WarriorsNZW WIN BY 30
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CROWD: 26,083

Match Summary



Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad 1'
C. Nicoll-Klokstad 1'
Addin Fonua-Blake 6'
A. Fonua-Blake 6'
Marcelo Montoya 11'
M. Montoya 11'
Dylan Walker 46'
D. Walker 46'
Rocco Berry 59'
R. Berry 59'
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 63'
D. Watene-Zelezniak 63'
Bayley Sironen 75'
B. Sironen 75'
Greg Marzhew 24'
G. Marzhew 24'
Dylan Lucas 42'
D. Lucas 42'
Adam Pompey 8'
A. Pompey 8'
Adam Pompey 13'
A. Pompey 13'
Adam Pompey 47'
A. Pompey 47'
Adam Pompey 60'
A. Pompey 60'
Adam Pompey 65'
A. Pompey 65'
Adam Pompey 76'
A. Pompey 76'
Kalyn Ponga 43'
K. Ponga 43'

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Live Commentary

FULLTIME - Warriors 40 - Knights 10
What an unbelievable performance from the Warriors. Just too good from start to end. They had 16 points on the board in the blink of an eye, defended superbly in the face of a weight of possession, and then kicked clear late.

Too good, and they are off to face the Brisbane Broncos in a blockbuster preliminary final next week.

80' - Warriors 40 - Knights 10
The Warriors have a last minute field goal attempt through Dylan Walker, but it doesn't matter, they are through.

77' - Warriors 40 - Knights 10
The Warriors will run up 40. What an afternoon this has been.

76' - Warriors 38 - Knights 10
TRY! Bayley Sironen
It has just been one of those days for the Knights. Decent set, but then they can't stop the Warriors coming back onto the attack. A great high kick goes up, Ponga drops it, Bayley Sironen picks it up and crashes over to score.

This atmosphere in Auckland is simply unbelievable.

74' - Warriors 34 - Knights 10
Sets either way here as this game winds down, and Andrew Webster has made the smart call. Shaun Johnson taken out of the game to a huge round of applause from the crowd.

Meanwhile, the Warriors look to set up another try in the corner, but Montoya winds up in touch.

72' - Warriors 34 - Knights 10
The air is very quickly going out of this contest. The Warriors knock on from the scrum here.

71' - Warriors 34 - Knights 10
The Warriors will look to go towards 40 points right here. They swing it to the right, Fonua-Blake offloads for Nicoll-Klokstad, and he slips over. Half the set remaining, and Barnett offloads to Harris this time, who is tackled. Barnett has another charge, then on the last it's Johnson on the right, out the back to Nicoll-Klokstad who offloads, and Marzhew knocks on trying to get the ball off the ground.

Marzhew has been very average tonight.

70' - Warriors 34 - Knights 10
So, a captain's challenge attempt from the Knights here, but the Warriors will have a full set from ten out.

68' - Warriors 34 - Knights 10
So, the Warriors lose Egan to a HIA here as Niukore gives away a high shot. Harris has just come out of a tackle clutching at his sternum too. I'd be getting all the key guys on the bench here if I'm Andrew Webster.

Anyway, the Knights back onto the attack after this penalty and if there is a flicker of hope, they must score right now. The spread right is quite messy though so it'll come down to the last. Gamble kicks high and Watene-Zelezniak does a superb job.

67' - Warriors 34 - Knights 10
The Warriors straight back onto the attack. They roll up the middle off the short kick off, then it's right on the last and Berry runs onto a short ball from Johnson, but can't find a way over.

65' - Warriors 34 - Knights 10
He slots it over, and the Warriors are up by 24 points with 15 to go.

64' - Warriors 32 - Knights 10
TRY! Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
So, the Knights give away a six again, and the Warriors will push back onto the attack. Good run from Niukore to go inside 20, then Barnett goes back to the middle. Right through Johnson and that is the game! Watene-Zelezniak runs into space off some great passing from inside, and he crashes over.

63' - Warriors 28 - Knights 10
The Knights are stuck well on their own side of halfway here, with runs from Young and Gagai only able to get it within 20 of halfway. Thompson the next, then it's a swing left and Ponga's pass left is knocked on by Watene-Zelezniak who was standing in the way of it.

Captain's challenge. They believe they haven't knocked on, and yes, Watene-Zelezniak has only knocked it backwards, then Bradman Best knocks it on in trying to pick it up on the ground!

So a great challenge from the Warriors.

62' - Warriors 28 - Knights 10
A strong set after points for the Warriors. Back to halfway, Johnson kicks down town and the Knights bring it back through Ponga.

