KnightsNEW WIN BY 2
McDonald Jones

Match Summary



Greg Marzhew 5'
G. Marzhew 5'
Kalyn Ponga 47'
K. Ponga 47'
Dominic Young 54'
D. Young 54'
Dane Gagai 56'
D. Gagai 56'
Dominic Young 62'
D. Young 62'
James Schiller 18'
J. Schiller 18'
Trey Mooney 31'
T. Mooney 31'
James Schiller 39'
J. Schiller 39'
Matt Frawley 64'
M. Frawley 64'
Tom Starling 77'
T. Starling 77'
Kalyn Ponga 6'
K. Ponga 6'
Kalyn Ponga 49'
K. Ponga 49'
Kalyn Ponga 55'
K. Ponga 55'
Kalyn Ponga 63'
K. Ponga 63'
Jamal Fogarty 20'
J. Fogarty 20'
Jamal Fogarty 39'
J. Fogarty 39'
Jamal Fogarty 66'
J. Fogarty 66'
Jamal Fogarty 78'
J. Fogarty 78'
Kalyn Ponga 88'
K. Ponga 88'

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Kick Metres
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Forty Twenty Kicks
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Tackles Made
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Missed Tackles
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Live Commentary

FULLTIME - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
And that is that! The Knights are through to the semi-finals! The Raiders swung it left with one play, couldn't find a way through and the men from the Hunter are through!

What an unbelievable game here in the Hunter. Wow.

90' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
The Knights now wasting all sorts of time in between each play the ball, before Klein gives Frizell a serve for doing just that. Gagai makes a break, then Hetherington, and now Elliott. 25 seconds on halfway and the last now for the Knights. Last play, Ponga unable to go anywhere and he is stopped.

The Raiders have 12 seconds to go 55 metres.

90' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
The Raiders with the short kick-off. It looked too deep, the Raiders chase through, the Knights have an absolute mess knocking it backwards three or four times, but finally end up with it ten metres out from their own line. 60 seconds to go.

89' - Knights 30 - Raiders 28
The Knights have to hold on for 90 seconds. If they do, they are through.

89' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
Knights to take a shot at 2, but there could be concussion issues here for Ponga as well. His head hit the turf pretty heavily there. Trainer clears him, but will the bunker?

88' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
Oh wow! A penalty for the Knights. It's all happening here. The Knights on the attack, the they look to set for a field goal. Ponga eventually found, but can't take a shot, so runs in and around the defence. Six again called, then the Raiders switch it into a penalty.

87' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
The Raiders now looking to bash it out of their own end, and doing a better job than the home side it has to be said. They come towards halfway, then it's a great run here from Saulo. 45 out on the last, and Fogarty kicks for position, but puts it out on the full! That's a huge moment in this game.

Knights to start their set five short of halfway. Rapana now joined in the cramping ward by Matt Timoko who is on the ground. Raiders struggling here.

86' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
The kick-off goes down to the corner, and the Knights will need to get it out of their own end. They are struggling for yardage too, very pedestrian before Saifiti runs well and then they swing it right with Gagai clearing halfway. Final play, and Gamble kicks long and high, with Rapana to bring it back. He is very much on one leg the Canberra fullback.

86' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
Right, another five minutes. Raiders to kick-off.

The one team who will be loving this, watching on from Auckland and already resting up for next week, are the Warriors.

EXTRA TIME HALFTIME - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
The Raiders have one play here and they have a shot from the scrum for field goal from Fogarty, but Gamble charges it down, and the Knights hang on.

Still square after five minutes of extra time.

85' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
Well, the Raiders get to within 30, Wighton bombs the ball into the air and Ponga drops the ball in leaping for the catch, just landing awkwardly. The Raiders charge in and pack the scrum with three seconds on the clock.

84' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
Nerves evident here for the Knights. Offloads and risky passes coming out of trouble before Crossland finally puts his head down and makes a good run up towards halfway. They will still finish this set ten short of halfway, and the kick is picked up well by Rapana. He is hobbling, but makes it back to within 20 of halfway.

83' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
Well, the Raiders on the attack and they will want to get some points on the board right here. Canberra come inside the 20 on the third play, then swing it left, before Wighton runs underneath and is tackled well. Ten out, two plays remaining, and they will settle in the middle through Starling. No set for a field goal, Fogarty kicks to the corner and Marzhew drops it backwards into the path of Best.

82' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
The Knights now looking to drag it out of their own end, but struggling for metres here. Good solid defence from the Raiders, and the Knights will put it down just short of halfway. Elliott to Ponga, the pass is poor and behind him, and he puts it down.

81' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
So, we are back underway here. The Raiders with a pretty strong first set back to halfway, and Fogarty will kick for position from 45 out, with Ponga collecting and bringing it back just out of his own 20.

80' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
It should be added that Tapine staying down for that high shot has had to go off for a HIA. Horrible stuff for the Raiders, but really, serves him right for staying down.

80' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
The Knights to kick-off in extra time.

REGULATION FULLTIME - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
We are off to extra time in Newcastle. What a game this has been.

A reminder that in finals we play the entire ten minutes, five each way, and then if it's still tied we keep going into golden point.

80' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
The Raiders set themselves up in the middle. Great run from Mariota, then it's Saulo. They are 20 out and here comes the shot from Fogarty but it's charged down. Frawley then has a second shot from 35 out, but straight to Elliott, he is tackled and we are off to extra time.

80' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
28 seconds. Raiders 40 metres out. What can they muster?

80' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
The Raiders will bring it back from the kick-off then and need to get to the end of this set without issue. Tapine now very slowly back to his feet. So slowly in fact that time will be stopped as blood flows from the nose, and it looks like Adam Elliott's shoulder has made contact. And yes, a penalty. On report.

79' - Knights 28 - Raiders 28
CONVERSION! Jamal Fogarty
He slots it down, and with 80 seconds to go, it is all square here in the Hunter.

78' - Knights 28 - Raiders 26
TRY! Tom Starling
Down to the wire here in the Hunter. The drop out is out to halfway and almost bounces over the sideline, but Frawley comes up with a great play to keep it in as Young brings it back. The Raiders now look for early ball out wide and Best makes a great tackle on Timoko. Back to the left, and then Gamble comes racing in to shut down Frawley. 20 out, two plays remain and the RAIDERS! They are in. Joseph Tapine takes it back on an angle, then offloads into the path of Elliott Whitehead who offloads to Tom Starling and he is over. What a magnificent play that was from Tapine. He has been the club's best all year and just kept their season alive and then Whitehead with the same.

76' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
And the pressure continues. The Raiders get onto the attack, Fogarty kicks high crossfield and Marzhew knocks on in goal into Kurt Mann. No offside in goal, but it's a drop out for the home side.

75' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
The Knights invite the Raiders back for another chance then as Fitzgibbon knocks on short of halfway.

74' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
The Raiders with a full set from 20 out. Seven and a half minutes on the clock. They swing it right then and have some space, but the scrambling defence slide out and shut Cotric down. The Raiders throw it around back through the middle, but trying to keep it alive, Rapana knocks on.

73' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
Ponga attempts the short drop out. It's far too long, and then the Knights give away a penalty in the middle as Fitzgibbon rips the ball out in the play the the ball.

Knights challenge, but that's clear cut.

72' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
The Raiders back to halfway on the third play, and they are looking for a way through here, finding a half break on the left before Cotric has to go to ground to avoid being taken into touch. Back in behind the ruck here on the right and Whitehead is tackled 15 out. Last play, Fogarty kicks towards the posts, it hits the ground and is batted dead by Young.

71' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
Right, into the final ten minutes we go. The Knights are back to halfway, then Gamble kicks down town towards Schiller who brings it back but is rag dolled to ground 20 out from his own line.

70' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
And a penalty for the Raiders on halfway! Timoko takes the quick tap and all of a sudden the Raiders are 20 out with a full set to work with. Tapine goes up the middle, then it's left from Fogarty to Frawley and on for Wighton, but good defence in the end as they scramble to shut Rapana down who looks injured. Things will continue here and it comes down to the last as Canberra go right, Timoko runs but he is stopped a metre out.

69' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
So, the Knights now locked in their own end as they look to bring it away, and they struggle for metres a bit here. Raiders to start this set just ten shy of halfway.

68' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
The Raiders with some more expansive play out of their own end here as they shuffle left and Wighton is so nearly through, but tackled in a last ditch defensive effort. Regardless, the set ends up 30 out back to the right, and on the last, Fogarty beats one, beats two, then Wighton grubbers and Ponga juggles it, but hangs on.

67' - Knights 28 - Raiders 22
CONVERSION! Jamal Fogarty

Fogarty slots it and the game is back to a six-point margin.

