2019-08-02T09:55:00Z - Suncorp Stadium
2019-08-02T09:55:00Z - Suncorp Stadium

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Kotoni Staggs 71'
K. Staggs 71'
Josh Addo-Carr 8'
J. Addo-Carr 8'
Christian Welch 29'
C. Welch 29'
Kenneath Bromwich 33'
K. Bromwich 33'
Jahrome Hughes 41'
J. Hughes 41'
Kenneath Bromwich 57'
K. Bromwich 57'
Cameron Smith 60'
C. Smith 60'
Ryan Papenhuyzen 65'
R. Papenhuyzen 65'
Cameron Smith 31'
C. Smith 31'
Cameron Smith 34'
C. Smith 34'
Cameron Smith 42'
C. Smith 42'
Cameron Smith 61'
C. Smith 61'
Cameron Smith 4'
C. Smith 4'
Cameron Smith 48'
C. Smith 48'



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"You've got to try and stay upbeat and look for opportunities; what can I improve? How can I work on getting my body right?"

@sandorearl is reaching out to his Storm teammates to safeguard their mental health. #YourStorm

"The Club is finding a way to navigate through this challenging period and position us to be stronger on return - whenever that might be".

CEO Dave Donaghy has given the following update.

Hear from the Cheese as he #SelfIsolates on @FOXNRL


Twitter feed video.Hear from the Cheese as he #SelfIsolates on @FOXNRL #YourStorm

"I've been going for long bushwalks" How Brandon Smith from the @storm is keeping fit 🚶‍♂️

📺Stream #FoxLeagueLIVE on Foxtel Now: http://bit.ly/2JajD5l

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27/7/19TitansW 12 - 34
18/7/19BulldogsW 28 - 6
13/7/19WarriorsD 18 - 18
7/7/19SharksW 22 - 24
29/6/19KnightsL 26 - 12


27/7/19Sea EaglesL 10 - 11
21/7/19TitansW 18 - 38
13/7/19SharksW 40 - 16
4/7/19DragonsW 14 - 16
28/6/19RoostersW 12 - 14


  1. In the lead up to storm 2nd try by Welsch Cameron smith deadset knocked the ball on. But refs called knock back. Anyone else it would have been a knock on for sure

  2. On that performance Storm look almost unbeatable. On another note, who aahh decided it was aahh… a good idea to aahh… give sam aahh… thaiday a aahh… commentary interviewers gig? Painful to listen to & watch.

  3. Cookeem for me its storm souths and raiders the only teams with the forwards to go all the way.
    Raiders will expose the roosters next week as lightweights and piggy backed premiers last year.

  4. It was about this time last year the rooster supporter derailed souths surge with her Instagram scandal who by the way the AFP are waiting for her to return to be interviewed.
    I heard she is still hiding in a kibbutz in Israel with no plans to return anytime soon.

  5. First it was immortal Andrew Johns tipping Souths for 2019 and now in nrl.com the pearl steve renouf with an insightful view on souths and Wayne Bennett.
    You probably never heard of him Edwoodspencer so you probably wont think too much of it.

  6. 20-1 . Don’t u mean next week.
    Feel so sorry for Seibold, getting handed a side with that weak rat as a captain. Don’t get me started on tired eyes Milford. Nearly 2 millon dollars there between them.
    Make the call seilbold . Sack Darius or ring his dad at the bunnies to take him. It’s no joke anymore 😡

  7. Bennett took anther great player with him to the bunnies.
    Corey Allen
    Where is he now.
    Learnt his trade from Darius and the great gramma Bennett and played his 5 games of the nrl like Darius.another player to join Cohen dresses side.
    Bunnies have as much chance as the titans to win the comp with Bennett there.
    Call Darius Bennett and will give u the milf for free.

  8. Same story as all year, still can’t compete without the ball. Mind you the result is better than I was expecting.
    Expected a score higher than the Aussie cricket team.

  9. Edwoodplaytheball Souths have grass roots junior Johnston at fullback.
    Didn’t poach a ready made Australian rep fullback.
    Also who is it in the top 4 under this finished coach you speak of?

  10. Under strength souths a tough one tonight against a full strength sharks but all on board next week will defeat storm.
    Roosters win against 4th minnow in 8 weeks tomorrow but no hiding next week when raiders will dismantle them and their premiership hopes.
    Ran for a while but no more hiding for the fake premiers.

  11. Your argument struggles for credibility EdwoodSpencer because everyone knew where tedesco was as a player.
    To add to Robinson’s reputation as an average coach souths developed crighton into an origin and $800k a year player and within 6 months at the roosters Robinson has turned him into a dud.

  12. 5 players under Robinson have become origin discards.
    Even Cordners selection surprised many.
    Poached import Tedesco the only player worth origin selection.

  13. EdwoodSpencer not sure where you get best player in the world from, goes missing under pressure as we have seen recently. Helps playing in a $12m rosster.
    As fullback most will take Dalley M Sheck and Tommy Turbo ahead of Tedesco for starters every day of the week.

  14. The 25 players you mention 18 of them were overrated duds and between them all which were actually grass roots rooster juniors as opposed to poached from clubs once they showed potential?
    I believe none.
    That’s explains why the roosters despite buying a premiership last year have less members this year than last year.
    People want to be members of clubs with soul and integrity that’s why souths have 30000 members

  15. Edwoodspencer trying to watch the footy as one of those who dont just have free to air.
    So dont form opinions after reading the scores.
    Unless you watch a game you dont have an idea.

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