2019-08-16T09:55:00Z - Suncorp Stadium
2019-08-16T09:55:00Z - Suncorp Stadium

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Kotoni Staggs 15'
K. Staggs 15'
Jamayne Isaako 43'
J. Isaako 43'
Jamayne Isaako 53'
J. Isaako 53'
Payne Haas 73'
P. Haas 73'
Nathan Cleary 36'
N. Cleary 36'
Brian To'o 56'
B. To'o 56'
Jamayne Isaako 16'
J. Isaako 16'
Jamayne Isaako 54'
J. Isaako 54'
Jamayne Isaako 74'
J. Isaako 74'
Nathan Cleary 36'
N. Cleary 36'
Nathan Cleary 57'
N. Cleary 57'
Jamayne Isaako 31'
J. Isaako 31'

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2/8/19StormL 4 - 40
27/7/19TitansW 12 - 34
18/7/19BulldogsW 28 - 6
13/7/19WarriorsD 18 - 18


9/8/19SharksW 26 - 20
3/8/19BulldogsL 16 - 8
28/7/19RaidersL 18 - 30
19/7/19DragonsW 40 - 18
12/7/19TitansW 24 - 2


  1. Maloney & Cleary haven’t really worked well as a combination at all.
    As Penrith won’t make the 8 & Maloney is going any way. Time for him to spend the last 3 rounds in Canterbury Cup.
    Way to many times just giving the ball back to the Broncos easily. That matches the majority of the season really.
    Too many arm tackles also. A tackler around the ankles each tackle would help.
    I think any Panthers supporter would be disappointed to see Mansour & Whare run out in the first grade team next season. Both are pedestrian & offer little in attack. Save cap space & get rid of both of them.
    Maybe look to buy some other up & coming centres from Canterbury Cup , if not good enough at Penrith? Like Kris from Mounties or Smith from North Sydney. Or both. To combine with Naden.
    A good running Hooker is also needed to take pressure off the halves. Could share the position with Kenny.

  2. A lot of Penrith’s players are playing everywhere else Edith. Lots in first grade.
    One player from North Sydney, compared to so many from Penrith to the east over many years. Chickens can’t keep them all & there’s no room at the hens roost for a centre in first grade.
    At Penrith, young players actually get a go in first grade. As they don’t usually go buying say ‘ Four or five halves from other clubs , to fill one position ‘.
    A whole 16 out of 17 players last week , from the Penrith system in first grade. Squawk all you like. Your coup could never say the same thing!
    So I’d say they could easilIy buy Smith & a couple of others if they chose to? So much room in the cap! No Maloney, no Gillard, no Blake, no DWZ etc..
    Players from North Sydney may actually like to play first grade. Not just be stuck in Canterbury Cup. Keep just buying more players & some young guys will leave. Let’s face it. Most of them are from elsewhere any way.
    You know it’s true & so do I!
    So suck it up Chicken boy.

  3. By the way. Leave our players alone Edith. Really?
    Didn’t you’re nibblets just buy Flanagan? Didn’t they also try making an offer to a centre ,Ramien?

  4. EOD, I agree with your comments above about how to restructure your team, except for Mansour being dropped from FG.
    In the games that I’ve seen him play this year he has been used to take at least 1 tackle every set from deep in your defence and usually makes good (better than average) metres, gets the ball into the middle, and worries, usually threatens to break through the defenders. He’s not as good as he once was at the other end of the field, granted, but if he had the right centre running next to him he could get back to scoring the try’s too.
    And no, we don’t want him, we’ve got Fergo to that for us.

  5. I’m not saying buy lots of top players. They don’t go there any way. Buying a few promising young players isn’t opening up the cheque book that much.
    As I said above. Look at the starting 17 right now. Not many that didn’t come through the Penrith system.
    I do support the giving the juniors a go. They have well & truly done that. More than any other club .
    Doesn’t mean you can’t buy a couple of promising young players from elsewhere. To strengthen positions that may be lacking. The clubs let more first graders go than any other club by far in recent years. Probably over all of its history in fact. So there’s no harm done buying a couple of players, that don’t even get in first grade regularly.
    It’s only going to far when you look to buy everyone that’s going , that are expensive & good first graders already. Only one club does that Edith. We all know that that club loves France as well. 🇫🇷👍

  6. If only the broncos had a number 6 to put our damaging ball running forwards through a hole.
    It’s called running to the line Darius
    Again, no assist Again you rat.
    Watch out guys for Izaia Perese.
    Another star is born.

  7. Fair enough Eels.
    It’s pretty annoying when your winger just keeps getting stood up & run around though. It happens regularly & happened again last night. Why? He’s too slow.
    Making ground from running the ball up is all well & good. Running the ball up & dropping it, dropping decent passes that would lead to a try, not being fast enough to get to the line, not being fast enough to not be stood up all the time.
    Those things wouldn’t be acceptable at Brisbane & plenty of other clubs . Not acceptable at Penrith either.
    Others may not agree ? I say , give us another Brian Too any day.

  8. Hey Edith. Don’t even read what’s written before replying?
    I said out of the 17 players in Penrith’s first grade team last week, only 1 didn’t come through the Penrith system. Last nights game it was all of the 17 but 2.
    Nothing to do with how many players that are Penrith juniors playing at other clubs.
    Players from Chickens at other clubs. We’d all guess that virtually none of them are French Dressed Chicken juniors. I mean actual juniors Edith. Not blow ins!!!

  9. Still so many are from the Penruth juniors catchment area. As apposed to the Chickens. Where virtually none are from the almost non existent juniors area that the Chickens have .
    So the first club that should also be happy to move should be your turkeys. Then they could perhaps have some junior area. Let’s face it, not too hard to just pick up the brown paper bags of overpayments & take them with them.
    However, we all know that they hated even trying to support one small area of the country ,in Wyong, as they were in there looking to get Newcastle juniors. So they stabbed that area in the back & scurried back to Sydney. North Sydney is as far as they could go. Help country football , He’ll No , say the French Dressed Chickens. 👍

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