65' - Knights 28 - Raiders 20
TRY! Matt Frawley
Is there another twist here? Raiders straight onto the attack now off a short kick-off. Not a great deal happening through most of this set so it comes down to the last tackle, with a shift left and Frawley is over. That was all very, very soft. He shaped to kick, stepped back on the inside and beats the defence to score.

64' - Knights 28 - Raiders 16
Another one goes over and the Knights are on fire!

63' - Knights 26 - Raiders 16
TRY! Dominic Young
Forget the Raiders coming back! The Knights go coast to coast! A kick from Frawley that was quite good is knocked by Schiller, but Gamble ends up with it, then avoids the chase, finds Young and he burns Rapana to score again!

He has a double and it's a long way back for the green machine now.

61' - Knights 22 - Raiders 16
And it swings again. Good set by the Raiders, good kick, then some defensive pressure causes an error. Marzhew puts it down, and the Raiders come straight back onto the attack.

60' - Knights 22 - Raiders 16
The Knights making massive metres up the middle here. Thompson, Marzhew, Saifiti, Elliott and then Ponga kicking a tackle early from halfway down to Rapana who is shut down by Ponga in a huge chase.

58' - Knights 22 - Raiders 16
Off the post this time. The lead is six, but the Knights are rolling.

57' - Knights 22 - Raiders 16
TRY! Dane Gagai
The Knights will play from in front as we head into the final 20 minutes here, and the Raiders struggling to slow the Knights down here as they come back to halfway and they are in again! The Knights are going nuts down this right-hand side. Ponga sends Young through again and he sends it back inside for Dane Gagai to score this time.

Tyson Gamble brilliant in putting Ponga into space again.

56' - Knights 18 - Raiders 16
Too good from Ponga! From the sideline, and Ponga has put the Knights in the lead. Sets up two tries, slots two conversions and the home side are rolling.

55' - Knights 16 - Raiders 16
TRY! Dominic Young
Ponga! Ponga! He is turning it on here for the Knights now. This is absolute briliance. Absolutely burns Jack Wighton on the outside after a great ball from Gamble. Ponga finds a pass to Young who wasn't in a great position, but he beats Rapana to score and tie this up with a kick to come.

54' - Knights 12 - Raiders 16
And now a penalty to allow the Knights out of their own end.

This is going to be a captain's challenge. They are disputing that this was raked out. It's certainly a two-on-one tackle, winding up in a three-on-one. Starling's hand has certainly dragged it out, and this will be nearly impossible to overrule.

Elliott Whitehead not happy as the skipper, but it's a penalty for the Knights.

53' - Knights 12 - Raiders 16
Wighton getting booed relentlessly everytime he touches the ball here. He has a strong run here though, but it's a poor set from the Raiders, with Frawley eventually kicking from 30 out before Ponga flies over the pack to make a great catch.

52' - Knights 12 - Raiders 16
Just when you thought the Knights were starting to build a head of steam, Tyson Frizell puts the ball down just over halfway.

52' - Knights 12 - Raiders 16
And here come the Knghts in defence, looking to pin the Raiders in their own end. Wighton eventually gets some proper yardage going on thef fourth as he clears the 20, before Starling goes from dummy half. Final play, and it's Fogarty going downtown to Ponga who brings it back but slips over.

51' - Knights 12 - Raiders 16
The Knights start this set on halfway then and need to make the most of their momentum right now with the crowd going up to get behind their team. Some strong runs down the highway here as Newcastle push inside 20 on the fourth with a sweep left, but then lose ten metres as Young picks up a bouncing ball. They have to settle and then go to the last, with Gamble going to the sky, but Cotric does a great job in mid air.

50' - Knights 12 - Raiders 16
The momentum is swinging here! A huge run back from the kick off from Saifiti and he wins a penalty.

49' - Knights 12 - Raiders 16
He slots it over from in front.

48' - Knights 10 - Raiders 16
TRY! Kalyn Ponga
The Knights are in! The set from the Raiders doesn't finish all that strongly, and the Knights split the Raiders open with Mann going through a gap, dragging Rapana in and sending Ponga away under the posts. Great offload from Fitzgibbon to set that up.

47' - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
Oh my! Tyson Gamble claiming he has been bitten by Jack Wighton in making a tackle here. We have a stoppage while the bunker checks, but there is absolutely a mark on Gamble's arm.

