store. BTW Dooma was also a St Paul’s Manly kid 2 years ahead of me…doubt an imposter would be capable of laying that out.
    Manly 4 Life !!!

  18. I don’t have one…with all the “Home games” being relocated and played in BrIsbane/NZ/ Gosford I didn’t bother. I did have a membership back in 2010 for the 5 home game pass but back then the only home games Manly seemed to draw were Monday night’s. Last home game I went to was this year Vs Canberra in the Fulton Menzies stand when DCE stuffed his knee right infront of my son and I. I thought our season was gone right there….Thankfully the guys aimed up during those weeks. Carrick and Cust standouts for mine…

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