RoostersSYD WIN BY 24
Sydney Cricket Ground
CROWD: 30,370

Match Summary



Joseph Manu 2'
J. Manu 2'
Mitchell Aubusson 10'
M. Aubusson 10'
Boyd Cordner 24'
B. Cordner 24'
Siosiua Taukeiaho 29'
S. Taukeiaho 29'
James Tedesco 35'
J. Tedesco 35'
Latrell Mitchell 58'
L. Mitchell 58'
Adam Reynolds 64'
A. Reynolds 64'
Latrell Mitchell 26'
L. Mitchell 26'
Latrell Mitchell 30'
L. Mitchell 30'
Adam Reynolds 65'
A. Reynolds 65'
Latrell Mitchell 8'
L. Mitchell 8'

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2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
All Run Metres
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2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Line Breaks
2024 AVG.
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2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Kick Metres
2024 AVG.
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2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Forty Twenty Kicks
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2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Tackles Made
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2024 AVG.
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Missed Tackles
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Previous 5 Games


5/9/19RabbitohsL 16 - 10
31/8/19PanthersW 22 - 6
24/8/19DragonsW 12 - 34
18/8/19WarriorsW 42 - 6
11/8/19RaidersW 18 - 22


5/9/19RoostersW 16 - 10
30/8/19WarriorsW 10 - 31
23/8/19BroncosW 20 - 22
17/8/19BulldogsL 6 - 14
11/8/19StormL 16 - 26


  1. My goodness the defending Premiers are superb, utterly blindingly brilliant display against a near full strength South Sydney team. Very dominant display from Sydney Roosters forwads.
    Half time 26-0

  2. Big ask for Souths after 1st 20 mins roosters 10mtr non existant and Souths penalised 3-4 times on 4th tackle for inside the 10.
    Allowed roosters too much possession hence 20 pt start.
    May as well had the MRC and judiciary reffing.
    Roosters too good tonight overall but Souths not gone just yet.

  3. Back2Smack19 hiding since last week’s loss and now popped up when sure of the win like the ultimate coward you have proven yourself to be.

  4. Souths have been bashed up two weeks in a row. Blood everywhere from the cardinal and green girlies. Ahahahahaha

    Roosters relaxed and preserving their bodies for the final. Easy victory in 2nd gear tonight by the Sydney Premiers and World Champions.

    Bennett’s defence playbook is out of date in his old age. 48 last year was let in and this year another 30. No wonder Brisbane sacked Bennett.

    Souths Sydney can not come back from this. RIP Souths.

  5. I thought the turning point was when Johnston fumbled the kick early in 1st half and gave away goal line drop out. All the momentum after that seemed to be Easts’ way.

  6. What exactly are you implying Twentyone about Oxford St. I think Zero Tackle should take a good hard look at Twentone’s insulting hiden meanings.

    Please monitor Twentyone ZT on behalf of the happy go lucky community that dwell in that wonderful part of Sydney.

  7. People making downgrading remarks about Oxford St and the people in the comunity Should be Banned. Please Zero Tackle deal with Twentyone accordingly.

  8. Pathetic.. probably the most boring game i’ve seen all year.. I would rather listen to Fran Drescher for 2 hours than watch that Tripe..

  9. The Roosters were at full strength thanks to the judiciary clearing JWH in under 12 minutes for an intentional head shot.
    Evans will miss his game. His only crime was not staying with the roosters because if he did I can guarantee he would have played tonight.

  10. Navisdog is clown πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

  11. Now for my Raiders to knock over Melbourne.

    It will be a Canberra vs Sydney Grand Final. Canberra will anilate Cronulla and Parramatta will fall to the Roosters. Storm and Souths out in Straight sets.

  12. OUTPLAYED OUTCOACHED OUTCLASSED And if 5 tries to three in round one and 2 tries each in round 25 were huniliating hidings tonight would have to be called the mother of humiliating hidings.

  13. Kev September 13, 2019 at 10:13 pm
    “The Roosters were at full strength thanks to the judiciary clearing JWH in under 12 minutes for an intentional head shot.”
    Not to mention Cordner and Tetevano no case to answer.
    MRC a joke?

  14. Just mulling over some history during the 2000’s. Sydney Roosters with this victory over a pretentious premiership contender tonight in South Sydney. Have qualified for their 11th “Preliminary Final” in the past 20 seasons.

    Therefore that means this amazing competitive club has finished at least 3rd in over 50% of their competed seasons during the 21st century.

    I wonder if Russell Crowe will add that statistic into his book of false fueds.
    After all he claimed the Roosters are a foundation club who lost their soul somwhere along the way.

    It seems that Crowe considers success as losing your soul. Perhaps the acadamy award winner lost his soul years ago after collecting his gold statue and buying the 2014 premiership.

  15. South Sydney on the other hand have missed the top eight on 13 occasions during the 21st century. Played in 3 “Preliminary Finals” in 20 years.

