BroncosBRI WIN BY 30
Suncorp Stadium

Match Summary



Billy Walters 7'
B. Walters 7'
Herbie Farnworth 16'
H. Farnworth 16'
Jesse Arthars 18'
J. Arthars 18'
Billy Walters 23'
B. Walters 23'
Jordan Riki 54'
J. Riki 54'
Ezra Mam 59'
E. Mam 59'
Herbie Farnworth 69'
H. Farnworth 69'
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 4'
D. Watene-Zelezniak 4'
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 11'
D. Watene-Zelezniak 11'
Marcelo Montoya 28'
M. Montoya 28'
Adam Reynolds 8'
A. Reynolds 8'
Adam Reynolds 17'
A. Reynolds 17'
Adam Reynolds 20'
A. Reynolds 20'
Adam Reynolds 24'
A. Reynolds 24'
Adam Reynolds 55'
A. Reynolds 55'
Adam Reynolds 61'
A. Reynolds 61'
Reece Walsh 70'
R. Walsh 70'

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Live Commentary

FULLTIME - Broncos 42 - Warriors 12
This one winds down without any further scoring, and the Broncos will head to the grand final next Sunday!

75' - Broncos 42 - Warriors 12
The Warriors inside 20 with half a set to go. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak goes exploring, and then a six again is called. The forwards looking for a way through, then Te Maire Martin goes the same but they are just lost here. The set eventually comes to nothing though with a Johnson kick taken.

74' - Broncos 42 - Warriors 12
Can't say there is much left in this one now. Both teams seem to be starting to search for fulltime. Warriors going onto the attack here off a penalty though, so they might be able to grab a consolation.

71' - Broncos 42 - Warriors 12
Walsh slots this over, taking over from Reynolds who is watching the end of this from the bench.

70' - Broncos 40 - Warriors 12
TRY! Herbie Farnworth
The Broncos inside ten through Haas with a break, then they swing it left and Walsh finds Farnworth who runs straight through a gap to add another four pointer.

69' - Broncos 36 - Warriors 12
This might look and feel dominant by the Broncos, but they have a lot of improvement needed if they are going to compete with the Panthers next weekend.

Anyway, sets both ways, not a whole lot happening and Brisbane with a six again will go onto the attack again here.

64' - Broncos 36 - Warriors 12
The air might go out of this one now. Wayde Egan has passed his HIA, and Kevin Walters has just taken Adam Reynolds out of the game with the job done.

61' - Broncos 36 - Warriors 12
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
The Broncos are surely heading to Homebush next Sunday now.

60' - Broncos 34 - Warriors 12
TRY! Ezra Mam
And surely that's that. The Broncos look for a way through on the left but can't find one. After resetting, they head left again with Mam stepping around Sironen, beating Barnett, bobbling the footy and scoring. Up to the bunker, but he has done a miraculous job to recover the footy there.

59' - Broncos 30 - Warriors 12
SIN BIN! Adam Pompey
And now we have appeals for a penalty try. Brisbane march up the park, Adam Reynolds grubbers through and Pompey appears to check the run of Farnworth. He ends up on the ground, and we are up to the bunker.

Pompey has absolutely changed his line. It's a professional foul. No penalty try, but the Warriors' centre will head to the sin bin.

58' - Broncos 30 - Warriors 12
The Warriors have scored! No. They are all offside. Johnson kicks from 55 out, it bounces, the Warriors come up with it and all the Warriors players on the left-hand side were offside.

57' - Broncos 30 - Warriors 12
Another solid set after points from the Warriors.

56' - Broncos 30 - Warriors 12
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
The Broncos are up 18.

55' - Broncos 28 - Warriors 12
TRY! Jordan Riki
Well, this is a forward pass. One of the blatant ones. Great ball playing from the inside through Haas and Reynolds to put Walsh through, and then his pass to Cobbo is forward, and so is the one from Cobbo to Riki who runs away and scores.

I'm sorry. That is disgusting refereeing.

53' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
Dylan Walker has passed his HIA.

51' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
There is a big problem here. The Warriors had a strong set, then on a run from Kobe Hetherington, in a collision, Egan goes straight to ground and is now being attended to by medical personnel.

