PanthersPEN WIN BY 2
Accor Stadium

Match Summary



Mitch Kenny 17'
M. Kenny 17'
Moses Leota 62'
M. Leota 62'
Stephen Crichton 67'
S. Crichton 67'
Nathan Cleary 76'
N. Cleary 76'
Thomas Flegler 38'
T. Flegler 38'
Ezra Mam 44'
E. Mam 44'
Ezra Mam 52'
E. Mam 52'
Ezra Mam 54'
E. Mam 54'
Stephen Crichton 18'
S. Crichton 18'
Nathan Cleary 63'
N. Cleary 63'
Nathan Cleary 68'
N. Cleary 68'
Nathan Cleary 78'
N. Cleary 78'
Adam Reynolds 39'
A. Reynolds 39'
Adam Reynolds 45'
A. Reynolds 45'
Adam Reynolds 53'
A. Reynolds 53'
Adam Reynolds 56'
A. Reynolds 56'
Nathan Cleary 29'
N. Cleary 29'

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All Run Metres
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Line Breaks
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2024 TOTAL
Kick Metres
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2024 TOTAL
Forty Twenty Kicks
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2024 TOTAL
Tackles Made
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2024 TOTAL
Missed Tackles
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Live Commentary

80' - Panthers 26 - Broncos 24
Do Brisbane have the energy? Not a great start. They make little in the way of metres on the first few, then Walsh tries to cut through, but then in an attempted offload, throws the ball straight to Sorensen. There was still 35 seconds. He didn't need to do that.

Penrith will win. The Panthers will win the grand final.


79' - Panthers 26 - Broncos 24
And they do go short. The challenge sees the ball go up and come down, with Brian To'o coming up with it. Penrith will try to wind the clock down in this set.

They get to within 40, then on the last Cleary kicks down towards the corner. Arthars fields and Brisbane have to go 80 metres.

79' - Panthers 26 - Broncos 24
1:52 to go. Brisbane must go short.

79' - Panthers 26 - Broncos 24
CONVERSION! Nathan Cleary
Cleary missed two tackles to put the Panthers behind, but he has single-handedly put them back ahead here.

76' - Panthers 24 - Broncos 24
TRY! Nathan Cleary
The Panthers. You can not keep this team down. Not today. Not yesterday. Not ever. Nathan Cleary is a magician. He has it on the left, steps back to the right, runs through a gap and scores.

It's not over, but what a comeback this is.

75' - Panthers 20 - Broncos 24
The Panthers back to halfway then. They push over, then swing it right and scrambling defence shuts down Garner after a long run. Cleary with a shallow kick on the last, the ball stays with Penrith, they go left and Crichton comes up with a grubber that forces a drop out.

Under five minutes to go.

74' - Panthers 20 - Broncos 24
Staggs now stays down looking for a crusher tackle penalty out of his own end. Adam Gee, who has been phenomenal, lets things continue, and the kick on the last sees To'o bring it back.

73' - Panthers 20 - Broncos 24
The Panthers now looking to swing left and a great bit of work out of the line from Farnworth sees the ball hit the ground with Penrith pushed back to the 30. Two plays left, a swing to the right, not much happening and Garner takes the tackle. Last play, Cleary for Sorensen, then Crichton a grubber and Cobbo picks it out of the air.

73' - Panthers 20 - Broncos 24
A big moment here. Reynolds arrows the drop out at the sideline. I think it was probably going out anyway, and Cleary puts a foot over the sideline before catching it, so out on the full.

Reynolds challenges, and yes, a wonderful bit of work from Cleary. Penrith with a full set from ten out.

72' - Panthers 20 - Broncos 24
And now the teams come together again. A great play on the left from Penrith, a lovely kick sits up on the tryline and the defence come through to force the drop out.

Flegler takes exception to the rough contact and the teams come together. Drop out ahead, and I'd anticipate Adam Gee is starting to get close to some action here.

71' - Panthers 20 - Broncos 24
The wind has changed according to those on the sideline - southerly has just kicked in from behind the Panthers.

Meanwhile, Walsh goes for a run, beats the line and is only taken 35 out by the scramble defence, but that brings Brisbane back onto the attack. They go left for nothing, then Flegler settles. Last play, and they look to run as Reynolds finds Piakura who is tackled 15 out. Handover.

70' - Panthers 20 - Broncos 24
Mitch Kenny absolutely bowling up here. Liam Martin taken in a tackle, and a late arm from a third man in got him above the chinline... Quick stoppage for some push and shove and we are away again.

Cleary kicks from halfway this time and Arthars somehow hangs onto it.

69' - Panthers 20 - Broncos 24
CONVERSION! Nathan Cleary
And he slots it from out wide. Four points is the gap, 11 minutes to go.

