2019-08-24T09:35:00Z - Netstrata Jubilee Stadium
2019-08-24T09:35:00Z - Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

Match Summary



Tristan Sailor 53'
T. Sailor 53'
Luciano Leilua 59'
L. Leilua 59'
Joseph Manu 6'
J. Manu 6'
Isaac Liu 11'
I. Liu 11'
Billy Smith 14'
B. Smith 14'
Victor Radley 25'
V. Radley 25'
Daniel Tupou 32'
D. Tupou 32'
James Tedesco 49'
J. Tedesco 49'
Gareth Widdop 55'
G. Widdop 55'
Gareth Widdop 60'
G. Widdop 60'
Cooper Cronk 8'
C. Cronk 8'
Cooper Cronk 12'
C. Cronk 12'
Cooper Cronk 16'
C. Cronk 16'
Siosiua Taukeiaho 27'
S. Taukeiaho 27'
Cooper Cronk 51'
C. Cronk 51'

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  1. You should talk about other peoples alias’s edwood, when are you going to revert back to woodchooojk? I’m not going to let up here , your a disgrace , you admitted you were woodchooook, so how can you justify accusing others of being someone different, go figure, you hypocrite.

  2. TwinkONE couldn’t help yourself talking about your mongs, Souffs.
    This is a post on tonights game… Easts V StGeoIlla not the redneck team playing out of Scud Park. Go that members bar of yours, whichever gutter that is.

  3. Penso, get off all this alias stuff… You’re like the little school dobber. Talk about your team you dope.
    Nothing positive to say, say nothing.

  4. How good is it watching ball players take it to the line and putting team mates through, Cronk and Keary. I hope Darius the rat and milfold with his tired eyes were watching a couple off first graders running a side.

  5. The Dragons had a dig tonight but where outclassed by a superior team. Mr Potato Head would be spitting chips over the Roosters allowing 2 second half tries, but so what. Tristan Sailor did well in his first grade debut and Corey Norman once again showed that he’s not fit to wear Gareth Widdop’s boots. This bloke needs to improve big time if he’s going to be any use to the Red V in 2020.

  6. Another solid win by the reigning premiers, showing they can score a lot of points leading up to finals

  7. Not sure who to respond to EDSybil.
    More alias name changes than the roosters.
    Not sure what is too far off with what you presume I said but anyway speaking of prophecies;
    EDSybil x 5 aliases combined classics;
    “Souths wont win another game”
    “Souths will finish 7th or 8th”
    “what will be your excuse this week? (broncos game)”
    “Murray is a skinny overrated runt”
    “Aubusson is an origin must”
    “Cordner is a leader of men”
    “grass roots juniors development is not an important factor for relocation ”
    “roosters have more game attendance figures that Souths”
    “roosters are under the salary cap” a good one.
    “cronk is not the roosters coach”
    “souths 30,000 members is made up”
    Thats just off the top of my head

  8. Easy win by chooks. That pins the drag queens to second last on the ladder. They need to send the titans a thank you card for keeping that spoon away from them. Just like the card Scott Penn sent to the eels last year. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🃏🃏🃏🃏oh how I miss Brissy Dragonhead and his blabber.

  9. BTW EDSybil, Billy Smith played for Kensington as a junior (family mad Souths supporters was told ), I believe thats a souths juniors club last I looked.
    Not sure what living in Bronte has to do with making him a rooster junior but any crumb excuse to add to the 1 junior you have makes 2 compared to Souths 11 LOL.
    In the end , doesnt matter, no future in NRL, very ordinary.
    Cronk gave him a run last night for some experience against a club where turning up for training for the rest of the season is optional since 2 weeks ago and they still put on 2 tries and 3 bombed.

  10. EDSybil once again STOP MANIPULATING the facts to suit your statistics.
    FACT 1 . Souths also play home games away from Sydney to meet the demands of their adoring fans around Australia and New Zealand.
    FACT 2. Souths have superior game attendance figures taken over 5 years despite the drag queen (perfect) transit lounge roosters buying 2 premierships and 4 minor premierships in that time.
    FACT 3. The drag queen transit lounge roosters lower game attendance figures is a reflection of their continued depleting membership numbers where this year for example down around 800 on last year.
    FACT4. No other NRL Club in history has lost membership the year following a premiership. Very concerning indeed but not surprising at all to the savvy and informed NRL supporter.

  11. All them members didn’t stop the bulldogs from embarrassing Souths last week. You focus on member numbers like a loser, we focus on winning games.

  12. If that’s the best you have Back2Smack19 rest my case.
    Btw look at the table. Have won a few despite your guarantee we would be around 7th at this point. Lol

  13. I never said your stain would be 7th, I said you stain won’t make the top and will be eliminated the first week of finals

    Any team that is held tryless against the dogs is no hope of playing in a grand final

  14. What these clowns don’t understand with success comes sponsorship, growing membership, not to mention attracting the right people to the Club.
    The players at the Roosters want to be there. Sure they get paid well but so do the Burger Bros, so does RTS, Pierce, Ponga, Fergo, Graham, Widdup… All highly paid players that would go to the Chooks (or go back) in a heartbeat at a discout… Why? SUCCESS.
    watch the off season panic set in at clubs that (unknowingly) set up for 2019 failure.
    Clubs that have a smart boardroom, management, coaching staff, culture… will succeed.
    That’s what it’s all about… Right?

  15. EDSybil you must think I was born yesterday with your attempt to suck me into clicking on any link with the words sydneyroosters in it which anyone with common sense knows its probably corrupt and a viral threat but probably gets more hits than the roosters membership link.
    Roosters Junior Academy that you refer to is otherwise known as North Sydney Bears.
    Which junior competition are the Kensington Saints part of where Billy Smith played his junior football?

  16. What about rooster nine network doing a story on nobody sam veneriolls.?
    Had the audacity to say Damien Cook might be someone to watch.
    That’s right, a 64 Volkswagen bug watching a Ferrari.

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