2019-08-31T09:35:00Z - Sydney Cricket Ground
2019-08-31T09:35:00Z - Sydney Cricket Ground

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Sam Verrills 15'
S. Verrills 15'
James Tedesco 18'
J. Tedesco 18'
Latrell Mitchell 49'
L. Mitchell 49'
Daniel Tupou 75'
D. Tupou 75'
Viliame Kikau 3'
V. Kikau 3'
Latrell Mitchell 17'
L. Mitchell 17'
Latrell Mitchell 19'
L. Mitchell 19'
Nathan Cleary 5'
N. Cleary 5'
Latrell Mitchell 53'
L. Mitchell 53'

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Sydney Roosters

24/8/19DragonsW 12 - 34
18/8/19WarriorsW 42 - 6
11/8/19RaidersW 18 - 22
4/8/19TitansW 58 - 6
28/7/19BulldogsW 12 - 20


23/8/19CowboysL 24 - 10
16/8/19BroncosL 24 - 12
9/8/19SharksW 26 - 20
3/8/19BulldogsL 16 - 8
28/7/19RaidersL 18 - 30


  1. You saw it folks.
    No try to Cleary a sham as the commentators called it.
    Panthers up against it with tonight’s refs.
    Absolute disgrace.
    Which ref will the roosters appoint next week.?
    My money is on Ashley Klein.

  2. Hope Ivan Cleary cops the 10k and the club covers him.
    The refs need to be held accountable or we will continue to see this great game deteriorate.

  3. Not kidding Panthers18.
    Look how many times roosters defenders jumping the line and refs turning blind eye.
    No 50 50 calls gone panther’s way at all.

  4. Cronk out with an eye injury tonight.
    I hear he told Robinson if need be will wear an eye patch next week.
    2018 all over again.

  5. Robinson is suppose to be a super coach? I would love to see him coach an inexperienced side, and without the help of the refs.

  6. Cmon Panthers18, haven’t you worked it out that the NRL will do whatever it takes to have a replay of last years GF but Melb to win it this time

  7. Good win by the roosters. Penrith were average. 8 errors. Even though it seems from the comments most believe the panthers was robbed, the roosters would have won without the ‘terrible’ referreeing. I was fine with the first panthers no try. Stop standing in the line, you’ve had many years to learn this. Serves him right

  8. If you think that the 1st disallowed try was try, then you need to stop watching nrl and go back to soccer.

    5 more days until Stephanie is blaming the refs AGAIN.

  9. I think the better team won.
    The Panthers had a lot of chances in attack & struggled as they have for much of the year in attack.
    True the Nuggies were probably offside for a lot of the game. Though, Penrith’s defence looked to lack any mongrel when even some smaller forwards made huge inroads against them.
    The game showed another reason why they should have gone the last few games without Maloney. He’s leaving & they look better without him now. Give more experience to young Burton & Luai in first grade.
    Given how great the Nuggets are supposed to be. There’s not a huge amount between the clubs over the 2 games this year. A couple of forward changes. The new hooker next year. Another centre & more experience for the young guys at the Panthers.
    Futures not so bleak .. If Parramatta can leap up from the bottom, in just 1 off season. Penrith can also leap further up from lower down the table.

  10. “The Panthers had a lot of chances in attack & struggled as they have for much of the year in attack.”

    You were you supposed to put they have struggled for almost 2 decades

  11. Try as you like Back2Front.. Doesn’t worry me.
    Still , your team at second, didn’t really put the team way down the table to the sword. A team lacking confidence..
    You said before , that Penrith can’t make the 8 again next year. When actually, they made it for the last 3 ,before this year.
    Won’t take that much to change to again be in the 8.
    Your Nuggets didn’t look that scary this year when playing the Panthers. A team made up of mostly locals & players that came through the Penrith system.
    Imagine if they were the least penalised team in the comp next year. That’s got to be worth 5 plus more Wins in a year.. 👍

  12. “Imagine if they were the least penalised team in the comp next year. That’s got to be worth 5 plus more Wins in a year”

    Typical Penrith dreaming.

  13. No need to dream feathers.
    It’s just a fact. It means less good field position for the opposition, less tackling, better field position for the least penalised team in most games, least penalised team is less tired. Everything about being the least penalised team , means more Wins guaranteed.
    If you can’t see that from any games played? You don’t know your mouth from your ass.
    Maybe your saying the dreaming part is about actually being the least penalised team? No reason the Panthers or any other team shouldn’t go into a season & expect to be the least penalised team?
    Steggles last when they were the most penalised , not so many years ago.
    What else do you have?

  14. Finally the roosters get their chance to redeem themselves after Souths exposed them as the overrated, fake premiers with that humiliating hiding in R1.
    Will the Roosters man up and finally show some backbone next week or will they continue to run behind the soft draw gifted to them during and after origin including the refereeing debacle that cost the Raiders a win a a couple of weeks ago?
    Back2smack19 do you recall the 1st of many foolish and novice comments before R1?
    Let me remind you.
    WoodChoook February 23, 2019 at 11:02 pm
    “Can’t wait to see Souffs get rolled by the Premiership winning World Champions”
    Back2back19 February 24, 2019 at 5:13 am
    “It will be good to see Souths start 2019 the way they finished 2018.

    Souths don’t care what line up Robinson presents next week.
    If they are genuine premiership contenders they will have to show they can match it with a forward pack that Wayne Bennett has moulded into a formidable unit which is finally free of injuries and ready to unleash in the semis.

    Wont surprise if Robinson decides to continue running for now but knows at some point will have to face the music which on an even playing field I have no doubt Souths will crush the roosters through their superior forwards which everyone knows its what wins games.

  15. Got to agree with everyone else, NRL and refs are a sick joke, like the doggies on Thursday night, Panthers were ripped off by more cheating bunker trying to ensure r00rters victory. I’ve been saying it for years NRL only wants a Storm, R00rters or Broncos GF.

  16. Daffy I agree the refs have been a joke this year all around but to say they a favouring one team is just stupid.

  17. kelpy your back Sybil.
    How many nic changes is that now?
    Btw you’re a little behind the times.
    Why do you think the cash converters across the road from the roosters club is thriving?

  18. Back2Smack19 your prediction Souths will be eliminated week 1?
    Wish you were my bookie.
    Just worry about playing storm in week 3.
    Ask someone to explain how that will happen.

  19. I read a media report that every Easts member attended with two friends each that got in free. A grand total of 11311. What a club!

  20. chalky, notice how Frankfurter is pretending your post isn’t there?
    Yes, what a club.
    Also here’s one.
    Look on their membership website and you get 2 memberships for the price of 1 at $40.
    Something very wrong with that club.

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