2019-09-01T04:00:00Z - PointsBet Stadium
2019-09-01T04:00:00Z - PointsBet Stadium

Match Summary



Ronaldo Mulitalo 16'
R. Mulitalo 16'
Jayden Brailey 20'
J. Brailey 20'
Ronaldo Mulitalo 37'
R. Mulitalo 37'
Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad 48'
C. Nicoll-Klokstad 48'
Nick Cotric 58'
N. Cotric 58'
Jarrod Croker 50'
J. Croker 50'
Jarrod Croker 59'
J. Croker 59'
Chad Townsend 68'
C. Townsend 68'
Chad Townsend 76'
C. Townsend 76'
Aidan Sezer 66'
A. Sezer 66'
Aidan Sezer 77'
A. Sezer 77'
Aidan Sezer 88'
A. Sezer 88'

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Previous 5 Games


24/8/19WarriorsW 42 - 16
18/8/19DragonsW 18 - 12
9/8/19PanthersL 26 - 20
3/8/19RabbitohsW 39 - 24
25/7/19CowboysW 16 - 14


25/8/19Sea EaglesL 14 - 18
17/8/19StormW 18 - 22
11/8/19RoostersL 18 - 22
2/8/19WarriorsW 12 - 46
28/7/19PanthersW 18 - 30


  1. Most Souths supporters would be ecstatic if get to play the roosters 1st semi.
    At full strength Souths forwards will dismantle them.
    Go sharks

  2. Roosters preying for a raiders win here.
    Dont want to play Souths 1st up semi.
    Dilemma for them next week if sharks win.
    Go the bunnies.

  3. Rewind to July when comment was made that missed conversions would come back to haunt Cronulla. Clearly the better side today and now twice in the season they’ve lost to Canberra on goal kicking. Masters of your own destiny when it comes to executing that particular skill. The opposition has no ultimate influence.

  4. Frankfurter you forgot to add Klein to that 3.
    Local derby next week, will your roosters keep running after the touch up in R1 or will potato head confront his demons and show Bennett the cash converters mean business?

  5. Is it presuming correctly EDSybil and chookstirfry have finally joined Woodchuck after watching Souths make the 4?
    From all the Rabbitohs on here good riddance you to those 2 lightweights.

  6. Sorry bbbj…
    Sharks should be better this year than last. More experience for a lot of talented young players. A good team on paper. They just aren’t better. Much worse in fact, without coach Flanagan.
    Pity they are letting their best young goal kicker , local youngster Flanagan go as well. Would have been better off not signing Johnson & keeping Flanagan.
    It’s only due to having all the ball , decisions at home in the second halves against The Storm & Penrith earlier in the year, that they have a chance of making the 8. As they were gone in those games at half time.

  7. EOD…
    Agree with most of that. Flanno, no matter what people thought of him as an individual, was a very good coach. I don’t think John Morris is a bad coach either. He’ll get better with time and will either make finals or just miss in his first season as head coach. His structures are good. He has a very good playing group on paper and just needs to develop the ulcers and grey hair battle hardening that comes with first grade coaching. I won’t say the sharks underachieved this year as to be fair, it’s hard on a rookie coach when you just can’t put your best side on the park for much of the season. It was poor execution of simple things that ARE in your control such as goal kicking and discipline that causes the frustration with a very talented side that should have comfortably made the 8 and pushed for top 4 had they been better in those simple key areas.
    Every side has luck, good and bad, with refereeing blunders which have been worse then ever this season. Those things are out of a teams control and Cronulla can’t really claim any wins or losses at their hands when they played the way they did. The mid season losing streak where they just couldn’t kick a goal was pivotal.
    Regardless of next Sunday’s result it has been a frustrating and difficult year for the sharks but will get better. A bit of a shame too as they seem to be one of the few sides that regularly have both the Storm’s and Canberra’s measure. We all know they should have won yesterday.
    Hindsight is a great thing with who should never have been signed and who should be retained etc. I reckon Cronulla have got it pretty right much of the time and have some exciting young talent that will write a good future. Hoping they can nail the Tigers and give Gal the finals appearance he deserves.

  8. chookstir September 2, 2019 at 8:36 am
    ‘There’s 5 comments in a row by TwinkONE… Duh, you forgot to change you nic…. Goose’

    chookstifried thats because I was commenting whilst watching the game live. Unlike you I only have 1 nic not 5…….GEESE
    Now, try and contribute something sensible instead of your ongoing gibberish for a change.

  9. bbbj – you’re kidding when you say ‘clearly the better side today’. Sure they scored one try more, but you can’t blame young Flanagan if your team couldn’t manage to score nearer to the posts. The Raiders were gutsy in defence and closed out the few opportunities that came Sharks way thereafter. Admirable comeback by them, especially against a home team who had the occasion to play for (securing spot in 8 AND the club legend’s last ever home game). Give credit where due – Raiders were better and that’s why they deservedly won.

  10. “chookstifried thats because I was commenting whilst watching the game live.”

    Typical women sitting on her phone while footy is on, good one Steph

  11. Gaudge. Me thinks you’re the one kidding. Take a starting international half (and the teams kicker) out of any side in the warm up and you think an “occasion” would be enough to give a side an advantage? Massive disruption to any side. And besides one conversion only was from the sideline. I love the way you threw “young” in their for Kyle Flanagan as if being a kid makes a difference or provides an excuse for not executing skills that the guys practice for hours on end. Raiders were not better. Just as they clearly weren’t for 60 minutes of their home game against Cronulla. I have a feeling that the Raiders are this year’s finals pretender just as Penrith were in 2018. There’s one every year that gets all the hype and this year it’s Canberra’s turn. We’ll soon see won’t we.

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