68' - Panthers 18 - Broncos 24
TRY! Stephen Crichton
You can not keep these Panthers down. Crichton has another grand final try. They went to the left, and this time it's Crichton who straightens up and runs straight through the retreating defence.

Big kick to come.

67' - Panthers 14 - Broncos 24
Brisbane now going back to errors. They get to halfway, but then Carrigan puts the ball down. Penrith to come back onto the attack.

Yeo and Sorensen have passed their HIAs so will be back shortly.

66' - Panthers 14 - Broncos 24
The Panthers now on the attack and suddenly, it's Brisbane on the back foot despite their ten-point lead. They now look a little lost in attack as Brisbane scramble in defence. Edwards takes Tackle 5, then Leota almost barges over, but Hetherington with an unbelievable tackle.

65' - Panthers 14 - Broncos 24
Nathan Cleary is taking over! He has booted a MONSTER 40/20! From his own 30-metre line on the third play of the set. Wow.

64' - Panthers 14 - Broncos 24
CONVERSION! Nathan Cleary
16 to go, and a ten-point game. Penrith have to be next to score again.

63' - Panthers 12 - Broncos 24
TRY! Moses Leota

It's twisting and it's turning. Penrith back to haflway, then Cogger goes to Cleary who shows it, goes, then passes inside for Moses Leota and he scores under the posts.

Just maybe...

Scott Sorensen off for a HIA too.

62' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 24
Sets each way as this game just settles for a moment now.

60' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 24
Penrith now back onto the attack and they almost must score here. Good defence at the back end of the set keeps Penrith 25 out, and Cleary provides a high kick towards the post. Crichton was there, but Cobbo comes in and does a great job.

59' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 24
If the Broncos score here, you pretty much start engraving their name on the trophy, and Ezra Mam's on the Clive Churchill Medal...

But they don't. A ball hits the ground on the attack as they throw it around, and Crichton dives on it before offloading to Leota who sends Penrith the other way.

Brisbane probably just need to realise it's time to control the game, rather than play expansive.

58' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 24
Captain's challenge here after a penalty for a call of strip. Unsuccessful, so penalty Brisbane.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed Luai's shoulder is the purpose of him heading off.

57' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 24
It's getting even worse now for the Panthers. Isaah Yeo down in backplay. Copped a shoulder to the head from Kobe Hetherington and he will be off for a HIA.

57' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 24
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
Reynolds slots the conversion. Penrith have fallen apart here.

55' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 22
TRY! Ezra Mam
What is going on here? Ezra Mam has three tries back to back. Cleary misses another tackle, this time on Reece Walsh and he sends Mam away for his third.

54' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 18
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
The Broncos have scored 18 straight points. Penrith need a lot to go right here.

53' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 16
TRY! Ezra Mam
The Broncos are through again! They rip a hole open on the left-hand side and while Penrith scramble to shut that down, a few plays later it's another step from Ezra Mam who then runs away to score in the corner.

52' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 12
Cogger has come into the game here for Penrith as they look for an injection of fresh legs... And oh no it's not just that. Jarome Luai is off!

Cleary kicks from halfway at the end of this set and Brisbane bring it back well again.

51' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 12
Brisbane now with another strong set. Back to within 30, then Reynolds kicks high down to Edwards, but the Panthers again have to work it off their own line.

50' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 12
Penrith forced to bash it out of their own end and they have to kick from short of halfway. Suddenly they are the ones under pressure.

49' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 12
Oh how haven't the Broncos scored there? They bring it back onto the attack, swing it right and appear to have numbers on the last, but Crichton with a great tackle on Riki to force the handover.

46' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 12
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
Well, the Broncos hit the front. Adam Reynolds swings this back from the sideline and suddenly Penrith are behind despite having all the running.

45' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 10
TRY! Ezra Mam
Penrith have had all the running here, but their attack has been clunky, and now they are forced to pay for the seven-tacle set. Back to halfway, then Mam turns on the afterburners. A great step around his man and no one can catch him as he heads for the corner.

44' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 6
Penrith back over halfway on the third play through To'o and Turuva, then Lindsay Smith is out there now and goes up the middle. Cleary an early kick on the next and that's too long. Poor kick, and it gives a seven-tackle set.

43' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 6
The Broncos get back to within ten of halfway, then Reynolds kicks down on the full to Edwards who is back to within 15 of halfway, and this is going the same way as the first half. Penrith getting on top early.

42' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 6
The Panthers back onto the attack, then a kick on the last is chipped to the corner. Walsh goes above the pack and lands awkwardly with the ball. Takes the wind out of him but he is okay.

41' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 6
Well, the Broncos away with another mistake. Solid enough set headlined by a Flegler run, but then Walsh kicks long and this is taken on the full in goal giving away a seven-tackle set.