Just on report then. This is going to be intriguing from the MRC tomorrow. No penalty though with it not able to be proven by the referee.

46' - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
Nothing out of that push and shove, and the Knights desperately need points right here. Nothing on the first two with a pair of barge plays, before Hetherington has a go with one of his own. Ponga now puts on some footwork but can't get through, before the fifth play is nothing short of horrendous. So, all down to the last, Ponga is ignored on the left, Crossland kicks and Canberra come up with it. Very poor from the Knights.

45' - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
The Knights looking to get expansive here, but can't find a way through and despite the seven-tackle set, they still take the last from 30 out. Gamble kicks high for the corner, but Schiller loses it in the air and it's a new set for the Knights.

And now it's on! There was some rough contact there, Gagai reacted and the two teams come together for a bit of handbags at ten paces.

44' - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
The Raiders are again just starting to run the possession battle here. They clear haflway on the fourth play, then shuffle left but Wighton is tackled. Fogarty kicks high, and Ponga takes this in goal, so that will allow the Knights a seven-tackle set. Probably the first poor kick Fogarty has had all day.

43' - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
One thing to note is that the Knights have the breeze at their back in this second half, but will be doing it without Jackson Hastings who has reinjured his ankle.

This set winds up on halfway and Rapana brings it back into heavy contact from the kick this time.

42' - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
An equally good set from the Raiders here. Back to halfway, and the Knights will have to bring it off their own tryline this time around.

41' - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
Away we go in the second stanza, and the Knights need to get this right from the get go here. Good set to start and they kick to the corner to end the set.

40' - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
Teams on their way back for the second half. Raiders to kick-off.

HALFTIME - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
So, that'll be the break here and that's the worst half of football the Knights have played in over two months. Making simple errors in attack, struggling to hold the rampaging Raiders out in defence and they have been out classed, out enthused, and struggled to match the physicality here.

Despite scoring first, the Knights have been beaten into the ground by a ferocious Raiders side, and the try to James Schiller on the break will make this a tough task to come back for the home side.

40' - Knights 6 - Raiders 16
CONVERSION! Jamal Fogarty
He slots it from the sideline.

40' - Knights 6 - Raiders 14
TRY! James Schiller
The Raiders back over halfway then and they will look to bring it onto the attack. Through the middle they go, then it's swung to the left through Rapana for Wighton and on for Schiller who scores! Champagne rugby league. What a play to this left hand side as they burn the Knights for numbers.

The Raiders are absolutely rolling here.

39' - Knights 6 - Raiders 10
And now the Knights end this set with a horror show. Gamble looks to kick, it sprays out on the full off the side of the boot and the Raiders have 60 seconds to add to their lead from five short of halfway.

39' - Knights 6 - Raiders 10
The Knights now marching back to halfway, but this is bad, bad news. Jackson Hastings has been left on the ground in backplay with a right leg problem. He is in significant pain here. He will try to play through the next 90 seconds to halftime at least as he limps.

38' - Knights 6 - Raiders 10
The Raiders on the attack off this drop out and with another chance to add to the lead. Whitehead with a lovely offload on the ten-metre line, and the Knights stretched as Mooney makes one as well, but then Wighton puts it down as the ball is shovelled left.

36' - Knights 6 - Raiders 10
The Raiders kick off a full set here on halfway, and more points before the break would be an absolute disaster here for the Knights. Newcastle looking to muscle up, but then backpedalling on the edge before finally shutting down Rapana. They swing it from the right back to the middle for the try-scorer Mooney. Two plays left, and it's Frawley inside for Wighton this time who has to take a tackle running behind Mooney. Last play, right, Fogarty, kicks for the corner and it's a knock on from the Knights off Marzhew into Best, so another drop out.

35' - Knights 6 - Raiders 10
The Knights desperately need halftime here. They bring it back to halftime and Mat Croker drops it cold.

34' - Knights 6 - Raiders 10
A strong set after points from the Raiders and they turn it over in the right spot.

33' - Knights 6 - Raiders 10
Tyson Frizell off for a HIA. Comes after a collision with Frawley in the lead up to the drop out there.

33' - Knights 6 - Raiders 10
Fogarty sprays the conversion to the right, but the Raiders right on top here.

32' - Knights 6 - Raiders 10
TRY! Trey Mooney
Wow! This is going pear-shaped for the Knights now. Trey Mooney has won the lottery here. Short drop out, Mooney beats everyone in the air, steps out of Gamble and then scores through three players covering in defence.

