BroncosBRI WIN BY 26
Suncorp Stadium
CROWD: 50,197

Match Summary



Kotoni Staggs 7'
K. Staggs 7'
Reece Walsh 50'
R. Walsh 50'
Jordan Riki 53'
J. Riki 53'
Selwyn Cobbo 73'
S. Cobbo 73'
Adam Reynolds 8'
A. Reynolds 8'
Adam Reynolds 51'
A. Reynolds 51'
Adam Reynolds 54'
A. Reynolds 54'
Adam Reynolds 74'
A. Reynolds 74'
Adam Reynolds 38'
A. Reynolds 38'

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Live Commentary

Broncos 26 - Storm 0
The Broncos just too good for the Storm! They will host a preliminary final in a fortnight, while the Storm will be forced to play next week against either the Sharks or Roosters.

75' - Broncos 26 - Storm 0
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
And another conversion!

74' - Broncos 24 - Storm 0
TRY! Selwyn Cobbo
It doesn't feel like there is much left to cheer about for anyone here, but the Broncos go over again through Selwyn Cobbo. Lovely ball from Reynolds and it burns the Storm for space on the edge with Cobbo scoring untouched.

73' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
They are now taking Papenhuyzen off on the medicab.

You have to wonder if there will be any appetite from any player to finish this game.

73' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
Papenhuyzen will be taken off by the medicab here. They are just stabilising his leg at the moment.

73' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
This is horrible. Ryan Papenhuyzen has just completely had his ankle turned in a tackle. He is on the ground with medical staff. I don't really have the words to describe this. He was out for more than 400 days.

72' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
Loiero now also has to go for a HIA.

Melbourne then give away a penalty, and the Broncos will keep pushing for more points, which is something of a surprise at this point.

71' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
It's getting worse now for the Storm. Marion Seve off for a HIA after a head clash with Trent Loiero, who appears as if he will be able to stay on the park. That was in the act of attempting to stop a try, which they managed to do. Xavier Coates has also gone off with that ankle injury.

Two plays left for the Broncos. Not much on the first of those, then a Reynolds grubber is taken by Papenhuyzen.

70' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
The Storm make a break on the last. Coates looked to be away for the corner, but a penalty is blown for an obstruction. Tonumaipea knocked Reynolds over.

Adding to problems for the Storm, it appears Coates is now down with some sort of injury. This is bad. Horrific. Coates is in all sorts of pain on the ground as he is attended to by medical staff.

69' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
The air starting to go out of this contest now. Brisbane turn it over and invite Melbourne back onto the attack again.

66' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
This is as bad as the Storm have played not just this year, but in probably two decades. Asofa-Solomona puts it down this time and surely, that's the end of any chance for the Storm to win this.

They had better start preparing for a semi-final against the Roosters or Sharks next week.

Brisbane can get ready for a Saturday night preliminary final in a fortnight.

64' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
The Storm are down for the count, but they win a scrum against the feed. It's desperation times though and they must score right here. Again though, this attack is just horrific. An Asofa-Solomona goes to ground, and Hughes has to go back and clean up. Then a play left has nothing, before the last sees Munster kick, and it'll force a drop out, but the Storm need more than that.

63' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
Melbourne again just absolutely pedestrian here before a ball is flinged out right, but behind Will Warbrick who drops the ball in trying to pick it up.

The Storm captain's challenge this call, thinking it wasn't a knock on, but this is a clear knock on.

61' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
The Storm with a strong set and a good break from Papenhuyzen, but then they look like they haven't met each other on the left again, before Munster kicks too long and gives away a seven tackle set.

59' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
So, the Broncos defend strongly again, and Melbourne have to kick from just ten over halfway with Cobbo bringing it back this time.

58' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
Brisbane can't make anything happen with their set, but turn it over in a healthy position yet again.

57' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
Well, how the Broncos have wound up with a penalty after Marion Seve is taken out in the chase and Reece Walsh initiated contact in the air with Ryan Papenhuyzen on the ground is beyond this commentator, but anyway, penalty Brisbane.

55' - Broncos 20 - Storm 0
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
And the lead extends further. A long, long way back now for the Storm.