HALFTIME - Panthers 8 - Broncos 6
One-way traffic for most of that half. Brisbane gave away a lot of possession with errors, but head into the sheds just two points down.

Full halftime report is here.

Join us again shortly for the second half.

40' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 6
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
Reynolds slots the kick from in front.

39' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 4
TRY! Thomas Flegler
The Broncos desperately need points before halftime, and oh wow! A gamble on the last play sees a run up the guts of the attack as the Panthers' defence scrambles. They can't shut down Thomas Flegler though who barges over to score under the posts.

Adam Gee has awarded it, but has he got this down? They'll be having a close look in the bunker. And no, it has been confirmed. Try time. Brisbane on the board.

37' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 0
The Panthers with a solid enough set, but then give away a penalty and the Broncos will march onto the attack.

36' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 0
An excellent set now from the Broncos. Arthars and Carrigan heavily involved again before a grubber from Reynolds to the corner turns it over in a good spot.

35' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 0
Penrith again turn the ball over in a good spot and Brisbane will have to bring it out of their own end.

34' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 0
The Broncos solid enough out of their own end but Penrith will be able to bring it back onto the attack again here.

33' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 0
Penrith back over halfway with half the set to go, then Spencer Leniu with his first carry of the game and grabbing 15 minutes. Another play to the left, then Cleary stabs a low kick from 25 out, and again Mam is pinned inside his own ten.

32' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 0
Thomas Flegler has passed his HIA so will be back in a few minutes.

32' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 0
Brisbane get to halfway, then kick down to Dylan Edwards who runs it back strongly to within 15 of halfway.

31' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 0
A strong set after points again from this Panthers' juggernaut, and Brisbane have to bring it back again.

30' - Panthers 8 - Broncos 0
It's already starting to look a long way back for the Broncos now.

29' - Panthers 6 - Broncos 0
Ah dear. The drop out now goes out on the full. Penrith to take a shot at penalty goal.

28' - Panthers 6 - Broncos 0
Oh Reece Walsh. He hasn't had a good night so far. Grabs a grubber, then goes across the park rather than up it, and winds up being pushed back into his in goal.

26' - Panthers 6 - Broncos 0
Well, Reynolds forced to make a tackle almost straight away. He looks ginger but is moving. Penrith push onto the attack and look to run it on the last with Luai held up five metres out.

25' - Panthers 6 - Broncos 0
Huge problem here for the Broncos. They head to the right-hand side after a wonderful run from Arthars. Reynolds feeds it on for Walsh who can't control the pass, but then stays down clutching at a groin or hip.

He is going to try and stay on the field here as Adam Gee gives the two skippers a dressing down for another push and shove.

25' - Panthers 6 - Broncos 0
The pace of this game is still lightning and surely can't keep up in this heat. Penrith back to halfway this set before Cleary unloads a torpedo down to Arthars.

24' - Panthers 6 - Broncos 0
So, Thomas Flegler off for a HIA, and the Broncos will be sweating on him passing that. The Broncos meanwhile with it all happening in this set, but ultimately going nowhere despite a number of extra passes and offloads. Reynolds kicks towards the corner on the last, it bounces and heads into touch.

Was Cobbo taken off the ball here by Turuva? Replays indicate that should have been a penalty, but the Panthers will have possession out of their own end.

22' - Panthers 6 - Broncos 0
This is starting to look dangerous now for the Broncos with Penrith pushing back onto the attack with relative ease, but Brisbane are let off the hook as Cleary passes left for Kenny and he drops the ball 20 out.

21' - Panthers 6 - Broncos 0
Strong sets each way as we get going again here. Brisbane end up kicking from out of their own territory and Turuva does a great job saving a possible 40/20.

19' - Panthers 6 - Broncos 0
CONVERSION! Stephen Crichton
Stephen Crichton doing the kicking then - Nathan Cleary currently grabbing at a knee but looks like he will be okay. The centre slots this over.

18' - Panthers 4 - Broncos 0
TRY! Mitch Kenny
The Broncos go for the short drop out, and manage to make first play at it through Staggs, but the ball bounces into the path of Mitch Kenny who goes over to score untouched.

Brisbane deserved to concede for their errors, but not like that.

17' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
Penrith go with the set play off the scrum to the right, but Brisbane hang on again. Leota tackled up the middle, then a ball bounces to the right and To'o is tackled. Fisher-Harris has a go up the middle, nthen with two plays left it's left through Luai and Cleary for Crichton, but he is tackled as well. Last play now, with Yeo out the back to Cleary, then a grubber goes through and Walsh is forced to play at it.

Drop out coming up.

15' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
Penrith again on the attack. A more standard type of set this time before Cleary throws the kick up and Staggs does brilliantly in the air.

