2019-08-04T04:00:00Z - Sydney Cricket Ground
2019-08-04T04:00:00Z - Sydney Cricket Ground

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James Tedesco 4'
J. Tedesco 4'
Brett Morris 8'
B. Morris 8'
Brett Morris 17'
B. Morris 17'
Brett Morris 20'
B. Morris 20'
Daniel Tupou 34'
D. Tupou 34'
James Tedesco 52'
J. Tedesco 52'
Cooper Cronk 56'
C. Cronk 56'
Latrell Mitchell 58'
L. Mitchell 58'
Latrell Mitchell 71'
L. Mitchell 71'
Sam Verrills 79'
S. Verrills 79'
Ryley Jacks 65'
R. Jacks 65'
Latrell Mitchell 6'
L. Mitchell 6'
Latrell Mitchell 9'
L. Mitchell 9'
Latrell Mitchell 22'
L. Mitchell 22'
Latrell Mitchell 36'
L. Mitchell 36'
Latrell Mitchell 53'
L. Mitchell 53'
Latrell Mitchell 57'
L. Mitchell 57'
Latrell Mitchell 59'
L. Mitchell 59'
Latrell Mitchell 72'
L. Mitchell 72'
Latrell Mitchell 79'
L. Mitchell 79'
Ashley Taylor 66'
A. Taylor 66'



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#NRL Agrees Recovery Plan with Clubs

β€œWe have a consolidated plan and working with the Clubs and the players, are united in our efforts to do all we can to protect rugby league.”

πŸ—’οΈβ–ΆοΈ https://bit.ly/2UsQUiM

Join us in wishing Roosters Great Russell Fairfax a happy birthday! Did you know Russell scored the first ever World Club Challenge try in 1976 against @Saints1890? Have a good one RussellπŸ“ #EastsToWin

It's GAME DAY...........sort of!

Tune-in to http://titans.com.au this afternoon at 5:15pm to watch the Club's first NRL match played back in 2007.

We may not have got the result but it was a momentous occasion for us all!

πŸŽ₯➑️ https://bit.ly/TitansHomePage #ThruNThru

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Previous 5 Games

Sydney Roosters

28/7/19BulldogsW 12 - 20
20/7/19KnightsW 48 - 10
14/7/19CowboysL 12 - 15
5/7/19Wests TigersW 16 - 24
28/6/19StormL 12 - 14

Gold Coast

27/7/19BroncosL 12 - 34
21/7/19StormL 18 - 38
12/7/19PanthersL 24 - 2
29/6/19Sea EaglesL 12 - 30
14/6/19WarriorsL 20 - 24


  1. Rsiders will be trembling in their boots watching this.
    Look forward to contest between Hodgson and Venerials next week.

  2. Here he is.
    The remaining 5 to come.
    Yes big scoreboard but after the cushy origin draw, Bulldogs twice in 4 weeks and now titans to build up the for and against this time every year the party is over.
    3 teams on 28 is what i see and come r25 2 points will be what counts, not playing minnows.

  3. EdwoodSpencer your going back a long time to dig that one up..
    I thought one of your favorites was in 2009 when souths demolished the roosters 62 -12 at the SFS when the roosters started as hot favorites
    That was the beginning of the end for grass roots juniors for the roosters.

  4. FrankSpecial it wont be interesting next week, will be humiliating.
    Your playing a team with a coach this time and the roosters will be confirmed what most know are fake premiers.
    Been running for around 10 weeks but nowhere left to hide.
    Big reality check to hit Dover Heights next week.

  5. What time does the 10 seater rooster supporters bus leave for Canberra next week.?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. EdwoodWoospencer just did some checking.
    Sydney Roosters didn’t exist in 1996 so stop making up porkies.
    Get your facts right.

  7. Check wikipedia the tricolors and emblem were inspired by the french national team.
    The roosters were the club labelled the transit lounge club not souths.
    There you have it in black and white.
    So souths hsve played 2 less years and boast 7 more premierships.
    That’s impressive in anyone’s eyes.

  8. @FrankSpencer…the Broncos beat the Titans 54 nil in 2017. So not the biggest defeat they’ve had…might want to check your facts until you make claims like that first, helps you not looking like an idiot like you do now…just trying to help.

  9. greenblooded, you ain’t see nottin yet from FrankSpencer and his other 4 aliases (same ISP) and very amusing the king of abuse and personal attacks accusing others of “nasty attacks” Priceless.
    Thanks for straightening the record which I and others seem to have to constantly on his porkies.

  10. Edwoodenspoon I believe the team that day was Sydney City Roosters.
    Sydney Roosters was registered in 2000 I think but dont care.
    More name changes than Philippino bride.

  11. Great to see Angus Crighton on the rooster nine network news saying his game has finally turned around since his origin failure despite against a coachless team lol.

  12. Edwood and Frank its always good to enlighten with common sense opinions and facts but its important that you make sure whatever you state is actually true instead of stretching the facts and offering unqualified opinions where others on here are constantly correcting you as you have noticed.
    Zero Tackle is an open forum and is important for it to be respected as a medium where differences of opinion can be offered without personal, immature and derogatory attacks on those who differ from your views.

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