    I would say South Sydney have lost their soul. They continually purchase players with the majority not up to NRL standard. 1 premiership in 48 seasons.
    Ahahaha. Extremely amusing.

  16. Let’s face it Souths were garbage and r00rters were red hot. Bennett coaches Broncos to a first up semi smashing last year and now Souths to a first up semi smashing. They had no intensity and were standing back and letting r00rters make 15-20m every tackle. Is Roberts the laziest player in the NRL, did absolutely zero for his team, what a dud signing.

  17. This excerpt is from Michael Chammas from the NRL…
    However the victory could come at a huge price for the Roosters, with prop Jared Waerea-Hargreaves facing the prospect of being rubbed out of at least the preliminary final through suspension.
    Waerea-Hargreaves, who only this week was successful at the judiciary in beating a high tackle charge on Liam Knight, may be charged by the match review committee for an alleged trip on James Roberts late in the second half.
    Given his poor record, he is ineligible to accept a fine and would face the prospect of missing matches if he is charged.

    The judiciary will say he cant play next week and that will be ok.

  18. Twentyone back door coward? Thats a bit harsh mate. And i am not edward who ever that is. Bennet himself said they were outplayed. And i just repeated what you posted last week. Nothing to play for last week everything to play for tonight. Without sam no one to put them off their game. jwh gone for next game.

  19. One of many typical quotes from astute NRL judges from various forums;

    “Im really keen to see if Buettner takes the time to watch the game in the morning and pick up the JWH trip. It is definitely a contrary conduct charge albeit a fine but JWH has prior charges and must be charged with a penalty of 100 points and with carry over points he will miss one or two games. We will see how honest this g is come morning.”

    Its obvious many NRL fans are expecting consistency on this one given what happened to Sam Burgess.
    If he lets this pass again then it confirms not worth following this comical game until honest officials in all positions are appointed.
    They wonder why we are losing fans to AFL

  20. Quote from another keen NRL astute judge from another forum;
    “Current Chooks players on $700K-$1M+ each: Cronk, Keary, Tedesco, Friend, Cordner, Crichton, JWH (5.5-$6M total)… That’s more than half the cap being taken by 7 players. Then Mitchell, Manu, Morris, Tupou & SST would easily burn another $2M.
    So roughly 12 players are taking up close to $8M of a $9.6M cap. The remaking 18 players are left sharing $1.6M, or approx. $89K each?? Yeah, nah!
    For a team that supposedly has the least 3rd party agreements in the NRL, it doesn’t add up. They are definitely cheating the cap, big time.”

  21. busta you say Hargreaves gone for the next game?
    What are the odds he gets off?
    Don’t waste your hard earned money betting he gets suspended.
    Haven’t you seen enough how this works by now?

  22. JWH must be suspended for the trip if ineligible for a fine similar to the Burgi otherwise this corrupt NRL needs to be investigated

  23. Not really William76
    What has been exposed is the leg up the MRC has given the roosters with 3 that should have been suspended and Sam Burgess wrongfully miss the game.

  24. Be a man Twentyone and stop making up excuses. Your nonstop excuses and complaints are annoying.
    South Sydney got a 40 minute glimpse of what makes up a premiership winning team. The Rabbits have big issues. Johnston is a winger who will never successfully transform into a fullback. His defence is non existent.

    Massive problems like last season defensively in the centre/wing areas on borh sides and like last week Sydney ran for more metres in the forwards with an extra 700m plus.

    Sydney Forwards were far more powerful than South Sydney forwards but that is to be expected after being belted up last week and being dominated two weeks straight. Roosters made easy metres up the middle all night.

    Canberra Raiders to expose Melbourne as pretenders today as Sydney exposed the the soft Rabbits.

  25. With all the research you have gathered JWH has not got a case to answer to, his leg was already extended when Roberts took off running so JWH continued to grab at him while Roberts ran over his leg.

    A bit like if a person unaware extends a leg while walking in front of a car. The result is there will be impact by the vehicle upon the leg.

  26. Another thing that all teams must acheive to thrash South Sydney. Is great marker defence which nullified Cooks dummy half runs. Cook ran about 60m to Verrills 80m

    Robinson got his troops to utilize this tactic in last seasons Preliminary Final when they eliminated the Rabbitohs. Keep Cook bottled up and his high try assists and line break assists becomes non existent. Roosters 30 – Souths 6.

  27. There would of been a lot of tears flowing in Stephanie’s housing commission unit last night.

    The south Sydney stain will be eliminated next week

  28. William77 the main consensus on all forums is about whether Hargrub gets 1 or gets 2 weeks.
    “Accidental” is only offered by anyone roosters.
    All eyes on the farcical MRC.

  29. Ahahhahahah very good Chookstir.
    One more thing, I read Bennett admitted he made a mistake by playing Johnston at fullback and Doueihi on the flank. My point is this old timer is not the master coach. “Master Coach’s” don’t make mistakes.