54' - Broncos 18 - Storm 0
TRY! Jordan Riki
Another try? Jordan Riki goes through off a short pass from Reece Walsh and appears to score, but Grant Atkins sends it up as a no try, claiming he never saw the ball get to the line.

Replays will show the ball does just that though. It's a try, and the Broncos extend their lead again. Is that the try that books the Broncos a home preliminary final?

53' - Broncos 14 - Storm 0
This is getting bad for the Storm now. Walsh kicks, Katoa hits him just a fraction late and it's a penalty for the Broncos.

Captain's challenge. Christian Welch wanted one, but the referee tells them they are over the ten seconds. Brisbane just getting the rub of the green on every little thing here at the moment from Grant Atkins.

51' - Broncos 14 - Storm 0
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
The lead goes past two converted tries.

50' - Broncos 12 - Storm 0
TRY! Reece Walsh

The Broncos! They are over again. Set looked to be done and dusted, but Grant Atkins signalled six again. Brisbane then went away through Carrigan and Reynolds to Walsh who went around Tonumaipea, showed it wide and then burned Grant and Munster to score.

Huge try!

49' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
The Broncos all over this game! Lovely kick from Reynolds, good chase and a forced drop out.

47' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
The Broncos still leaving the Storm looking like they have never met each other in attack here. A series of plays with not much happening, then a Grant grubber for himself winds up with Mam. This is a horror show in attack for the visitors, who then give away a penalty coming out of trouble with Eliesa Katoa then taking his anger out and the two teams coming together for some push and shove.

45' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
The Storm are back to halfway on the third through Munster after he ran out of dummy half, then an Asofa-Solomona offload has Grant a danger for a moment before he is tackled. Ultimately a poor set for the Storm, but a Munster grubber is knocked on by Brisbane. Another chance here for the Storm.

44' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
The Storm are noticeably hitting harder in defence here, and Reynolds has to kick out of his own 30 here.

43' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
The Storm off the scrum with a full set from 20 out then. A couple of settlers to start, then Asofa-Solomona looks to run over the top of them. Hughes with an early grubber, but it's picked off by Brisbane.

42' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
A big moment here! Cobbo spills it in the play the ball. Melbourne with it 20 out and they desperately need points.

42' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
The Storm now looking to bring it back out of their own end again and Will Warbrick with a good run, then Sims beats Carrigan to make some extra metres. The Storm are still stuck short of halfway at the end of the set, and Munster kicks down town with Cobbo to bring it back.

41' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
The rain has cleared here as this second half gets underway with Brisbane in possession. They bring it back up towards halfway, then Reynolds kicks down to Meaney who is tackled well by Walsh on the kick chase.

40' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
Teams are on their way back for the second half.

HALFTIME - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
It has been physical in Brisbane, and it's the Broncos who take the lead into the halftime break. Melbourne yet to trouble the scorers, and they have been battered in the middle by Haas, Carrigan and Flegler, while Reynolds has backed things up in the kicking game.

The Storm are still in the game, and frankly, that in itself is something of a surprise given how poor Melbourne have been for the most part, with Craig Bellamy's side already approaching their season average for errors at halftime.

This will be an intriguing second half. Stick around, and we will be back in ten minutes or so with that.

40' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
Broncos fling it around out of their own end looking for more points, then Reynolds takes a stab at a long-range two-point field goal. The chase shut down Meaney bringing it back, Reynolds wants the field goal checked, and then there is another push and shove.

Replays show it went under and the Broncos head to the sheds with an eight-point advantage.

39' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
Tonumaipea back, but he replaces Josh King. Papenhuyzen defending in the front line with Meaney going back to fullback by the looks of this.

38' - Broncos 8 - Storm 0
PENALTY GOAL! Adam Reynolds

Reynolds throws this over and the Broncos extend their lead past a converted try.

37' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
That hurts the Storm. Papenhuyzen looks for the short drop out, but sends it out on the full. Brisbane will take the shot at penalty goal and add to their lead from directly in front.

36' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
The Broncos will bring it back over halfway on the second tackle then and have a chance to attack again here. Walters with a great kick a play early that sits up in goal, and it'll force a drop out.

35' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Young Tonumaipea has passed his HIA!

Meanwhile, the Storm make another error.

34' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Well, that stings for the Broncos. They build again, but still can't add to this lead with a horror forward pass out of dummy half from Billy Walters as he looked to link up with Jordan Riki.

33' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Melbourne looking to work back onto the attack. They come over halfway on the third, then it's Asofa-Solomona with another huge charge and quick play the ball which allows the Storm to gain big metres and come onto the attack. Final play, 20 out, Munster kicks high for Coates, but a great take jumping out of the in goal from Cobbo.

33' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
The Broncos now moving onto the attack. Inside 30 on the 2nd tackle, but the attack just looks a little lost as they go side to side without significant gain on the next, then a ball hits the ground on the next and Eliesa Katoa comes up with it for the Storm.

32' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Frustration slipping into this game now as Harry Grant gives away a penalty. Brisbane will come back onto the attack on the back of it.

31' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
The Storm now come back to halfway, but Brisbane's defence continues to be rock solid, as it has been for the entire first half an hour of this game. Munster kicks high on the last and Walsh does a superb job under pressure.

30' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Early kick from the Broncos looking for a 40/20, but doesn't quite have the distance. Papenhuyzen grabs it and the Storm will recover out of their own end.

28' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
This game is changing in a big way, but like we talked earlier about Brisbane needing more to show for their domination, the Storm now need to find a way to score. Inside 20 they come on the fourth and Papenhuyzen is tackled well on the right this time. Final play, short side, Katoa runs, offloads, then Papenhuyzen winds up tackles.

Unreal scramble defence from the hosts.

27' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
The Broncos now bringing it out of their own end solidly. Carrigan, Flegler and Haas have been exceptional for the Red Hill-based side so far. Capewell with a half break on the fifth but Hughes with a vgreat tackle, then Coates takes a bomb, finds space, runs 20 metres and then offloads to Papenhuyzen who is tackled by Mam, but has the ball yanked out and this is a penalty for Melbourne.

26' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Asofa-Solomona makes an immediate impact. It was always going to be crucial. He goes a big run up the middle, then Melbourne are able to spread left with space. Munster finds Coates and he appears to score, but scrambling defence means this goes up as a no try.

And that's the way it will come back. Coates has dropped this attempting to put the ball down.

25' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Well, this game continues its blunt refusal to break out into any sort of rhythm. Capewell puts the ball down in a good tackle from Kamikamica, then Melbourne give away a penalty.

Tonumaipea is a Category 2 HIA. Nelson Asofa-Solomona about to come into the game as well.

23' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Papenhuyzen into the game then. He replaces Tonuamaipea who heads off after an accidental boot to the head.

Looks like Nick Meaney shifts to the centres, and Papenhuyzen goes to fullback.

23' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
The Storm will be tasked with bringing it out of their own end yet again here. Eisenhuth with an offload to Hughes though and that will get them up towards halfway three tackles through. Melbourne just continue to look clunky and a little lost here though with a poor play from Grant before Munster kicks high. Cobbo hits back to Walsh who wins a penalty.

High shot is the call. Young Tonumaipea is not in a good way here in back play. Cut open. Looks like he copped a boot from Walsh.

22' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
The Broncos win a penalty out of their own end and will come onto the attack here.

They head left on the fifth play and Farnworth pokes his nose through but is stopped ten out. Kick back to the other side on the last, tapped back to Staggs and Tonumaipea makes a superb tackle!

20' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Well, the Broncos won't pay because the Storm are continuing to play as uncharacteristically as they ever have. Munster with a tricky sort of pass for Kamikamica who had little to no chance of holding that in the wet.

19' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
So then, off that captain's challenge, the Storm on the attack and Munster goes for a chip down the short side on the last time. Coates jumps, but is escorted off the ball, so it's a penalty for the men in purple and more pressure ahead for the home side.

17' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Brisbane are going to go with a captain's challenge here. Reece Walsh appeared to plant the ball and was called that way by the referee. The challenge is unsuccessful with replays showing exactly that.

Rain getting heavier here, but you feel Brisbane should be more than a try ahead.

17' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Thomas Flegler! BANG! He sends Will Warbrick into next week after racing out of the defensive line. Melbourne will get it out of their own red zone, but not a great deal further with Hughes kicking from his own 30-metre line.

16' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
The Broncos marching back onto the attack here, and given their absolute dominance early in this one, you feel they need more points to show for it. Mam goes the early grubber though and Jahrome Hughes comes up with it against his own line.

15' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Oh wow! Adam Reynolds! A drop out goes flat and hard, skittles Melbourne and bounces into touch on halfway. Brisbane turn a set defending their own line into a scrum where they can go onto the attack. The home side absolutely dominating this contest.

14' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Superb from Cameron Munster! He stabs a kick in a tackle early, gets it to sit up in the in goal and Xavier Coates charges through to keep Cobbo in goal. Drop out coming.

13' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
The Storm starting to muscle up in the middle now, with Brisbane short of halfway in this set. The game is moving at breakneck speed here, with Meaney bringing it back this time from a Reynolds kick.

12' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
The Storm looking to be expansive straight away from just shy of halfway here, but Munster will end up taking tackle 3 instead of keeping the shift on. They finally have their first tackle over halfway on the next, and Hughes kicks from 40 out, going high. Cobbo and Staggs collide in trying to collect the ball, but somehow the ball goes backwards and the home side end up with it.

11' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Is that the moment that will change things? Patrick Carrigan spills the ball as he heads towards the ten-metre line, then Brisbane give away a penalty immediately.

10' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
Broncos with an important set after points here, and Payne Haas. Causes all sorts of problems through the middle, then wins a penalty.

Craig Bellamy will be fuming up in the coaches box here.

9' - Broncos 6 - Storm 0
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
The Broncos take the early ascendancy in this one as the rain hammers down.

8' - Broncos 4 - Storm 0
TRY! Kotoni Staggs
The Broncos on the attack, but not looking in complete control either as a ball hits the deck on the fourth. They then come right and Kotoni Staggs! What an unbelievable run that was. Reynolds threw the ball to him with not much happening, and he just put the hammer down to find the tryline.

6' - Broncos 0 - Storm 0
The Storm are not playing like the Storm here as the rain picks up. Coming out of trouble, a pass from Harry Grant to Eliesa Katoa is put down and Brisbane will come back onto the attack.

5' - Broncos 0 - Storm 0
Rain is starting to fall in Brisbane! The Storm meanwhile, are up against it straight away with Meaney putting down a bomb just a few metres out.

The Broncos will go onto the attack off a scrum, but Melbourne survive with Warbrick tackled in the air after a kick to the corner.

2': Broncos 0 - Storm 0
The Broncos now heading onto the attack in their first set, but the physicality of Melbourne's defence means they don't get any closer than 30 metres out. A bomb goes up and a good chase prevents Nick Meaney from going anywhere.

1': Broncos 0 - Storm 0
Exceptional defence straight up after the push and shove from the Broncos, and the Storm will kick shallow with Brisbane taking possession about ten shy of halfway.

1': Broncos 0 - Storm 0
Well, it's kicked off here! Melbourne with first use of the footy and just three tackles into the game, the teams come together with a bit of push and shove. No action taken by referee Grant Atkins.

0': Broncos 0 - Storm 0
Teams on their way out at Suncorp Stadium!

We are just ten minutes from kick-off in Brisbane! A big crowd is building for this one and we are expecting nothing short of a belter.

If you're looking for some pre kick-off reading, be sure to check out our full preview of the game or the full finals crystal ball from our team.

Teams are in! As expected for the Broncos, but the Storm have made a change, with Tariq Sims joining the bench at the expense of Bronson Garlick. Full team lists can be found in our match centre or on the Zero Tackle home page.

Hello, Good evening and welcome to Zero Tackle's live coverage of the NRL Finals. Scott Pryde here to take you through all the action not just tonight, but over every game of the finals series.

The Brisbane Broncos and Melbourne Storm kick things off in the Queensland capital in what shapes as the game of the opening weekend, with the winner advancing to the preliminary finals and the loser having to back up next weekend against the winner of tomorrow night's elimination final between the Cronulla Sharks and Sydney Roosters.

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