2019-09-05T09:50:00Z - ANZ Stadium
2019-09-05T09:50:00Z - ANZ Stadium

Match Summary



Campbell Graham 47'
C. Graham 47'
Cody Walker 49'
C. Walker 49'
Cooper Cronk 13'
C. Cronk 13'
Billy Smith 24'
B. Smith 24'
Adam Reynolds 48'
A. Reynolds 48'
Adam Reynolds 50'
A. Reynolds 50'
Latrell Mitchell 15'
L. Mitchell 15'
Adam Reynolds 8'
A. Reynolds 8'
Adam Reynolds 75'
A. Reynolds 75'

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South Sydney

30/8/19WarriorsW 10 - 31
23/8/19BroncosW 20 - 22
17/8/19BulldogsL 6 - 14
11/8/19StormL 16 - 26
3/8/19SharksL 39 - 24

Sydney Roosters

31/8/19PanthersW 22 - 6
24/8/19DragonsW 12 - 34
18/8/19WarriorsW 42 - 6
11/8/19RaidersW 18 - 22
4/8/19TitansW 58 - 6


  1. Either way im having popcorn tonight 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  2. At the game half time.
    As predicted Klein killing Souths.
    10 Mtr. Slowing the ruck.
    Soft penalties.
    Where was the forward pass on half time?
    Members bar pumping.
    Crowd letting Klein have it as deserved.
    Roosters best player

  3. Such a sook Spencer, 13 plus was predictions, whinge whinge, pretty sure both sides had 17 players, footy Gods? they support Roosters I assume, Victor Radley nice game, please never ever compare him to Murray again, not in same postcode. Kline a Souths fan, just another sook, go and give Back to Back a cuddle and wish evil on everyone but Rooster players and supporters. The stain and the dribble you have them both.

  4. Frank Spencer says Easts had 5 out, his next post he says 6 out, then complains about being ”jumped on” if he complains.. Frank you seriously need help.

  5. The Transit lounge strikes again lol.

    “Kline a Souths supporter, a penalty count of 8 to 4 Souths favour proves TWITONE’s conspiracy theory is just a figment of his imagination.” Either that or klein is trying to throw poeple off the real scent.

  6. Don’t be salty Frank you usually love the taste of it. As Your bf Frankie says “Relax don’t do it” even though we all know you want to

  7. Sorry Frank that was so insensitive of me, I didn’t realise “win the game” was something your team would “relax and not do”

  8. Souths will be stenghtened next week when both Burgess boys will be available, plus Roberts, whether Bennett plays them is debatable, Easts were missing players for sure , but so were Souths.

    Me thinks Easts don’t really want to play Souths in the finals, cause our riivalry evens things up, emotion comes into our games big time and Souths seem, at the minute, to have the upper hand.

    I believed that Easts would win the comp a few weeks ago, but not anymore, our team lacked weakness in certain positions, but now I believe in them, and that is a credit to Bennett installing confidence, what a great coach.

    Good to see Edwoodwood not being here anymore, must have seen the writing on the wall, but then again Woodchoook became Russ crower before he disappeared , actually woody died, that’s right, from there he became , well, edwoodwood1 before he came the current Frankspencer, why can’t people just be who they are? serioulsy it’s not that hard, anyway Easts are losers and Souths keep marching on, GLORY GLORY

  9. Frank please control yourself. I know you want to but I am a married man. While I am flattered please try and respect the fact that I am married and not interested. While you are fascinated about having “stuff thrown/thrust in your face” please try and control yourself and keep things civil. You must be all worked up about Souths manly display tonight in showing your team who’s “Top dog and who’s bottom – franks favourite” I’, not judging and fully support your preferences but it’s embarrassing the way you are coming on

  10. Hi RalphM (EDWardwood)
    Just back from the game and catch up tomorrow but do I need to remind you Oxford St is in roosters heartland?

  11. What you were supposed to say Spencer was we were outplayed. Well done. But you just come up with excuses everytime you have a loss. But thanks for letting me point that out. All you do is put crap on other teams . You and back2back must live very lonely lives. I actually have some empathy for you, assuming you had a troubled childhood or simply still a child. Just look for the next article that you can some how try and relate to Souths or another team and spread you hate and vermin. But no doubt it won’t be your fault Try some humility and life may treat you well.

  12. Frank / WoodPulp…
    Doesn’t matter which name of the many you use that you sign in as. Everyone else enjoyed your Dusters loss..

  13. Hargreaves doing his usual low life hits to the head, with a swinging arm. Uses the upper arm . The commentators like to try & cover for him, but it’s quite deliberate. Just the same as when he did it to Campbell- Gillard & broke his jaw.
    He should be suspended for the finals or longer.

  14. Mr LLANDILO (2747)
    Easts were outplayed in the second half.
    At the risk of offering excuses,
    those 1%s didn’t happen,
    The short turnaround didn’t agree
    Missing a chief playmaker and just, general errors.
    Full credit to the opposition who stuck to their guns..
    Quoting The Who, “we won’t be fooled again”

  15. Outplayed, Outcoached, Outclassed,
    Kept scoreless for 55 minutes.
    12 against 14 and the roosters kept at bay by the proud Rabbitoh defence.
    Souths makeshift backs with Roberts, Burns, Gagai and Inglis missing was a understandably a
    challenge and resulted in 2 tries to the opposition before half time.
    Then came the mastermind genius of Wayne Bennett at half time which confirmed Mr Potato Head Robinson has a long, long way to go before any suggestion is in the same class a coach despite a $12m roster had no answer. Much of the media today confirms this in as many words.
    Roosters will be sweating on a Raiders win Sat night night.
    Don’t want to confront that again too soon but I have been saying for a few a few weeks, they can run but they can’t continue to hide.
    Hargreaves looking at 2 weeks and the end of his season.
    Regarding Cameron Murray, over to you Frankfurter, Back2smack19, chookstirfried.
    How is Billy Smith today?

  16. Looks like your in overdrive Frankfurter, a bit slow with the raiders next week.
    “So next week after Souths copped a good old bashing” Will take a lot better team than your hapless lot. LOL
    2 ZILCH wiping of your rooster stain confirms who owns the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in 2019.
    Go the Rabbitohs.
    So much for the rooster great depth you go on about from the SYDNEY ROOSTERS JUNIOR ACADEMY OF RUGBY LEAGUE EXCELLENCE OF AUSTRALIA AND THE PACIFIC.
    Has to be the biggest load of slurry rubbish anyone has ever come up with. Doesnt even exist you clown.

  17. Hi Frank sorry to let you down but I’m back and you stop cutting yourself and go back to obessing about me and all things South’s. Life sure gets busy maybe you should try it.

  18. HI Frank, why are you repeating the same tired story ? Is your whole life and reason for being tied to the roosters winning ? If so I just feel sad for you more then usual x

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