The Raiders hit the lead.

31' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
Well, we have gone from a Knights try at one end to a Knights drop out at the other. Great set for the Raiders.

30' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
The Knights right up against it here. They manage to shut down a play either side, then one up the middle. Two plays left and they go back to the right, but Rapana puts it down into the path of Marzhew who puts the hammer down. He isn't able to out run the case and is eventually tackled 20 out. What a game changing moment! And yes! The Knights score! Dane Gagai in the other corner. The Knights swing it from left to right and Gagai scores in the corner, but we are off to the bunker. Klein sends it up as no try.

And yes, he might well have bounced this. No try!

So, not as game changing as you'd think. Seven-tackle set for the Raiders from the 20.

28' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
Both teams aiming up here in the Hunter on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and now the Raiders force another error with Dane Gagai putting it down this time. Raiders to go on the attack.

28' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
The Raiders now back to halfway, and again, it feels like something has to give on the scoreboard sooner rather than later here. More physicality in this set, and the Raiders will go through Fogarty on the last who beats an advancing defender and kicks to the corner. Knights pinned in the corner.

27' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
The Knghts back over halfway this time, but again struggling for metres given where they started the set. Ponga bombs and Jordan Rapana pulls it down under pressure from Saifiti.

26' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
Something is going to give here. This is being played at breakneck speed, and both teams are lining up huge shot after huge shot. The Raiders this time can't clear their own 40 and Fogarty has to kick under pressure. It's allowed to bounce and Marzhew is smashed bringing it back.

25' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
The physicality of the Raiders here is outstanding. They prevent the Knights from getting to halfway this set and Gamble has to stab a kick down towards the corner.

24' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
The Raiders now pushing onto the attack yet again and could go into the lead right here. They are inside ten halfway through the set, then swing it right, but Rapana's pass to Whitehead is forward.

23' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
So, sets each way, but a great kick from Gamble slows thins down, only for the Knights to give away a penalty allowing the Raiders a free piggyback out of their own end.

20' - Knights 6 - Raiders 6
CONVERSION! Jamal Fogarty
He converts from out wide and we are locked up.

19' - Knights 6 - Raiders 4
TRY! James Schiller
Well, that hasn't worked for the Knights. Gagai makes the error off the scrum looking to put on some footwork around Wighton. Hudson Young picks it up off the ground, flicks the pass to Schiller and he is over for the try in the corner.

Raiders on the board!

18' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
The Raiders bring it back out of their own end and then have a shift right to get past halfway, but not only that! Cotric is away. He is able to run a long, long way before linking with Timoko, but the pass is forward. Good scramble defence in the end from the Knights.

17' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
The Knights back over halfway then, and they shift left with Ponga throwing a lovely short ball to Best who is halfway through the line. Cotric manages to scramble for a covering tackle though and it forces the error, but the Knights have got it out of their own red zone and removed some of that pressure they were under.

16' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
Now the crowd will try to win their side a penalty with the Raiders firing up in defence and racing up to keep the Knights stuck in their own red zone. Three plays inisde ten, but then they are caught well offside. Big relieving penalty for the Knights.

16' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
The Raiders now looking to build on their momentum. Back over halfway on the third, then Woolford goes for a run. They continue marching down the field and Tapine has them inside 20, with Fogarty kicking towards the posts this time, but Ponga does a great job.

15' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
A strong defensive set here from the Raiders. They muscle up and the Knights have to kick out of their own 40. Rapana brings it back to within ten of halfway.

14' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
The Raiders have a single play left then from ten out. They swing it to Fogarty who kicks for the right corner, and Cotric comes up with it, but the defence hold solid and the Raiders come away without a result.

14' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
The Raiders must score now. They have had so much ball at this end of the park and must break down the defence of the red and blue. They set it up in the middle again and then play the left side again with Wighton contained well. Tapine sets in the middle again and that's half of the set done. Left once more with Young trapped this time. Mariota this time and he sees a gap, goes for it and is over the line. Up to the bunker with an on-field call of no try.

This is a great tackle from Adam Elliott to roll Mariota onto his back. Taking a long time at the bunker, with the Canberra prop's hand under the ball. The bunker are going to support the on-field decision, so no try.

13' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
The Raiders set things up in the middle through Tapine, then they swing it right and Matt Timoko is taken towards the touchline, manages to stay in, and then there is another penalty with the ball being raked out here. More pressure.

12' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
The Raiders pick up a differential penalty off the scrum and will pack it again. They go back to the short side and this time the Knights make a tackle without giving away a penalty. So, the Raiders will now look to break down the Knights' defence, and not a whole lot being thrown in the early running this set before a shift left sees a ball hit the ground, but Schiller cleans up. Six again as Wighton runs, so more pressure here.

10' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
The Raiders bring it back onto the attack and you feel they need some points to settle things down here. Inside ten they go, then Frawley dummies and runs, but is tackled on five. Fogarty kicks on the last, Best flies for it and knocks it on, so it'll be another set for the green machine.

8' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
The Knights looking to bring it back after points and doing a fairly solid job through this set. They wind up ten short of halfway in this set before Ponga kicks it basically back to the Raiders' own tryline, with Rapana bringing it back.

The Knights then give away a penalty to allow the Raiders out of their own end.

7' - Knights 6 - Raiders 0
He slots it from the sideline!

6' - Knights 4 - Raiders 0
TRY! Greg Marzhew
The Knights are on the board! This was all a little bit too easy on the back of the penalty. They roll into the red zone, then it's Hastings, Gamble, Ponga, Best, quick hands from the centre for Marzhew and he scores untouched in the corner. Brilliant and simple attack from the home side.

5' - Knights 0 - Raiders 0
The Raiders struggle for metres this time and the momentum already swiging. They have to kick from inside their own 40, Ponga brings it back and the Raiders give away a penalty.

4' - Knights 0 - Raiders 0
Hohepa Puru is out. Category 1 HIA. Raiders down to 16.

4' - Knights 0 - Raiders 0
The Knights bring this down to the edge of the 20 then before a chip from Hastings goes through on the last. Rapana flies into the air and takes it, falling awkwardly, but no call on tackled in the air from Klein.

4' - Knights 0 - Raiders 0
So, the Raiders in defence, but they will go down a man here. Hohepa Puru off for a HIA and I'd suggest that might well be deemed a Category 1.

3' - Knights 0 - Raiders 0
The Raiders now working it up the middle, and they are over halfway before there is a shift left to Rapana who is almost through, but stopped well by Gamble. The last play is very scrapy, but somehow ends up with Frawley who kicks, but that's too big and it goes dead.

2' - Knights 0 - Raiders 0
So, a very promising start for the Raiders, and now we are able to have a look at how the Knights respond. Ponga and Young bring it away, then the forwards will rip in through the middle through Saifiti. A solid enough first set this with Ponga kicking early from inside 40, with Schiller collecting and handing to Rapana who is 20 short of halfway on the first play.

1' - Knights 0 - Raiders 0
So then, the Raiders will have first use of the football, and they need a strong start to take what is a very vocal crowd out of the mix here. A solid first set through the forwards too with Tapine, Whitehead and Puru all involved before Woolford scoots from dummy half and takes the green machine past halfway. Fogarty kicks to the corner from 40 out and Marzhew makes a good catch.

0' - Knights 0 - Raiders 0
Knights to kick-off.

Teams making their way out in the Hunter! Huge crowd in. How good is this?

A reminder that the winner of this one will face a trip across the Tasman next Saturday to take on the New Zealand Warriors, who came up short in their qualifying final against the Penrith Panthers yesterday. Zero Tackle will have the full Week 2 finals schedule on site as soon as it's available following fulltime.

It's a full house again in the Hunter on a glorious Sunday afternoon for rugby league. What a day this promises to be for the region.

Both teams are as named on Tuesday and can be found in the match centre. It means the Knights are going with Kalyn Ponga and Jackson Hastings.

Hello, Good Afternoon and welcome to Zero Tackle's live coverage of the 2023 NRL finals series! The second elimination final this afternoon in the Hunter will reduce the field to six, with the Newcastle Knights looking to make it ten straight wins, and the Canberra Raiders looking to prove the doubters wrong.


Ladder Position

Previous 5 Games


2/9/23DragonsW 12 - 32
27/8/23SharksW 32 - 6
20/8/23RabbitohsW 29 - 10
13/8/23BulldogsW 42 - 6
5/8/23DolphinsW 28 - 30


3/9/23SharksL 24 - 6
26/8/23BroncosL 18 - 29
20/8/23BulldogsW 36 - 24
13/8/23StormL 48 - 2
6/8/23Wests TigersW 22 - 18