2019-06-29T07:30:00Z - McDonald Jones Stadium
2019-06-29T07:30:00Z - McDonald Jones Stadium

Match Summary



Edrick Lee 8'
E. Lee 8'
Lachlan Fitzgibbon 18'
L. Fitzgibbon 18'
Shaun Kenny-Dowall 24'
S. Kenny-Dowall 24'
Mason Lino 68'
M. Lino 68'
Thomas Flegler 41'
T. Flegler 41'
Kotoni Staggs 60'
K. Staggs 60'
Mason Lino 10'
M. Lino 10'
Mason Lino 19'
M. Lino 19'
Mason Lino 26'
M. Lino 26'
Mason Lino 70'
M. Lino 70'
Kotoni Staggs 43'
K. Staggs 43'
Kotoni Staggs 60'
K. Staggs 60'
Mason Lino 57'
M. Lino 57'



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7/6/19RabbitohsW 12 - 20
24/5/19RoostersW 38 - 12
19/5/19DragonsW 12 - 45
11/5/19BulldogsW 10 - 22


15/6/19EelsL 38 - 10
9/6/19TitansL 18 - 26
25/5/19WarriorsW 2 - 8
17/5/19RoostersW 15 - 10
10/5/19Sea EaglesW 10 - 26


  1. Klein is the biggest piece of sh!t to pull on a referees jersey since bill harrigan. Someone explain how he even had a job.

  2. I’m so glad I didn’t fork out my hard earned money to go and watch that rabble. I don’t mind losing when the effort is there. But these blokes look uninterested and just don’t seem to care. Don’t get me started on Boyd either. Take away those few strange calls and we would have finished the game on 0.

  3. I love how politics gave us wayne benett we have 3 burgess brothers out and are still coming 2nd on the ladder.

  4. If i was lodge & pangai id not sign on to siebolds sinking ship the donkeys i hear are going to splash the cash at these two.

  5. Every dog has their days i reckon wayne bennett will win souths their 22nd premiership with the arrival of jaydn su’a once the 3 burgesses return great pack thanks to the donkeys heirachy they are doing souths some great add ons such as bennett/jet/su’a cheers…

  6. Anybody who thinks that it’s siebold’s fault this is happening probably hasn’t been paying a lot of attention to the Broncos over the last few years. They have been in terrible decline for a while now – this is what led to them showing Bennett the door. HE is the architect of this situation, no Siebold. Siebold is just picking up the pieces. It isn’t his fault that the halves weren’t good enough (and haven’t been). It isn’t his fault that McCullough’s form has dropped off and we all know who’s fault it is that Brisbane have a 45% of his worth Boyd on the books for too many years to come. He was quick to recognise James Roberts problems (which are that James Roberts can only really take advantage of situations, he can’t create them).

    And most importantly, the Broncos defense was WORSE last year than it is now. They just aren’t attacking as well this year – but then, that’s what happens when you recognise that you’ve got a situation where the best they can do isn’t good enough.

    This is a lot to fix and a perfect storm of players coming to the end of the utility / ability. I put no blame on Siebold, whatsoever. It was awful to watch the last few years and now that rot has really set in.

    Souths fans were quite negative when Bennett went there – I knew he’d do a good job with a team that is of sufficient quality to win a premiership.

  7. Only guy on here that knows what his talking about waynethepain.
    Seibold didn’t sign
    Milf @1m.(quite mouse)
    Boyd @800k(cannot play 1st again)
    That’s the problem. We have no direction.
    Swap them for a cherry and ponga

    Wayne will bring Souths down.
    Cory Allen done his time under Boyd and he plays like him.

  8. 1 -open
    2 -oates
    3 -open
    4 -open
    5 – open
    6 – open
    7 – open
    8 – lodge
    9 – Turpin
    10- hass ( can have milfs million)
    11- Fifita
    12- gillet( needs to lift)
    14- Flegler
    Coach seibold
    That should change the culture that Wayne Left us with.

  9. Yes wayne bennett will bring us down in the history books for winning our #22 premiership, do i hear #23/#24/#25th premiership etc etc etc glory glory to the broncos heirachy for delivering bennett/jet/su’a to the pride of rugby league…

  10. Take a picture shadow off the ladder with the bunnies coming 2nd and frame it champ cause they won’t be there again for years.
    Wayne has brought the water there and can see it happening.
    Su’a, u can have our seconds
    The jet, bad attitude sook.
    Allen, blind Freddy can see his skills.
    Wayne 80 year old lost it pa.
    Wayne might Take Darius and milf shadow.
    Bunnies are about to slide.

  11. You must off not watched a cecchin game. The worst ever.
    Was retiring last year so why didn’t he.

  12. Jealousy does strange things to an (open) mind im loving it souths souths souths tell me more im licking my lips with anticipation and glee…when other teams fans are running souths/bennett down then we know souths are doing well.. glory glory to the pride of rugby league…

  13. I wonder what they’ll do with Jack Bird?
    Will Boyd get an early pay out , after this season? No one else would want to buy him now. He’s still signed for another 2 years at Brisbane.
    Just wondered what a Broncos supporter would think will happen with them?

  14. If Bird is willing to take a significate pay cut I’d be happy for him to stay on board. The injuries he’s had the last few years are unfortunate but he simply isn’t worth the money he’s on right now.

    As for Boyd unless he seriously turns it around I hope his contract is paid out after this season. He’s taking the piss, some of the mistakes he has made and continue to make borderline match fixing

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