BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 11: Cameron Munster of Queensland fends off a tackle by Damien Cook of the Blues during game three of the State of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on July 11, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Following his brain explosion in the second half of Wednesday night's series opener, Cameron Munster has formally apologised after kicking Blues forward, Liam Martin.

After being cited for the incident, if Munster chooses to enter an early guilty plea, he'll escape a match ban and will be hit with a $1,150 fine from the judiciary.

However, the same cannot be said for Moeaki Fotuaika.

According to reports from, the New Zealand born prop will be facing a one game ban after his reckless late shot on Latrell Mitchell. The tackle has been classed as a grade one dangerous contact charge.

To add more pain to Queensland, Kyle Feldt will be facing a $1,600 fine if, like Munster, he chooses to enter an early guilty plea for his late tackle on Cameron Murray.

While there wasn't much in it, Cameron Munster's actions against Liam Martin has got the whole of the Rugby League world talking.

While the five-eighth claimed there was no malice in his actions, and that he was simply trying to get Martin off his legs.

"I obviously didn't like what he done and he got under my skin and being the competitive person that I am [I did that]," Munster said.

"It wasn't a full kick or anything like that, there was no malice in it whatsoever."

When asked by the media to speculate on his possible punishment, the Storm star stated that it was out of his hands

"Look I will leave that to the judiciary and see if they feel it was necessary," the Rockhampton playmaker said.

"I am a very competitive person and yeah he got under my skin but in no way or form or shape did I want to go out there and hurt him.

"You can tell there was no full swing, it was more me trying to get him off me.

"To be completely honest I didn't really think there was too much malice in it.

"I came off the field and some of the boys and some of the coaches were talking to me about it and I didn't really remember it to be honest.

"It's Origin, so I was just trying to get stuck into him as best as I could," Martin told

"I can't really repeat what I said to him. I just gave him a bit of a spray. He gave me a bit of spray back and grabbed me. We did a bit of a dance and that was it.

"Nothing in it, just typical Origin. You're trying to get under each other's skin a bit and that's all it was."