Looks like he copped an accidental finger in the eye, but the medical staff showing concern for the neck by the looks of it. They eventually sit him up and it looks like he will be off for a HIA. Hit the ground unprotected certainly.

Curran is going to come on, Tevaga likely to hooker.

49' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Broncos right onto the attack here. Capewell beats one, two, then throws an offload with Farnworth over, but it's a forward pass!

48' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
And now a high shot from Barnett. Broncos pick up a penalty and will start this set 40 metres out.

47' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Warriors able to bring it away now through the backs, with Montoya and Pompey involved, but metres hard to find early in this set. This is really the period where the Warriors need to find a go ahead try or two with Haas sitting on the bench. Anyway, this set ends on halfway, then Johnson runs around Capewell, bombs on the run from 40 out and Walsh does well again in the aerial battle.

46' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
Both teams do appear to have settled to an extent to start this second half. Brisbane with more hard running through the backs here before Walters pinches 15 metres over halfway, then Reynolds punches a high kick down to Nicoll-Klokstad.

45' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
A strong set from the Warriors back to halfway, before Johnson kicks and Walsh returns, but a good chase keeps him pinned deep in his own red zone.

44' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
A solid set from the Broncos, then we have a stoppage as Dylan Walker is forced to head off for a HIA.

43' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Broncos working away through the backs, then Carrigan and Hetherington involved. Another strong run from Palasia with Reynolds able to run on the last through defence that was holding back. He goes to Riki who has two outside, but runs himself and is held a metre out. Handover.

42' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Warriors with a similarly solid set to start the second half. A good run from Tevaga concludes it up to halfway before the kick goes down to Arthars in the corner.

41' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
Here we go! The Warriors kick us back off, and this could be a battle of which team settles down quicker. A strong first set of the second half for the Broncos with Patrick Carrigan taking an excellent run, before Reynolds completes with a kick.

40' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
Warriors to kick-off here.

40' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
Teams back for the second half.

HALFTIME - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
Well, the first half started with some unbelievable attack, then saw the Broncos keep going as they kicked away with the game. It looked all but over as the Broncos raced the clock, but a hit back try for the Warriors has them in it. Goal kicking letting them down badly though, with six points left on the park already.

The Broncos well in front, but the final 15 minutes of that half was shocking from both sides, so whichever coach can get his side focused at halftime could go a long way towards victory here.

Stay tuned for the second half.

40' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Warriors have 40 seconds to go almost the length of the field. A sweeping play left brings nothing, then Tevaga tries an offload and it hits the ground before Mam comes up with it. This has been a debacle.

Reynolds tries for a two-point field goal the next play, Nicoll-Klokstad ends up with it and the siren rings.

39' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Broncos now turn it over. Capewell drops it bringing it back form a drop out. Can someone please ring the halftime siren? The last 10 or 15 minutes have been flatout miserable here.

38' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Broncos with a strong set, and a lovely grubber on the last will force a drop out with just over two minutes on the clock until halftime.

37' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Warriors falling apart here. Like the proverbial car that has lost a wheel. Forward pass from Egan out of dummy half, although I think it's flat at worst.

36' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Broncos pushing back onto the attack here as they look for another try before halftime. And they are... Oh no! They looked as if they were going to find one as Adam Reynolds put an early kick through for Cobbo, but the bounce is as bad as you could imagine and ends up over the sideline.

34' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
This game has just completely unravelled. Jackson Ford's turn for an error now.

34' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Warriors need to find something here, but that won't be helped with Addin Fonua-Blake going to the bench. Niukore now with a run and the ball has come loose. This is going to be ruled a knock on against the Broncos, so the Warriors will remain in possession.

33' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Broncos pushing back onto the attack again here, the forwards doing the damage and Carrigan heavily involved. A couple of offloads and then Walsh fires a kick through with no intention or direction. Warriors back on the footy.

Brisbane up to a staggering 14 offloads already.

32' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
And now a let off for Brisbane as the Warriors put a ball down on the attack.

31' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
And this will help the Warriors. Keenan Palasia drops it cold coming out of his own end.

31' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
The Warriors with a strong set after points, then Dylan Walker leads a great kick chase to shut down Walsh. You feel like the Warriors need more points before halftime.

30' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
Pompey swings another one across the posts. This is going to really hurt the Warriors. Already six points thrown away.

29' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 12
TRY! Marcelo Montoya
Just when you were ready to stick a fork in the Warriors and start advertising the grand final, the Warriors find points again. The Broncos defence has been shaky here. Shaun Johnson with a lovely hold up and pass to Te Maire Martin, then Pompey hits Montoya and he is over in the corner.

Tell you what, whichever team makes the grand final has a mountain of work to do to be competitive against Penrith.

28' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 8
The Warriors are over, or are they? A couple of plays without anything happening, then there is a ball to Pompey who is over the line but seemingly held up as we head to the bunker. The bunker will find Kotoni Staggs made contact with Pompey before he got the ball so it's a penalty at worst, but Jordan Riki has made a stunning effort to keep this ball off the ground.

Penalty it is.

27' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 8
If the Warriors are going to come back, they need points almost immediately. Their plight is helped here with a six again about 20 metres out.

26' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 8
The Broncos are looking more like the Harlem Globetrotters than anything else here. Almost scored about 3 times in this set before a second kick from Walsh ends up over the dead ball line.

25' - Broncos 24 - Warriors 8
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
This is already looking like a long way back for the Warriors.

23' - Broncos 22 - Warriors 8
TRY! Billy Walters
The Broncos back to halfway on the fourth play, then it's Flegler with a wonderful offload to Walsh. He explodes through the line, runs all the way to Nicoll-Klokstad and then passes to Walters who scores under the posts.

This is quite simply unbelievable. The Broncos are on fire.

22' - Broncos 18 - Warriors 8
The Broncos now looking to attack through their defence. Egan then tries to take matters into his own hands with a run out of dummy half. He is taken potentially high by Capewell, but not much in it. He stays down, slow back to his feet, then 20 seconds burns off the clock before he finally plays it. Johnson kicks down the ground and Walsh brings it back.

21' - Broncos 18 - Warriors 8
The Broncos with another great set after points. Back to halfway, then Reynolds bombs and Nicoll-Klokstad juggles, but manages to hang on in the end.

20' - Broncos 18 - Warriors 8
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
The lead is out to ten.

19' - Broncos 16 - Warriors 8
TRY! Jesse Arthars
The Broncos working it away after points, then Haas runs through a staggered defensive line and is only brought down 20 out by desperate scramble defence. Flegler has the next, and on the last they go left with Mam finding Capewell and then Arthars who is over in the corner.

The scoreboard is flying here in Brisbane. Neither team defending all that well. What a run from Haas to set this up.

18' - Broncos 12 - Warriors 8
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds
You just wonder if goal kicking is going to cost the Warriors here.

16' - Broncos 10 - Warriors 8
TRY! Herbie Farnworth
The Broncos pushing back onto the attack here after the penalty. Some strong ball movement and then a shuffle to the left has them over for a second try. This is a beautiful play, through the hands, Walsh heavily involved off the ball from Mam and the short ball sends Farnworth through to score.

15' - Broncos 6 - Warriors 8
The Broncos working it away through their backs, and this time they pick up a penalty to get out of their own end.

15' - Broncos 6 - Warriors 8
The Warriors with a strong set after points again, and they wind up on halfway before Barnett offloads to Egan and Fonua-Blake ends up ten metres over halfway. Final play with Johnson kicking on the run about 30 out with Walsh flying above the pack this time.

14' - Broncos 6 - Warriors 8
Shaun Johnson with a concern over a finger on the right hand. He has had it strapped up.

14' - Broncos 6 - Warriors 8
Adam Pompey swings another one across the face.

12' - Broncos 6 - Warriors 8
TRY! Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
Now the Warriors looking to aim up in defence. The backs, then Flegler and Haas struggling for great metres, with Haas then keeping the ball alive with an offload. Not much comes of it but on the next play! The Broncos look to go left, but the long ball is picked out of the air by Dallin Watene-Zelezniak who runs 50 metres on the intercept to score. Wow.

