2019-07-28T04:00:00Z - ANZ Stadium
2019-07-28T04:00:00Z - ANZ Stadium

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Reimis Smith 54'
R. Smith 54'
Reimis Smith 75'
R. Smith 75'
James Tedesco 9'
J. Tedesco 9'
Joseph Manu 26'
J. Manu 26'
Brett Morris 58'
B. Morris 58'
Nick Meaney 56'
N. Meaney 56'
Nick Meaney 75'
N. Meaney 75'
Latrell Mitchell 11'
L. Mitchell 11'
Latrell Mitchell 27'
L. Mitchell 27'
Latrell Mitchell 59'
L. Mitchell 59'
Latrell Mitchell 23'
L. Mitchell 23'

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18/7/19BroncosL 28 - 6
12/7/19KnightsW 14 - 20
30/6/19SharksW 14 - 12
16/6/19RoostersL 38 - 12
10/6/19DragonsL 12 - 36

Sydney Roosters

20/7/19KnightsW 48 - 10
14/7/19CowboysL 12 - 15
5/7/19Wests TigersW 16 - 24
28/6/19StormL 12 - 14
16/6/19BulldogsW 38 - 12


  1. Absolutely outstanding effort from the roosters today against a powerhouse.
    Crighton worth every bit the 700k and what can we say about Cordner.

  2. Saying they were in cruise control as we read above is another way of saying we we were bloody woeful.
    No more Bulldogs this year.
    Can run but cant keep hiding lol

  3. Another set up soft game for the roosters next week and after that sayonara le coqs out of the top 4.

  4. Great effort by the Bulldogs and very unlucky with a few 50 50 calls as the commentators stated during and after the game.

  5. Looking clearer after this weekend with Storm Souths and Raiders as the only 3 teams with the forward strength to fight out the premiership.

  6. Back2back19 ZT is about offering opinions on NRL. Just because some dont talk about anything positive about your team doesn’t mean they should be kicked off.
    If all you want to read is pro rooster comments then stick to that rooster forum where everything is about how wonderful anything roosters is.

  7. Who is Sydney? Me thinking Easts , their leagues club is called Eastern suburbs leagues club, so why try to represent the entire Sydney region when they only have a small portion of Sydney? Guess they reckon they can attract new supporters, not happening, today they played Canterbury at the stadium and attracted 10350 fans , roughly, Souths played there against Saints friday and attracted over 12,500 fans, hmm, has i been saying for a while, figures and facts can distraught and lie what is the real truth when it comes to reality, Easts don’t have supporters or paid members, they rely on opposition fans to inflate their crowd figures.

    The real supporter base is with membership of a club, Souths have by far more members than Easts, more members than all clubs actually, although the Bronco’s with their one city team may have more, the problem with crowds for Souths is that many of Souths supporters and moved australia wide, infact international wise, attending games is difficult, myself an axample you lives 600klm’s away, all the facts from Easts supporters about crowd figures is clutching at straws, they know full well that Easts struggle for both crowds and intregrity, and when the league FINALLY bring in allowances for bringing juniors through the system perhaps then relocation of a club that has NEVER invested in juniors will occur , lets hope so, so loyalty can be restored.

  8. Pride in your club is measured by your membership.
    To best your chest and walk around with a french themed cap and not be a member gives you no credibility if you are a true fan.
    Explains why the roosters are at the bottom of the memberships.
    All show but no go where it counts.
    Move on you lightweight Frank

  9. That’s great Edwoodwoodwood1 all clubs benefit from that.
    What will the roosters do when the nrl introduces a subsidy of 150k for clubs that promote grass roots juniors to nrl level to keep them at their home club?

  10. That’s 150k per player.
    No more poaching of junior talent unless prepared to risk paying overs on potential.
    Another good case to relocate the roosters to Perth and start fresh at grass roots wouldn’t you think?

  11. Put the pipe down Stephanie and stop talking to your self. Make sure you don’t disappear like you did last year when the roosters eliminate your stain AGAIN

  12. Back2back19 if you notice Souths fans grow stronger every year through thick and thin unlike the roosters when not going well their fans follow the swans and Sydney f.
    Even having fluked a premiership why are the roosters sitting at the bottom for memberships when you talk about stains.

  13. Frank just wanted to see you write it. 4th last after winning a premiership LOL.
    Stating that members are nothing much obviously suits your argument given the declining members of the roosters but anyone who is proud of their club becomes a member as part of their pride in belonging and supporting its great history and culture.
    Thats why Souths boast 30,000 members and growing every year.
    As a rooster patsy I don’t expect you to appreciate what it feels like to be amember and lifelong supporter of the most successful leagues club in Australian history.
    Souths also pride themselves on not having to change our name 4 pathetic and comical times to try and attract more members and fans which has been a failure.
    Now its Sydney Roosters LOL. Who is Sydney? What is its demographic?
    Google stated there are 658 suburbs in Sydney.
    With 13,000 members that averages out to around 20 members per suburb.
    Wow, thats an amazing feat LOL

  14. Frank, how many times do the commentators have to state at every rooster game whether home or away the opposition fans far outway the roosters.
    Sydney roosters have an average of 20 members in each of the 658 suburbs in Sydney.
    You chose not to comment on this for obvious reasons.
    Any thoughts?

  15. After this weekend storm souths and raiders the genuine contenders .
    Can’t see the Sydney Roosters winning their 4th premiership but South Sydney a big chance at No 22.

  16. well twentyone, the roosters at least looked comfortable in the lead the entire time. Your team(i presume that is Souths) nearly lost the game at the death against the Dragons, who have been every bit as woeful as the Bulldogs this year. Both the Roosters annd Souths have been underperforming at the back end of the year, and i reckon the form of both teams will pick up in the coming weeks.

    Everyone has been complaining about the quality of discussion on this site, yet it seems that the people complaining – notably Penso – still trade tit for tat in the same boring debates/arguments with the same alias accounts on this site, which seem to occur every single day. I think most of us have had enough of being told the roosters have low membership numbers, or that souths have a lesser crowd average than the roosters.

  17. Jiorl800 you make make a very good point in the same boring stuff being continuously repeated have to admit have wasted enough time and energy trying to educate the ignorant on here.
    BTW a full strength dragons was a different proposition to the hapless Bulldogs in anyone’s eyes when it came to the quality of opposition.

  18. FrankSpencer, as an ex rooster player how do you think the roosters will go without Hargreaves and Cordner this week?
    It’s only the titans but on their day can be pretty good.

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