But oh dear. He plays it back to Walsh who knocks on at dummy half. Brisbane up to four errors plus a seven tackle set given away.

14' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
The Broncos don't make it past halfway again this set and now To'o will bring it back to his own 30.

13' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
The Panthers now away with a seven-tackle set and can work it back onto the attack here. Inside 20, then Cleary takes them on, offloads to Luai, he offloads to Cleary, Fisher-Harris then gets rid of it and this is an absolute mess before Sorensen almost slips through. Final play now, Cleary kicks, it's very shallow, batted back, Cleary to Yeo to Luai and his kick is picked off by Riki.

Brisbane will pay for errors eventually, but Penrith really clunky here.

12' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
It's just little errors here from the Broncos, but they continue to flow. Reece Walsh rips a kick out of his own 40 at the end of this set and sends it over the dead ball line.

11' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
The Panthers go right this time and Tago is almost through, but eventually trapped by the sliding defence. A settling type of play back to the middle, then Edwards looks to go right but surrenders with an obstruction ahead of him. Two plays remain, and this time it's Yeo tackled. So now the last, Cleary on the right, finds Edwards and he is tackled by the cover defence.

Brisbane survive another error. Defending well, but Penrith look a little clunky.

10' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
Well, the Broncos have now made three errors in the opening ten minutes. Cobbo this time on Tackle 2 trying to get it out of his own end via the sideline.

9' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
The Panthers now working their way back onto the set. A strong set and then Cleary goes himself through a gap, almost splitting them. He is tackled about ten out, then Luai is forced to stab a grubber on the last, but Riki does a great job under pressure.

8' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
The Brisbane centres have been phenomenal so far. Farnworth gets half through the line on the left, then a swing to the right sees Staggs threaten and clear halfway. Back to the middle though and Haas tries an offload, but Reynolds can't hold that as it bounces along the ground towards him.

7' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
The Panthers working it away now through the back, then Sorensen and Yeo bring it to halfway before Cleary kicks long and high down to Arthars, and he is met by a solid chase.

6' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
And the Broncos can't capitalise. They swing it to the left very quickly through a number of decoys and hands, but the defensive scramble sees Arthars end up in touch as he tried to hold the pass that was just ever so slightly out in front of him.

5' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
How about the reward for the risk here? Brisbane with some huge runs to get to 40 out, then Walters snaps a 40/20 from dummy half with Turuva up in the line and Edwards centre field.

4' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
The Panthers with the scrum from 40 out, centre of the field and they can go onto the attack here. More heavy collisions here before Edwards explores across the line but is tackled 20 out. Half the count remains, a fast play the ball and Sorensen runs into a dead end on the left. The Panthers then go right and Tago is only stopped by desperate sliding defence.Cleary kicks on the last, and what an unbelievable effort from Staggs! He takes this, ends up in goal and somehow gets out.

Meanwhile, Reece Walsh appears to be struggling with an ankle injury.

3' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
And oh! You can't allow the Panthers to have free opportunities. Brisbane did this last week against the Warriors but survived. Flegler hit hard as he brings it out, then Farnworth loses it in a heavy three-man collision, before a push and shove follows between the two sides.

The intensity is enormous here.

3' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
So, Penrith the first side to take a tackle over halfway in this one. More heavy collisions, and the kick on the last will force Brisbane to bring it out of their own end.

2' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
It certainly feels like the crowd is in favour of Brisbane here early on, but a strong first set in defence from Penrith as they pin Brisbane inside their own half before Reynolds kicks, and Edwards brings it back dangerously on the bounce.

1' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
Away. We. Go! The decider is underway. James Fisher-Harris with the first run of the game into a solid wall of defence and we are away. Some heavy, heavy collisions in this opening set, and Cleary will kick from ten shy of halfway down to Arthars who carries it back.

0' - Panthers 0 - Broncos 0
Here we go! Broncos to kick-off. Just a couple of minutes late for those playing along at home.

The teams are out there. We will pause for the national anthem and welcome to country, and then it's go time!

The premiership trophy has just been delivered, and the teams are about to run out to a sell out crowd!

The pre-game entertainment is done and dusted, and I have to say, it exceeded expectations. Kick-off is ten minutes away.

The weather is still stinking hot here in Sydney. About 30 degrees as we approach kick-off.

If you're looking for a bit of pre-match reading, then be sure to check out our full preview of the grand final, crystal ball predictions and full guide to the game.

Final teams are in and, as expected, it's a case of 1-17 on both sides of the ledger here.

Hello, hello! Welcome to Zero Tackle's live coverage of the 2023 NRL grand final as the Penrith Panthers look for the rare three-peat, and the Brisbane Broncos aim to lift the trophy for the first time since 2006. What an evening we have ahead of us.

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