61' - Warriors 28 - Knights 10
The kick goes over, it's a three converted try gap and the Warriors, surely, are going to a preliminary final next week.

60' - Warriors 26 - Knights 10
TRY! Rocco Berry
The Warriors, with Curran looking like he has another injury probelm in back play, push onto the attack. They come inside 20 with two plays to go, then it swings to the right hand side, Watene-Zelezniak had space, ran out of it, passed inside with a wonderful offload for Berry and he has somehow got to the tryline.

Referee Adam Gee is sending this up to the bunker as a no try for double movement, but there might be contact for a penalty in back play here. Nicoll-Klokstad was cleaned up by Marzhew, however, no attempt of a shoulder charge, not late or high, so play on through that.

That offload from Watene-Zelezniak was superb, and so was the effort from Berry in getting it to the line. Is that the try that sends the Warriors to a preliminary final?

59' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
Even worse news for the Knights. Kurt Mann is out after failing his HIA.

59' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
A brief pause after Egan is ran over trying to make a tackle, but he is okay to continue. The Knights come towards halfway, then look to swing it left, but a pass is ruled to be forward, so another poor result for the visitors.

58' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
The Warriors again pushing onto the attack. Johnson kicks for the corner again, Marzhew takes it in the air and he is tackled well, so the Knights again have to work it out of their own end.

57' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
The Knights on the back foot here and struggling to clear their own end as the Warriors rip in through their defence. Young gets to his own 20 metre line on the fourth, then a good run from Saifiti saves the set from being a total disaster, with Ponga kicking long to Nicoll-Klokstad again who is back to within 20 of halfway.

56' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
The Warriors now looking to work it away through Watene-Zelezniak and Berry, before Barnett goes over halfway on Tackle 4. Egan with the next out of dummy half, and the Warriors just continue to slowly win the arm wrestle here. Johnson kicks for the corner and Marzhew takes it in the air, but he is pinned in the corner.

55' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
The Knights then with possession, and this is a decent set working out of their own end, but nothing special in the end as Frizell takes tackle 5 about 5 metres short of halfway. Gamble kicks down town to Nicoll-Klokstad and he brings it back with a strong charge.

54' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
Curran has his finger relocated, and he is going to stay on the park. Short drop out, and Dominic Young! He comes up with it. That's a massive save for the Knights.

54' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
The Warriors again back over halfway with half the set remaining, and then there is a lovely short ball back around the ruck for Sironen who is inside 30. Johnson kicks over the top on the run looking for Watene-Zelezniak, and he has nothing but eyes for the ball before running into Marzhew who is tackled in goal.

Curran has dislocated his finger too. Drop out coming up for the Knights.

53' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
The Knights away now through their own backs, but the Warriors muscle up at the end of the set, and Ponga provides the kick on the left from short of halfway down to Watene-Zelezniak who brings it back very strongly.

52' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
So, a solid enough set from Newcastle and they get to their kick, but the Warriors' back three enormous again, before Pompey brings the to halfway with half the set remaining. Harris has a run, then Ford on the left. Kick from Johnson on the last 30 or so out, and he just stabs it through, with Marzhew tackled inside the ten by the chase.

51' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
The Warriors working back onto the attack here again and this game has changed in a big way momentum wise. The home side dominating all of a sudden. Ford brings them back to within 30 of the line, then a slow play to the right. Last is Johnson down the short side, he kicks for Watene-Zelezniak, but Ponga makes a great take above the pack.

50' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
The Warriors now attacking through their defence. The Knights are stuck ten out from their own line after three, then Gagai is rocked in another strong tackle from Walker and Curran. The Knights will have to kick on the last from inside 30, Gamble under pressure, and it's Montoya to bring it back to almost halfway.

49' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
The Warriors now ripping through the middle and this is a great set after points. Johnson kicks from just over halfway, and Marzhew does well this time, but is dragged backwards by a great chase.

48' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
More bad news here for the Knights. Kurt Mann leaving the field for a HIA.

48' - Warriors 22 - Knights 10
Pompey converts from in front. the Warriors' lead is back to 12.

47' - Warriors 20 - Knights 10
TRY! Dylan Walker
The Warriors will be able to go back onto the attack here, and sooner than they thought as Tohu Harris runs through a gap. Inside 20 on the second, then it's Curran to the right. He is just metres out, and the Knights can't find a way to recover in defence with Dylan Walker going through a gap, bouncing off the post and scoring!

Overhead the referee say something about checking for an obstruction though, so we won't write this one up with green lights just yet. But no, no obstruction. This is confirmed. Try time.