Reece Walsh was looking for a three-man cut out to Arthars there but poor vision. Watene-Zelezniak saw that coming from a mile away.

11' - Broncos 6 - Warriors 4
A very average set from the Warriors in the face of fast and furious defence. Johnson has to kick from out of his own 30 down to Walsh who brings it back crossfield.

11' - Broncos 6 - Warriors 4
Well, the Broncos will take that. Got to halfway after points, then a narrow bomb was allowed to bounce. It eventually wound up with Staggs who fired a second bomb and Watene-Zelezniak is tackled just ten out from his own line.

10' - Broncos 6 - Warriors 4
CONVERSION! Adam Reynolds

9' - Broncos 4 - Warriors 4
TRY! Billy Walters
The Broncos with a full set from ten metres out then and the speed of play breaks through the Warriors right here. Carrigan picked up the six again, Haas had a go, got a quick play the ball and then it's Walters diving over for a try out of dummy half.

Both teams scoring tries with their first chance here. Not sure either coach will be overly happy.

8' - Broncos 0 - Warriors 4
The Broncos now benefit from a late Farnworth offload on the second play of this set, with Mam grabbing 10 or 15 extra metres there. Flegler towards halfway, then it's a spread right through Carrigan, Reynolds and Walsh before Cobbo goes down the touchline and ends up just 20 out. Carrigan the next and he wins a set restart.

7' - Broncos 0 - Warriors 4
The Warriors working it through this set after points, and the forwards doing a fairly solid job here. Fonua-Blake, Barnett, Harris, Niukore and then Nicoll-Klokstad ripping in to ensure this set concludes with a Johnson torpedo from halfway that Arthars takes again.

6' - Broncos 0 - Warriors 4
Pompey kicking again tonight for the Warriors. He hooks this across the face of the uprights.

4' - Broncos 0 - Warriors 4
TRY! Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
The Warriors now pushing up the middle. Fonua-Blake at the posts, then it's Egan with a dummy and he is held just a metre out. Niukore tackled well on the next, then Berry is stopped off a standing start as Johnson held it up for him. Barnett has a crack on the next but again more good defence. Right side on the last, Johnson with a lovely ball for Nicoll-Klokstad and he sends Watene-Zelezniak over in the corner!

The Warriors hit the board first on the back of the Arthars dropped ball.

3' - Broncos 0 - Warriors 0
The Warriors struggling for metres on the back of this penalty here as the Broncos muscle up through the middle. Over halfway eventually on the fifth before Johnson goes to the sky once again and this time Arthars drops it cold! Warriors with a full set on the advantage 20 out.

2' - Broncos 0 - Warriors 0
The Broncos with a strong first set as well. Back to halfway, Reynolds kicks from halfway and then Cobbo takes Nicoll-Klokstad about a week early as he attempted to take the catch.

1' - Broncos 0 - Warriors 0
The Warriors with first use of the football in this preliminary final, and it's Addin Fonua-Blake and Mitch Barnett with the first couple of runs into solid contact. The Warriors immediately looking to get out of the centre through Niukore, then Egan from dummy half and this is a good first set as Harris brings the Warriors to halfway. Johnson kicks on the last and Arthars fields.

0' - Broncos 0 - Warriors 0
Broncos to kick-off.

0' - Broncos 0 - Warriors 0
A minute's silence before kick-off for Lionel Morgan.

Teams are making their way out in Brisbane. The atmosphere is outstanding.

A lovely evening in Brisbane. It's currently 18 degrees and partly cloudy. We are about ten minutes out from kick-off.

If you're looking for some pre-game reading, then our full preview of the game is on site. You can also find all the information on the game you need here.

Last night we saw the Penrith Panthers thump the Melbourne Storm in the first preliminary final. They await the winners of tonight's game.

No late changes to either side. The final 17s can be found in this match centre.

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome to Zero Tackle's live coverage of the 2023 NRL finals series. The second spot in the grand final goes on the line tonight in Brisbane as a full house at Suncorp Stadium awaits the Brisbane Broncos and New Zealand Warriors. Scott Pryde here to take you through all the action.

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