    At the start of the season he identified Johnston as a weak link and set about changing that immediately, by announcing Ingliss before he retired would be fullback and Johnston wing.

    Age obviously is getting the better of him. Bennett has forgotten what his original plan was.

    Again Bennett has proven his coaching strategies are useless these days by letting 78 points in his last two finals appearances.
    Playing Johnston at fullback added to his Bennett coached team woes.

    That foolish immortal who said South Sydney would win the comp and Murray was an Australian Captain, has proven he knows nothing and he is always incorrect at his outrageous crazy statements.

  30. I haven’t seen the game yet but apparently the Roosters were ”on” and Souths were ”off”. The only thing that upsets me about the result is all the sarcastic remarks and dribble on this topic. As I recall, the grand final isn’t played until October, so hold off with the gloating. Keep in mind it’s only a game of foot ball, there are more important things in life.

  31. The main reasons South’s lost was due to their Forward pack, and the main reason for Roosters to win was also their Forward pack, And this clearly outlines how corrupt NRL is. Think about it, they deliberately let JWH play even though he hit a player senseless, and they deliberately banned Burgess knowing perfectly well that it will give one team advantage over the other. In my books this is flat out Corruption.

  32. chookstirfried finally you have resurfaced after a week of hiding since R25, how courageous of you.
    Don’t worry about the Burrow, did you notice the hundreds of 30yr old females sitting with their daughters and grandchildren in the chookpen?
    I believe its part of a drive to increase the rooster fan base.
    Another initiative from the Roosters.

  33. chalky
    September 5, 2019 at 11:00 pm

    “And it wasn’t even raining.”

    Looks like Dribble last week with a sarcastic remark. What sort of a South Sydney fan are you Chalky when you have not even watch the game?

    Sounds like one of those 29.5k Souths members who never go to the game. Last night the crowd was 65-35 Roosters favour.
    Rooster vs Sourhs home games this year at SCG. Rnd 1. 24.5k, Final wk 1. 30k
    Souths vs Roosters at Olympic Park 20k

    Peopke love watching Roosters at their home in SYDNEY.

  34. AlexRetiman, your summation of the MRC is shared by the majority of NRL fans and confirms there is something very disturbing with the apparent bias shown afforded the Sydney Roosters.
    Jared Warea Hargreaves along with Cordner and Tetevano being allowed to play last night and disadvantage that Souths were handed with the comical suspension of Sam Burgess has put a big question mark over the credibility of the MRC to the majority of astute NRL followers, unless you are a delusional rooster supporter.
    NRL Fans and media are waiting to see what excuse the MRC will come up with once again in support of Hargreaves as opposed to the common sense conclusion of whether he will cop either 1 or 2 weeks.
    Coincidently, but without innuendo, the Chairman of the MRC is Michael Buettner an ex North Sydney Bears player which is the Canterbury Cup feeder club for the roosters.
    Make up your own opinion on the relevance of that.

  35. Willow77 here you go again with your extremely interesting but incorrect crowd figures carrying on from a couple of your 14 barred previous nics Edwardwoodope and Franksprurter.
    You obviously didn’t hear the commentator when he stated that despite being a rooster home final, the Souths fans clearly outnumber the roosters.
    Can I suggest you look beyond the chookpen when making your assumption?

  36. Bulldust Twentyone, the TV coverage clearly showed you are relying on hearsay and not your own eyesight. Clutching at straws. Dream on LOSER

  37. Master Coach Bennett

    Last years semi
    Saints 48 def Bennett’s Broncs 18
    This years semi
    Sydney 30 def Bennett’s Rabbits 6

    Bennett has taken Souths backwards as the equivalent game last season under Siebold, Melbourne defeated Souths 29-28. When they finally played the Roosters they only lost 3 tries to nil, unlike last night when Bennett’s Rabbits got spanked 6 tries to 1.

  38. TwityONE… stop your dribble, you’re only embarrassing yourself.
    Souffs LOST… dud team, dud coach and you’re not doing them any favours as a dud supporter.

  39. Sourhs small home crowds this year has caught the attention of League commentators when they have been saying that they have the loudest Boo !!!call in the comp.

    The reason they have the loudest Boo !!!! Is because for 47 of the past 48 seasons the Souths fans have nothing to cheer about and plenty of Booing this hopeless team of chokers.πŸ‘

  40. Oh I almost forgot Twentyone.

    Sydney Roosters inflicted the biggest defeat on the Soft South Sydney team this season 30-6

    It is the biggest defeat by any team since 26 Aug 2017, when Melbourne defeated the weak Soft South Sydney girls 64-6


    Just repeat that Sydney Roosters inflicted Soft Souths 30-6 which is their biggest defeat since August 2017.

  41. Woody, William, whoever. I wasn’t at the game because I had a family commitment, that’s what I meant when I said it’s only a game of football. Question: Do you really go back over posts with a fine tooth comb just to pick out statements from others just to make a point? Get help and get it asap.

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