46' - Warriors 16 - Knights 10
And here come the Knights. Muscling right up in defence here, and the Warriors are going absolutely nowhere... That is until Rocco Berry makes a great charge back towards the middle from the edge, and Crossland gives away a penalty trying to hang onto this tackle.

45' - Warriors 16 - Knights 10
The Knights with a strong set after points here as well. They have come out of halftime strongly, getting to halfway here before a kick is put in down to Nicoll-Klokstad.

44' - Warriors 16 - Knights 10
Ponga slots it over and the Knights are within a converted try.

43' - Warriors 16 - Knights 8
TRY! Dylan Lucas
And the mistake from Montoya proves a horror show for the Warriors. The Knights immediately fling it across to the left-hand side, with some wonderful work from Clune. He takes the line on, then offloads to Lucas and he crashes over to score a try.

The crowd not happy with that - looked like the last pass could have been forward. Regardless, the Knights had to start well, and they have done just that.

42' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Well, that's a disaster for the Warriors. Bomb up on the last from halfway on the last, it's allowed to bounce and goes into Montoya before heading back to the Knights. Six again from 20 out.

41' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
We are back underway here! Warriors with the first set of the second half, and it's a solid one. No risk, no nonsense, and then pressure on Johnson with the last play so he has to run and then eventually stabs a kick down to Marzhew.

40' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
The Knights to kick-off as we get back underway here.

40' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Teams back for the second half.

HALFTIME - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Well, that was an intriguing first half, but the Warriors are certainly the camp you'd prefer to be in at the halftime break. They had all the running in the early going of this one, putting on tries for fun and skipping out to a 16-0 lead to be ahead of the clock.

Tyson Frizell has led the Knights back into the contest with some excellent running and kick chases, but the visitors have only been able to find a single try, so they are well behind with a lot needing to go right in the second stanza if they are to come back into it.

Join us in 10 minutes for the second half.

40' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
The Warriors have just under a minute. They go short side off the scrum without being able to break through, then set back up to the middle. Tevaga up main street on the next, and now it's back to Johnson who swings it right, but the pass winds up in touch.

That'll be all the first half wrote.

39' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Newcastle look for an early shift to the right-hand side this time, with Ponga in possession. Montoya jams in and creates the error. The Warriors will have the final shot to attack of the first half.

38' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
The Warriors are able to get further up the park this time off the penalty, and Johnson's grubber is picked off this time, so the Knights are able to bring it out of their own end.

37' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Another solid set from the Knights, a good high kick to the corner and Frizell leads the chase again, but this time he comes up with a high tackle on Montoya. That releases the pressure on the Warriors.

37' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
The Warriors again having to bash it out of their own end. A little bit of fancy stuff gets them to halfway, then Johnson kicks again and they are evidently starting to target Marzhew here who isn't able to clear his own 20 on the run back.

36' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
A solid set from the Knights, and a good kick down to the corner from Gamble will force the Warriors to bring it off their own line again. Great kick chase from Frizell who has been the Knights' best so far.

35' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
The Warriors now looking to get out of their own end, and despite holding a fairly substantial lead here, they look like the team who want halftime more at the moment. This set doesn't clear their own 40, and Johnson will have to kick on the last, looking for distance and finding the grass as Marzhew brings it back.

34' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Right then, the Knights coming onto the attack, and then they swing it right with Ponga finding Gagai, but he can't burst through the line. A grubber on the last from Clune, but Nicoll-Klokstad comes up with it.

32' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
The Warriors have two plays left then after being held up. Dylan Walker has a run up the middle, then it's Johnson orchestrating on the last. Berry looks to run through a gap off a short ball, but can't hold onto the short ball so that's a knock on.

32' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Well, the Knights give away that momentum they had built with an error in their own half, then they give away a six again 20 out. Warriors on the attack through Tevaga, then Harris and they have four plays left from five out. Curran goes close off a Johnson short ball, but a great tackle from Clune. Egan then goes from dummy half and he is held up again by the looks of it. Up to the bunker once more.

And yes, ball never reaches the ground. Good refereeing from Adam Gee.

31' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Here's some good news for the Warriors - Marata Niukore back on the sideline with a strapped up knee and on the exercise bike. Looks like his evening isn't done yet.

30' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
What a superb run that is from Adam Pompey. He grabs 15 metres or so there, with the Warriors now trying to rip in through the middle third of the park. Johnson kicks on the last from inside 40 again though with Marzhew offloading on the way back and Best is back to within ten of halfway.

29' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
The Knights starting to win the territory battle here. Marzhew and Young, then Gagai have them back over halfway in three plays, before they swing it left and Ponga is dangerous but tackled. Last play, Clune to the sky and Montoya does a great job under pressure on his own line.

29' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Bang! Jacob Saifiti comes racing out of the line and clubs Montoya. Not sure that was a tackle anymore than it was a shoulder charge. Anyway, the Warriors set goes nowhere, and Johnson has to kick from inside his own 40 down to Marzhew who will bring it back.

28' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
The Knights now need to continue with this pressure and patience with the footy, and getting to their kick here after points is pivotal. No one gave them the script though as Frizell fires an offload out the back in the middle, with some extra metres coming there. Saifiti to halfway on the fourth, then Elliott rolls up the middle, with Gamble bombing on the last down to Nicoll-Klokstad who does a great job.

27' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
Kalyn Ponga hits the upright on this conversion attempt.

26' - Warriors 16 - Knights 4
TRY! Greg Marzhew
Well, it's not the right where they score, and the weight of possession finally catches up to the Warriors. Great work from Elliott and Ponga, with the ball then flung out the back past a compressed defensive line with quick hands from Best on for Marzhew who slides over in the corner.

Newcastle finally on the board.

25' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
Newcastle, while needing to be patient, badly need to be next to score here, and probably now with all this possession. Thompson and Saifiti through the middle, then it's Gamble on the right, with another six again.

The Knights are liking that right-hand side - it's where they battered the Raiders last weekend.

24' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
The Knights now looking dangerous again, and Frizell the best of the lot, but the Warriors continue to answer the challenge in defence. Inside 20 now as they dump it on left, and Lucas is tackled. Two plays remain, with the Knights now going to Thompson who is tackled. Final play, right through Gamble, he throws a cut out ball looking for Young who was in if not for Montoya batting this down.

A new set coming up for the Knights from ten out.

23' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
So, the Warriors who have stood strong on their own line in the first assessment this evening now looking to push back the other way. Egan with a great run up towards halfway, but he has put it down in the attack, so Newcastle will be able to go back onto the attack here again.

22' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
Would imagine Niukore's night is done. He is being assisted down the tunnel now.

21' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
The Knights win a set restart as we get back underway, and the weight of possession in recent minutes now heavily favouring the Knights. Frizell on the right, then a ball hits the ground and Ponga recovers. Quick play the ball and Elliott then offloads in the middle, hits the ground again and is called backwards with Lucas almost over. This is a mess from the Knights as Saifiti settles, then it's Gamble for Gagai on the right and he looks to offload, the ball hitting the ground with Gamble tackled.

What a horror show of a set.

20' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
The Knights almost must score here. Quarter of the game gone and a full set from ten out. Not much happening off the scrum, then Saifiti goes up the middle. Lucas has the next, and now we have a stoppage with Niukore in agony on the ground here. Unsure exactly what's happened here, but looks like a leg injury.

Replays will indicate he has copped friendly fire into the knee from the leg of Nicoll-Klokstad in the tackle. He has been excellent so far, so this is a blow for the Warriors. Josh Curran to come onto the park.

19' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
The Knights now working away with some strong runs off the penalty, and they will have their first real chance of the game here. Frizell was almost through on the right, then a Gamble grubber is dropped by Johnson.

Some pressure coming up here for the home side.

18' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
Well, that bouncing ball, a couple of casual runs and slow play the balls have hurt the Knights. Only Frizell running on the fourth gets them beyond the 20, but that's a great charge and it wins a penalty for the visitors.

17' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
The game starting to break out into some sort of arm wrestle here, and the Knights getting into the contest as the Warriors have to bring it out of the corner again. It shows this time too with the Warriors only getting to within ten of halfway, before Johnson provides the kick down town, but it hits the ground this time and Marzhew will be trapped on his own ten by a great chase led by Barnett.

16' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
The Warriors have to work it out of their own end now as the clock catches them. The backs - Montoya, Watene-Zelezniak and Pompey with strong metres, before Nicoll-Klokstad finds halfway and Johnson kicks high again down to Ponga. Great patience from the Warriors.

15' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
The Knights now working away through the middle, and this is better in terms of not trying anything fancy out of their own end. They manage to find haflway before Ponga provides the kick down to Nicoll-Klokstad.

14' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
The Warriors looking to play this set solidly after points, and doing a great job of it. All the forwards heavily involved again, and they wind up just short of halfway before Johnson kicks again down the ground to Ponga who will hand off for Marzhew to bring it back.

Newcastle must get to a completed set here.

13' - Warriors 16 - Knights 0
Pompey converts. Warriors 16, Clock 13, Knights 0.

12' - Warriors 14 - Knights 0
TRY! Marcelo Montoya
The Warriors just ten out with half the set to go, then Fonua-Blake goes close again as he goes up the middle. Left on the next, Johnson for Te Maire Martin, from Pompey to Montoya and he is over in the corner!

The Warriors have had four sets for three tries and a drop out. This is a car crash for the Knights.

11' - Warriors 10 - Knights 0
The Warriors then rolling up main street, and the Knights compound their errors by giving away six again 25 out.

10' - Warriors 10 - Knights 0
The Knights finally have the ball again and must get to their kick here. Marzhew and Best with runs, before Ponga is involved on the right, but that's just ordinary. It was never on as Ponga hits Gagai who finds Young and he is bundled into touch.

The Knights had to get to their kick there, even if it was with one out plays. Young into touch on halfway, so the Warriors will be back on the attack in just a moment.

10' - Warriors 10 - Knights 0
Well, the Knights have barely touched the ball here apart from an error in their first set, and they need to hang on here. The Warriors just rolling up the middle though, taking metres for fun right now. All the forwards involved and they get to halfway before Johnson provides a kick high and long down to Ponga who will bring it back and almost beat Berry.

9' - Warriors 10 - Knights 0
The Warriors are on fire here. Pompey slots this from in front.

7' - Warriors 8 - Knights 0
TRY! Addin Fonua-Blake
The Warriors have the best part of a full set then from ten metres out to extend their lead. Barnett and Harris take runs either side of the posts, then Johnson goes short to Fonua-Blake and he is over! A lovely stop and prop at the line from Johnson, Fonua-Blake hits the hole on a great angle and he is never being stopped there with a turn of footwork.

The Warriors are off to the races!

7' - Warriors 4 - Knights 0
So, six again called and Wayde Egan goes straight from dummy half! He burns the defence and fights his way over the line, but we are off to the bunker with the call of no try from Adam Gee on field.

Grant Atkins today in the bunker might find evidence to suggest this ball got to the ground. It's going to be very close. And no evidence to overrule, so held up is supported.

6' - Warriors 4 - Knights 0
So then, the drop out is a long one and the Warriors will bring it up the middle through Fonua-Blake and Barnett before a shift right needs Best to hustle in defence to shut things down on the 20. Harris looking dangerous through the middle here with Martin then breaking a tackle before Nicoll-Klokstad is tackled with six again called ten out.

5' - Warriors 4 - Knights 0
The Warriors pushing back onto the attack again this set. A huge run from Barnett brings them to the 20, then it's Ford looking for a way through on the left. Last play, Johnson grubbers and that forces a drop out.

The perfect start here for the home side.

4' - Warriors 4 - Knights 0
This is a very shaky start from the Knights. They give away a penalty to let the Warriors out of their own end now.

3' - Warriors 4 - Knights 0
Adam Pompey to take goal kicking duties. He hooks this across the face of the posts.

2' - Warriors 4 - Knights 0
TRY! Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad
The Warriors now pushing onto the attack, and they swing it through the hands to the left, but not much on there. Halfway through the set and ten metres out now as Harris goes up the middle. Now they move to the right and Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad is over! Brilliant control from Shaun Johnson to set this up.

1' - Warriors 0 - Knights 0
Away we go in Auckland! A deep kick-off down to the corner, and it's Jacob Saifiti bringing it back, almost being taken into touch. Wouldn't that have been a start to this contest. Anyway, the Knights bring it back through the middle with Young and Elliott taking runs, but then Marzhew puts it down. Warriors to have the first opportunity.

0' - Warriors 0 - Knights 0
Warriors to kick-off.

0' - Warriors 0 - Knights 0
A sell out crowd is in the house! Knights get the exact reception you would expect.

Teams about to make their way out for this huge semi-final in Auckland.

If you're looking for some pre-game reading, my preview is on site.

It's currently 17 degrees and mostly fine in Auckland. Nice weather for footy.

No late changes for either side, apart from what was confirmed yesterday with Daniel Saifiti being replaced on the Newcastle bench by Brodie Jones. Saifiti is joined on the sidelines by Jackson Hastings and Lachlan Fitzgibbon. Shaun Johnson is a confirmed starter for the Warriorts.

Hello, Good Afternoon and Welcome to Zero Tackle's live coverage of the 2023 NRL finals. A huge day in Auckland as the New Zealand Warriors and Newcastle Knights put everything on the line for a spot in the preliminary finals.

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